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Conversations with the high priest Adama – at the Radio of the good life – 3rd season – the mystery


Let’s take a deep breath, each and every one of the present friends, close our eyes so we can concentrate inside ourselves. And on behalf of the ‘I am that I am’, from the central sun, the one source, I call the purple ray of transformation and with it the white ascension ray, and the 2 rays arrive from the central sun to us, to the center of the planet, enter our crown chakra, and gently assimilate into our crystal brain and release every thought that is not in place. The crystal brain is opened and becomes airy. Let’s breathe these gentle rays inside, and the rays continue down to our sacred heart, and the heart is expanding cyclically, opens and lightens up and the energies assimilate and start to permeate to all of the chakras and the energy points in our bodies – the light body, the emotional body, the mental body and the crystal body, towards our feet and from there they continue deep inside Gaya.

All of us are sitting now in a pleasant place. Our body fills with the wonderful light and you can feel it softening. Each one of us is now in his personal Merkaba, and it fills up with bright white light and ascends higher and higher, we embark on a journey beyond time and space. We go up higher and higher towards the stars, up higher and higher…all of the Merkabas are now magnetize as one towards the city of Jerusalem.

We can already see the gold ray of light shining up high, and we connect to it, and when we connect we start to rise with our Merkabas up high toward sthe light city at the 8th dimension. Up higher and higher, until the Merkabas stop. With our light bodies we now go through a great golden gate, enter inside the city. Beyond the golden gate we can see a vast space, huge, full of arcs. And we start to go through it with our crystal light bodies, taking a deep breath…assimilating the high vibrations into our light bodies, and slowly passing through the arcs gates. When we go through the arcs gates, our light bodies receive the high light vibrations and we go through a balancing to contain the divine light from the 8th dimension, at the upper light city of Yerushalem.

As we continue to pass and deepen into the arcs gates we can feel our light body feels with bright golden light and it expands and expands…enable this light to fill you and feel this expansion now.

We arrive to the center of the city of Yerushalem. At the center you can see golden bricks inlayed in the beautiful floor in the shape of an infinite spiral, and at the center there is a beautiful and huge gold flame, about 80m high, you can’t see its end, all sparkling in lights. Let’s breathe it deep inside the center of our Lemurian heart. We breathe this golden ray that comes in gently, and in a spiral way starts to open our sacred heart gates. The light gently opens the sacred heart and we can feel the love and the purity of the heart that right now enables us peace, tenderness and love. Let’s feel the heart chakra opens up more and more…more and more…and the ray permeates into every cell, atom and electron in our body, the gold ray. Our Lemurian heart opens up and expands and we can already feel the high energies surrounding our bodies with a lot of tenderness.

If we look around we are be able to see the 12 priests of the light temple of the gold flame of Yerushalem. And these priests take us with them, and we continue to walk on the golden bricks lane, that takes us deep into another level of the beautiful light city. If you look around you can see gold buildings made of beautiful golden bricks, so special, shining with bright light.

We enter one of these special buildings now. It is a huge dome structure. In between the golden bricks there are inlays of beautiful shining turquoise stones, and the light is concentrated into the center of the space, the center of the dome structure. At the center you can see an active spiral, shining, and we enter it. We start to walk inside the spiral, and the spiral carries us as we walk in it, higher and higher, more and more, we move up with the spiral into the upper level of the light city of Yerushalem in the 8th dimension, and we continue to rise with the infinite spiral higher and higher…and we arrive to a huge space, the great hall of the Akasha library of the light city of Yerushalem in the 8th dimension. And the spiral continue to turn in the Akasha library, up to infinity, and connects with the 12th dimension, up to the level of the karma council. We are now at the level of the library which is in the 8th dimension. You can look at this infinite beautiful space we are in. It goes far beyond upwards ad downwards in its levels.

