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From the pain of separation to a new quantum reality


Towards 12 years of cosmic ending and a new reopening.

“Welcome, this is Adama blessing you, dear ones,

This is a mutual learning time in the corporeal reality which you hold.

So many times I can see you holding the pain of separation.

What is that separation that you feel at each and every moment of your life journey? When you come out to the world there is a procs of separation, when you separate from the umbilical cord that connects you to your mother which is all your world, nourishes and contains you in the womb. The body evolves and the soul that chooses to arrive is consciously aware to the life journey, the connection to all there is, to the previous lives, the contracts choice. Everything is open at the soul level and the connection to the divine.

When we come out to the world, after the umbilical cord cut, we go on with oblivion. From the age of 3, with the cognitive development of verbal speech, we start to disconnect from the higher worlds of light and the physical presence gets stronger.

There are children that their connection continues beyond the age of 10, but unfortunately most of the parents do not believe these children that can still see their ‘imaginary friend’ or are still open to receive messages. The society closes us and we start to move in the duality world, and narrow our multidimensional abilities that we arrived with to this world.

Your current corporeal journey brings you to narrow down your senses and limits you to your 5 senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. Are those our only senses?

In the physical world, we are taught that they are. However, today we know that there many mores senses available for us: multidimensional sight, quantum hearing and multidimensional travel.

In the old world these terms are not acceptable. In the new world we can already live these new terms and implement them, in parallel to evolving scientific research that can explain more accurately the multidimensionality that is opened to us. Today scientists can explain that there is a multidimensional quantum reality. The tern ‘to move in time’ gets more precise and quantum physics reveals more and more of what has been unknown until now.

The brain research has been accelerated in the last decade and with it the development of technology and internet media that enables humanity to perform the transfer unto the quantum reality, the multidimensional incorporeal world. The term ‘tangible’ has lost its known meaning from the old world.

The new generation that is arriving to the planet is a generation that uses the multidimensional world more, the intangible world. The games they attend with avatar like figures, with which they can play reality simulation games with friends over the sea which they have never met and shall never meet, enable them to get out of their known physical world and expand the limits of the mind into a parallel world.

The sensation, the joy, the pain in the parallel world affect them in the known physical world, and the consciousness expansion enables them to experience the 2 worlds simultaneously. This is the multidimensional puzzle that is opening beyond the linear familiar world.

The multidimensional world that is opening enables you to connect to a higher place, beyond the narrow human that has experiences separation in this life.

The separation that humans feel, many times comes due to the vibrational closure that many humans experience in this life as part of their total identification with their physicality.

Sometimes the soul that enters the physical world is in such oblivion that it is disconnected from its light source. When the soul reaches a suffocation, many times it finds a light point, sometimes via an accident, a disease or another form of a traumatic event that helps it to awaken and make a re-choice of its life journey on earth.

These awakening souls feel the light at the moment of enlightenment. This light, even if it was experiences for only a hundredth of a second lights up all of the memories that are encrypted in the DNA strands and the desire for more light increases.

This is how many souls awake into the light with the desire to grow, study ad learn more.

The yearning to be united with their higher self, with the light, is so intense, due to the pleasant, tender and the wholeness experience – the separation feeling disappears, and when that feeling comes back again, it pushes those souls to seek the great light again for charging and breathing that tenderness and wholeness.

In the linear world the emotional experience often leads the human. The emotional body is active and it steers the person in its corporeal journey. Sometimes the emotions are so intense and bring pain into the physical body. Some feel this pain in their bones, some in the muscles and sometimes the body can get paralyzed due to the pain.

What do you do with the pain? With the feelings?

When there is a connection to the higher multidimensional world, it’s possible to perform a multidimensional transformation. The painful feeling dissolve and the light comes in and heals. Most of humanity does not know how to perform this transformation in their physical world, and so the pain gets thicker, burdens and closes the light centers that should enable the flow of the divine light. The physical body experiences these dense vibrations and distortions and soon disease arrives. The humanity that lives a very short life on earth today has forgotten its given abilities. The physical bodies when they are open to the multidimensionality and to the great light have the ability to live more than thousands of years on this earth.

