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Capital and power, NO, in the days of the new age


Dear  brothers and sisters, 

I’m sitting and writing, and my hands running on the keyboard bringing up the truth that we all know, the truth about these days the days of the Corona. 

The days when the familiar game on the planet stopped, these days when so many feel pain in their heart, pain for a loved friend or family member that suddenly came out of his body...

Pain about life that is changing the reality of our lives, and the workplace closed, and the financial system disappeared.  

Pain for the lies of those who ruled in the politics worldwide in so many periods of life .... kings / tyrants / counts / tsars / prime ministers and presidents throughout history  ....

To link the political systems on the planet to the economy and our quality of life.  

We often do not understand or are unaware of the depth of the connection that has formed in the last centuries on Planet Earth between capital (fortune) and government.  

Who are those who rule, who is the invisible hand through that outlines our lives.  

Who are the ones who decide which wars will take place, or who  will be the ones who will get rich.

Who are the decision-makers, that  decide who will be admitted to the Elite schools, which from there will be the leaders of the world economy, health and science will be located ...Politics!  

Who are the ones who decide on the hidden messages (or not ) in the various media channels.  

Who are the ones who see us behind the internet, in the mass communication channels, in smartphones that are open to all.

Where are the days when those rulers, the chiefs of the tribe were the ones who cared for their people, the ones who led their people to a safe place of residence, a place of abundant food and security and moved together in tribes where the strong cared for the weak?

So then ...

The "gentleman" who have entered the atmosphere under the guise of kings and and religious guys.

The “gentleman” who have begun to control the masses and take care to reduce and direct the planet's capital to themselves.

Again for the gold, they  came again, to plunder and take, from all that is near, encoded the control room in the chambers they sat, slowly penetrated to the leading institutions on the planet - Law - Rules- Execution.

Do they still exist?  Are the dark families still running the blue planet?

Will you release your control of the awakening human being who cries out everywhere, will you release your control of the electing human being, again the freedom of his soul, to a respectful livelihood, to a peaceful life.  

For creative and new thinking, for building communities of entrepreneurship, sharing and new development.

For creative and new thinking, for building communities of entrepreneurship, sharing and new development.  

Are the media broadcasts of the reality shows Survival and Big Brother, the cake baking contest and singing the ones chosen to put the young minds to sleep?  ... and convey messages of competitiveness and survival in the world.  Are we the last survivors, and if so are we survivors, perhaps we will each look at the other skill together and plan how we want to rebuild our new society.  Based on mutual help - hand in hand - heart to heart.  One human chain.

The call is heard, from all spaces of communication / internet / from the human heart

 The young people are going to the streets, the young people are aware of the truth, again they can not sit still and let that generation lead.

 They go out and sing, they dance … They write in the media, they are the new consciousness.

 We adults, we see, we also see what we do not want to show.

 We are between transitions, in the stages of change…

 Again the change that humanity is experiencing, we have already mentioned that Planet Earth is the most successful school all over the vast cosmos.

Every generation has to deal with the challenge of survival, from world wars, to the virus that migrates in nations.

 The human person loves to see outside of him, many times he blames the ruler, the leader, the manager or the leader.

Are we different from them? the rulers, have we looked at the family fabric, in the workplace, do we meet the same demands we place on the rulers….

The time of the Corona, is about to end .. indeed it will happen, we all know that. 

Then the day after,

We ask ourselves what did we do in the days of the Corona?  

Did we find time and go inside and look at our essence, the essence of man on the planet, the essence of human society.

 Today we know that we determine the pace of our walk, we determine the way of life our diet and of our  children.  Even if supermarkets have toxins…

Today we know that we are the creators of reality, we are learning the high laws of light, and most of us are already between dimensions, beloved brothers and sisters, allow yourself to see that the Matrix is ​​falling apart.

From the transition gate of 2012 to the present 2020, the great matrix is ​​falling apart, these are the days indeed, the days of the Corona.

There were people that suffer, the darkness and the ancient ruling families did not give up so quickly.

 But still, the legion of planetary light, it stands steady and shining at its peak, today more than ever.

We are witnessing young people embracing the present souls, going  to the streets in Israel - Lebanon and soon in Iran.

 We are witnessing these leaders who are not controlled by the capitalist families…

 Be tolerant, dear, and work with the new tools we learn together, the tools that illuminate our consciousness, freeing the mind from their control, meditations and music, and a stay in inspiring nature.

The Corona is the stage of transition to the new world, the stop was necessary, intended for the re-propulsion.

 The "keep your distance" consciousness The consciousness of the "unknown what will be tomorrow" has penetrated deep into humanity.

 We will no longer operate on automatic,

 Once again we are directed to the heart, the central source of energy in our body, which operates non-stop.

 Where there is  the answer to every step of our journey.

The trees are not sick and neither are the oceans nor the atmosphere.

 The human being is the one who holds the consciousness of fear / control / and creates the virus that holds on his bones.

It is  the man who wants more and more from the body of the planet, he is the one who bites, and draws.

 But God knows, and stops, looks at man and says, 'My children, what about you, will you not go inside?  Won't you study? '

The stars keeps moving, and we come and go within it, back and forth,

And God created the light - let it be, the light!

From the Corona  we were asked what our path with the opening of the gates.

 This is our choice, at the free choosing  star.

From my heart to your heart ~ Ayelet - Oelet



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