We are requested now to come with the priests, and they take us to a certain space in the Akashic library, and each of one finds his place and sits on a golden chair. These golden chairs are positioned in a spiral. Each one of us finds his place in the spiral, and goes and sits on a golden chair inside the infinite spiral, in the infinite akashic library in the light city of Yerushalem at the 8th dimension.

Let’s sit, and at the moment we sit on the chair, it starts to lightly vibrate…let it vibrate. It recognizes our DNA, and we are fully connected to this active chair. You can feel the vibrations. These vibrations activate the dormant DNA strands which open up at this very moment to receive the maximal knowledge that is best for us right now.

Yerushalem operates in a perfect synchronization with all of the other inner planetary light cities and with the council of the universe that is located right above it – in an open communication at all times.This place we are at, the akashic library, is open and accessible to all of the friends that arrive from distant galaxies and universes. All of the akashic knowledge of the planet and our universe is present here, of the solar system, the Milky Way and of all of the other stars at this library at the 8th dimension and beyond. Everything that has arrived and will arrive to the planet, its light has been and shall be coded into the akashic library which we are in right now.

And why are we here? The light workers that have been called to this special meeting are about to receive the opening and the knowledge that carries the light vibrations of the upper Yerushalem, and we are about to go through a 10 days process, from now until the ‘Tikun’ (correction) of the night of ’Shavuot’ (a Jewish holiday, celebrating the reception of the Torah on Mount Sinai). We are about to go through a very unique initiation that shall enable us to close karmas which were not closed until now and enable us to re-sign a new soul contract towards our calling at this stage on the planet. Some of us will also receive the calling on parallel planets, in parallel lives on other stars.

Therefore, whoever is present on the chair now – please state your name and identify yourself as the being that is inside his current body. Please state your first name and your mother name in this incarnation.

I am Ayelet, the daughter of Pnina…each one, please state your name in your heart.

The vibrational energetic imprint, the human corporeal imprint and our DNA imprint have been accurately identified in this holy union. This was done in order to be accurate for each of the present people. And before we start, each one can call upon his personal guides for the process. Please say in your heart: I call upon my personal guidance which is most accurate for me at this moment. See your guides standing in front of you, your hands are touching – not touching. Send them a ray of love and they send you back. Telepath with them for few minutes…and our guides are standing right behind us, at this very moment, when we are seated on the golden chairs in the spiral in the infinite akashic library.

Each and every one of us, at this very moment, in the name of his ‘I am that I am’, from the heart of creation, the source of all there is, the source of the one divine light, receives the gold ray, which enters the royal chakra and activates it right now, and from there to the crown chakra, to the 3rd eye chakra, the throat chakra, the sacred heart, the solar plexus chakra, the sex chakra, the root chakra and deep inside…and from the chair in the spiral, we can feel right now a golden chair that arrives from the golden flame temple, and starts spiraling up, and activate and awaken the dormant DNA strands in our bodies, so that they will be open to receive the best energy for opening the memories and eco the relevant knowledge for us at this time. The DNA strands are activated right now, opening. The creation angels are coming down to us, and in the center, Metatron, the master of angels, brings us his message:

“I am the master of the light angels, the archangels, Metatron. I am present in this unique gathering for blessing you humans, sons of god, who are awake and chose to sign, from the source of your soul, on the end of your soul contracts with those souls who have finished their role in this incarnation, in your life. And by that you can open up to this sequential, energetic, vibrational journey, and meet with the new souls that are designated for you as teachers in this new phase you are entering. Your soul book is open. Each one is invited to come and take a look at the parchment in front of him and see in front of his eyes, in golden letters, the humans that are about to finish their soul contract with him. See it now right in front of you…see their names. And if you are interested in finishing the lessons with them, after you have learnt and internalized them in your divine being and are ready to start a new learning in your corporeal body, please sign your name now: I am ready to finish my contract learning with these souls at this time. Sign your name.