One of the strongest motivations in the corporeal life that brings the divine spark is love.

When humans encounter this vibration they charge up and can move worlds with their intent out of this vibration. The love vibration contains the whole divinity and this is why it is so addictive. Some people fade out without love and can’t function in life.

Many times humans experience falling in love, and get charged, like charging a battery, and then use this energy for a long period. But what happens when the battery gets empty? How do you recharge?

Falling in love indeed create a divine spark between 2 souls. The love that is built out of the meeting of 2 souls is a great vibrational charge that can be used for a lot of creation and fulfillment. Most humans also experience pain out of that love. The pain is the part of the journey that enables you the understandings that usually come up after the pain experience.

Some experience heart pain when separating from a loved one. The pain can pierce the heart and cause paralysis.

The pain is a result of the consciousness with the energy in the body unite and hold. A status of a stop from the movement of the physical life, and the possibility to move into new understandings that are born due to the lack of divine light nourishment, that was familiar as love.

From the pain and the separation from a loved one, some of you feel the desire to disappear, to die, as you define it. This is a blessed process as something new is born inside you.

Death that is often perceived as an end in your world, is just part of the process of the infinite journey of the soul between the various bodies that incorporate on the earth. Your light body in which the blueprint of the essence of your soul is encrypted is a divine body with an infinite amount of energy. This energy cannot disappear. It can return to the one creator and unite with it, transform and re-embark on a new journey, a little different.

Each unique soul which travel through the infinite space is connected to a wider space of the family of souls that cooperate together for bringing that soul into more growth and learning, until it has the ability to anchor all of the multidimensional aspects of the creation.

Sometimes a soul family descend to the earth as a physical family and learn from each other lessons in the dual world, and some expand the learning into the parallel worlds which you call ‘the hidden worlds’. These worlds enable that soul to get out of the physicality out to a broader understanding of the divine and enjoy the divine and physical journeys simultaneously.

The more light that enters your physical body and your expanding consciousness, the more your multidimensional abilities can be expressed in the physical world, by creating and fulfillment in your life journey.

The new quantum reality which you enter enables you to get beyond the bundle of souls that you know as your physical family to meeting with souls that hold similar vibrations to yours and reunite with your spiritual soul family. In this meeting the joy and the mutual nourishment is huge. You arrive in order to love and support and in the mutual connection, all of the light vibrations echo on the same octave and grow even stronger.

This is how Telos Lemuria Israel and the global Telos Lemuria communities were created. The ascension feeling that you feel in these meetings is due to the vibrational resonance of the lights connection that creates a greater light that vibrates a thousand times stronger from the vibration that you feel when you are apart from each other.

In the new quantum reality, you have the ability to move beyond the physical world. You have the ability to connect with your soul family that sometime incorporate in far continents from your physical home. The light knows other light souls from the same light family, even if there is a big physical distance. This drives you to go on journeys and meet people with whom you feel great intimacy and identification although you have just met them. Sometime this identification is so strong that you consider them as your new family and feel closer to them than to the people from your physical family. These encounters with similar souls support your remembering process of who you are in your human figure on earth and your connection to your divine part.

In these days there is a great importance of the connection between humanity and the divinity. These are days in which the higher intelligence incorporates again, out of full awareness with the ability to use the divine rays of light and the ability to open up into the quantum reality. This supports the bringing of the higher vibrations into the physical world which transcends into the quantum world.

The velocity that you experience in your current physical world is not random. With the expansion of the consciousness and the activation of your electromagnetic field, you take active part in being planetary light messengers.

You hold higher vibrations that the common ones on this planet and enable the multidimensional reality to expand and contain more and more souls that connect to the light. This communication of consciousness of more and more light people create the consciousness network of cosmic harmony and union.

The micro and macro are one. When you part from the pain of separation and enter the quantum reality of union and wholeness, you echo it and enable this vibration to exist in this world.”

(Channeled by Ayelet Segal, 28-Sep-2018)



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