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Did we come to be hurt or to be happy?


This question brings me back to four painful and happy moments in my life

The birth of my children

The body is present in a moment of tremendous pain and change, there are no words to describe the labor pains properly. But the joy that rises and envelops all bodies, the happiness and pleasure that is present in the cells of the body with the wrapping of the softness that is being born to our hearts.

So is life…

Recently, I have been looking around a lot, going deeper and seeing the captivity in which many friends are in their lives…In creating pain, in feeding their lives with the drama that many people feed off of.

How much this energy paralyzes and shrinks the body, the mind, the thought.

And the joy... or a frequency of release and expansion of the heart. A feeling of sailing of the heart and soul,

The joy is the one present in those sweet moments when we and friends.

It is no coincidence that in all spiritual teachings, the joy is the one that our sages speak of, masters of all kinds of wisdom of the heart and mysticism.

In my journey into the unknown beyond everything I learned at school, in the youth movement and at my parents' house.

I am present again and again to worlds of light, parallel worlds where the soul is the one that comes out of the world of physical chains, and gives the freedom to be.

Did you happen to feel the soul leaving your body?

Have you had the chance to travel on an astral journey in other regions?

Many have mystical experiences, few dare to touch, explore and share in the current society.

The gap between the physical and what is known as the norm in human society and the mystical experiences that give us another feeling that is not in the physical world, is the one that allows many souls to go out and learn and expand their horizons in the hidden world.

As his name is this world, hidden from most of humanity.

As the name suggests, this world is not tangible, the mind processes a vision that comes from within, sometimes from previous lives or places that are not this planet-earth

What happens to us when we experience this?

Can we share Is the company open to hearing?

We live in an age where there is an awakening to the subject of mysticism, in the western world it is called the new age. This long era, which only began about 40 years ago, is gaining momentum and allowing more and more souls to awaken.

Thus concepts such as meditation, ascension, yoga, spirituality, are no longer foreign. Human evolution is in the stages in which humanity awakens in its consciousness, with the awakening and expansion of consciousness we also see the technological awakening, man is open to receiving information that comes from higher worlds and the developments and inventions are those that are embodied in our world, the material world.

The philosophical question of whether we came here to be happy or to be in pain is a question discussed by many intellectuals, philosophers and scientists.

Both joy and pain have a gift for the human soul, however do we want to grow and continue the journey on earth through joy or pain.

The human soul longs for joy and freedom

The human ego leads to pain and control

The struggle is eternal between light and darkness.

And we are the ones who have the ability to create our weather.

the collective personal experience in the human story.

In those days, these were the members of the aristocracy and royalty who were blessed with material happiness, and with it they enriched themselves with intellectual and artistic happiness, compared to the poor working classes who lived in survival conditions.

Today, many have the ability to gain intellectual and artistic happiness, even if you are a member of nobility or royalty.

The insight that happiness is present in every moment of life and we have the ability to create the balance between spirit and matter

Between a pleasant and comfortable place of livelihood and creativity and health and the ability to enrich us in terms of culture and leisure.

Early days gave mankind the illusion of freedom, why an illusion?

In order to gain the same nourishment of culture and leisure, man must create the energy accepted at this time - money - and as the desire for happiness from the material world developed, so the servitude to the creation of the energy embodied as money, which gives the ability to receive the same motifs of leisure culture, increased

A play - a film - an awareness workshop - a sports class and everything that is present in the human creative space.

How many hours a day do you work, in order to succeed in allowing you the embodiment of material happiness in your world?

Joy or Pain,

Their expression in the body is present, with great power, the emotional body is the one that resonates to the physical body those pulses that come from the energetic frequency emanating from the emotional body to the nerve centers in the human body, the human body reacts by contracting to every pain and by expanding to every joy.

Thus in the modern world, the human body that absorbs a high and fast mass of a variety of emotions is the one that transmits the energy pulses to the physical body, which accelerate and cause the physical body to react, the rapid changes sometimes cause the body to feel exhausted, this also leads to new diseases that plague this age.

Many feel confused and don't really understand what happened to their body?

This is where the therapists, healers and the providers of the various courses come in, who allow abundance and variety in learning how to properly deal with the wide variety of emotions that plague us.

Joy or pain, in the postmodern era, the human person began to connect to a higher frequency than was known on the planet, it is the spiritual frequency, more and more souls began to re-explore the mestic plane through which joy can be experienced, more and more teachers began to teach students how to live Out of the joy of the heart, with meditation and silence.

The source of learning came from Zen teachings from the East, but they were reworked with the adaptation to the Western world.

Ancient teachings learned modestly in rooms, between the teacher and his students, became learning in movie theaters, with fast techniques required to provide a quick solution of magic to those new learners who wish to convert pain into joy, and on the way to achieve relationship and financial abundance.

The Western human world, combined the business world with the world of the ancient Zen spirit, and so the "new era" was born - with much literature and meditations, exercises and apprenticeships.

To solve the question: Did we come here to be hurt or to be happy?

There in the small cabin without electricity or water, without a workshop or show, the members of the Zulu tribe arrive on a starry night, by the fire, they sing together, laugh and caress with their gazes, they share their pain and rejoice together. And know that the journey of life is combined with the simplicity of life.

Therefore, beloved, through the heart we have the ability to nourish ourselves with joy or pain, the more we go deeper into the layers of the soul, the more we allow ourselves to see beyond the material physicality and at the same time know how to enjoy the material world, then we create for ourselves the best reality for us.

We are the ones who write the wisdom of the heart.

We are the ones who dictate our future, we are the ones who create it. designers and senses.

This is the time for creation from the heart, from desire, beyond wealth or material, we establish happiness in the mind and heart, we are the ones who sow the seeds of happiness that contains joy, peace and fulfillment.

I invite you to create life out of the joy of your heart

Write down what causes you joy and happiness in your life?


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