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Feeding our lives into the flames of love


It is such a joy to start a morning with a visit from "ADAMA".

It is important to read and keep close in your heart…..We bless you in a day full of love, joy and love…..

Feb, 14, 2019- Valentine's day.

Welcome, here is the high priest ADAMA from TELOS…... Indeed my dears on this special day, this is a day in which you are being in the energy of love.

You have dedicated this day, to a day in which you allow yourself to behave in a delicate way and to express the love vibration .In this special day your hearts are opened, many times not from the right place, though, the energy of love cannot be focused or wrinkled to one day in a year and this energy is necessary to your hearts all over the year, day after day, minute after minute, therefore, this day is important but you must understand that not all human beings are able to express themselves in this day, and the way you should express it ,is by founding the inner place inside you, inside your body- and after finding it- the center of the energy in your body is the heart, without it's physical action, you can't survive physically, and without emotional action, you can't exist in mind, because, the emotion of love nutritive the soul, the spirit and without it will burn out, expire, vanish,,,, that’s why , in order to maintain balance within the bodies, you must nourished ' on daily basis the spirit with love , just the way you feed your physical body day after day, but don’t be mistaken, the nurture should come from a high spiritual genuine place then your truth, your way of using language and how you channeling energy to the people .

You use to think that by perching a new product you'll be filled, for a little moment, in the energy of love, the love of the new product will help to improve your life.

It is a mistake to think this way.

Most of you understand that the perching was a momentary necessity that doesn't fulfill the needy place with the real energy that is needed, the energy should come from your inner place, yes, you simply have to enter to your secret heart, my dears, and fulfill yourselves with love.

First and foremost love yourself, your beings, your representation in the material world this reincarnation, and afterwards enter inside yourself and remember and fill the essence of your soul, remember where you came from.

At home, love was rooted in every doing, in every conducting and choices, and you are missing being in the present of perfection.

Only in environment of love you'll reach a balance among all your bodies.

The concept LOVE, was changed during the development of humanity and today it symbolize only a little part of this huge energy, the energy that within you creates life , energy that from it you can create any thing that you want, and today, a festive day to humanity, you connect to the loving place in your heart, stay there more than a day , continue to activate your life through your heart, think through your heart, create through your heart, talk through your heart, give out to the ones that surround you through your heart and by doing this, harmony will enter to your world.

The vibes of humanity are being intensified these days, the hearts of many light beings cure the ones that surrounds them and we are with you on the way to pave the hearts vibration all over humanity.

" Wolf shall dwell with the lamb"…. This place does exist; not in your reality, not this days, but it exist…. Aspire to reach this place and achieve it" by opening your heart.

Play with this energy in your life and see the tremendous impact that it has of your life and the ones that surrounds you.

We wish you great pleasure in this "pink" day, a day fill with love, a day that is all giving and thoughtfulness with each other.

To the Temple of Love you are invited, breathe the rays of the light of God together with Master Paul, who carries the rays of the flame at this time around Earth Planet, breathe the rays of light into every sealed cell and electron in your heavenly presence, and allow yourself to receive the gifts that come with opening your heart to The softness and wonder of love.

Love is present in all the flowers of spring, breathe them beloved, your mind is filled with infinite blessings, many of you feel the frequencies of love and beings change your face, body is released and you feel Nirvana ...

Allow and surrender to the frequency that carries the softness and joy of life on this earth. Earth Planet.

The frequency is precious from your heart, your heart, and everything that comes into your world.

ADAMA is with you.

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