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Spiritual Maturity Sons of light, welcome. You are blessed, for you are. We are walking together these days, days between enlightenment and the darkness that tries to grasp, tries its strength. But you must understand that the choice on Planet Earth has been made, and you are witnesses: the choice of light. Old regimes that still carry the frequency of darkness are trying their way during the time of transition. The light that comes from the heart of mankind is awakening revolutions in those nations that have been oppressed for thousands of years. Peoples who did not know the meaning of freedom, now carry within them the divine will for a new choice. The same is happening in microcosm. Look at your own life—where are you still holding on to the places that express control in your life? Where are you, dear ones, not applying the freedom in your lives? Indeed, you too are choosing to begin anew at this time, you the children of light who walk by choice and consciously manage your lives in light. Many of you feel the change, but are unable to realize the change you are experiencing in your lives. Angry behavior patterns cause you to go through the lessons again and again. Make the decision that it is the heart that speaks to you and not the brain. Patterns rooted in your brain make you act from a place of unbalanced energy, so you cannot reach your point of ultimate fulfillment. How do I know my point of ultimate fulfillment? you ask. The heart knows, the heart guides and produces in your body the most balanced and exact energy, according to which your body vibrates. By keeping this frequency, you tell the universe of your dreams, and the universe creates the cosmic alignment that brings you to the places and the people that are right for you. So I tell you, think from the heart. Feel the frequencies of the human beings around you; feel the other. You have telepathic abilities, which have joined the forces of light within you. At this time on Planet Earth some places have begun to resonate with the frequency of the fifth dimension or higher, while others have remained energetically dense and still require a great deal of light work. We ask that you join forces and send the frequency of love—the pink flame— and the frequency of peace—the turquoise flame—to those places. Feel your heart expanding and spreading the light of the flames until the energy particles descend into those physical places. See as Gaia absorbs the frequencies, breathing in the flames. See as humans absorb the vibrations of the sacred flames into their sacred hearts, and see as these places open again to softness, tenderness, tolerance, containment, and love. The places that need deep healing at this time are: the Middle East—Syria, Egypt, and Iran; North Korea; Russia; and Central America. We would also like to send the light to the Atlantic Ocean, where Mother Earth releases the energetic pollution compressed within. The transformation is being performed together with friends from distant worlds who are doing healing work on Mother Earth and her atmosphere. The planet is experiencing a profound change that within the coming decade will support the process of human ascension. The cosmos is working—and what about you, dear ones? Ask yourselves how you are working, what you are doing with the great light that is entering your light systems, your physical, emotional systems—after you return from a spiritual meeting, from a journey of ascension, from a powerful meditation retreat, workshop, or seminar. Ask yourselves what you are doing now. This is the choice, the maturity toward which humanity is headed. Support the process in the understanding that these days are very important, in a single circle of support of brothers and sisters, fulfillment will come to Planet Earth. The gateway to the planet has been open . The gateway will deepen and the energy of creation from the central sun will continue to enter the planet. These are powerful frequencies that the children of the planet can withstand and contain, but not those human beings who still live in the old frequencies and who do not choose spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity is no longer a choice, but a necessity. We from the light city Telos see you, feel you, and accompany you. We are one. Sons of Lemuria, sons of light, these are the days of song, these are the days in which we chose then, chose to return, chose love. I bless you with infinite love. Farewell, Adama. Channeled by Ayelet 26/8/2013



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