And at these days of light, in the wonderful light gates, the planet receives a variety of the highest light it has ever seen, and so, loved ones, new gates are opening and the light sleeves enable you to live in love, tenderness and harmony, in full realization of your world on Earth in the 5th dimension. And you are the ones that have chosen to arrive to this special gathering and to celebrate this new opening and new choice and new contracts with your loved souls, for celebration, ascension and love. See that parchment that you received and the names that you are about to celebrate in wonderful and fruitful cooperation, love and realization. See the names and the intended souls now…and if you are ready, sign your name.

Loved ones, at these days in which you incarnate in your body, the human body, which sometimes poses a challenge in the physical level, the corporeality that you experience on Earth – and I know it well, as I too, my loved ones, have embodied on this Earth. You must understand that massive work is currently done and from the vast infinite cosmos, many light beings and angels arrive, in order to make it easier for the humans who choose to fulfil their role and contain the high light consciousness in their being and in their life. Humanity is ascending and we are delighted to see that. And from the light city of Yerushalem arrive these golden vibrations that accelerate those humans and the centers that connect to the inner planetary light cities, bia the golden light sleeves which arrive from the center of the golden flame in the 8th dimension. And indeed, that center of light Yerushalem is the one that constitutes the center of the planetary eye and the center of the spiral in planet Earth and it is an open portal to beyond the Milky way, and beyond the universe, to the one source of creation. The rules of the universe and the rules of planet Earth are being more accurate and clear. The new 10 commandments of the new humanity arrive to the world and shall be taught by every child, boy and girl, in order to enable them to properly embody themselves in the vibrations of the planet that is currently transcends itself.

You must understand that releasing and re-signing karmatic contracts enables you to embark on a new journey towards the new path you are intended for with those humans who currently incarnate and in the spirit vibrational level you have already known and signed on a contract with them. This signature is the opening into the learning from a place of light, love and harmony of the 5th light dimension and beyond. And when you hold the golden light vibrations, the learning shall arrive softly, simply and with love. And some shall choose in their contract to leave the planet, and we accept this choice with love. You should understand that the choice is yours in every moment and the support in the planet is huge.

From the akashic infinite library I bless thee.

I am Metatron.

All that are present, please take a deep breathe…we have just signed on a new contract, and therefore we are blessed. To each of us arrives an angel now, standing before us with his beautiful wings, and he reminds us that we too have wings, and now, from our back we grow these wings and let them come out and expand and expand…breath the light…breathe deeply and with our beautiful wings we get up from the chair and fly towards the center of the city Yerushalem, toward the beautiful gold flame. We breathe it deeply in and say good bye to all of the angels around us and their singing assimilates in our hearts.

Slowly we enter our Merkabas, each one to his personal Merkaba. We thank the process and we say good bye. And with our Merkabas and our beautiful wings we create a big circle of Merkabas, and with this circle we are going down now from the 8th dimension, going down and down in a great spiral to the 5th dimension, and keep going down and make a circle around the Temple Mount, the center of the holiest place. And at this very moment we send a ray of light and love, harmony and tenderness to the area around the holy place which is so controversial, the Temple Mount, the ‘Kotel’ (the western wall). Let’s send love and envelop all of the city of Jerusalem now…for harmony, cooperation, friendship, openness, unity, being whole…and we keep sending this beautiful light to all the planet, tenderness and harmony…to all of the Middle East: Syria in the north, Iran, Lebanon, all of this dense area. Let’s send the love, the tenderness, the harmony. Let’s send from our being as angels, light workers, children of god, now…

And slowly we go down with our personal Merkabas, and each and every one of us magnetize back to his home, to the room he is sitting in, to the chair he is sitting in, let’s take a deep breath. The wings fold back into our shoulders blades. We return to our physical-corporeal human bodies. Each and every one can touch himself and take a deep breath, and say 3 times: ‘I am that I am’.

Thanks you, thanks you, thank you!

(channel by ayelet segal 9/5/2018)



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