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Breaking the Rules of the game


"Welcome to all of you, I am Adama.

I am Looking into your hearts, to the fields of light surrounding your bodies and I see

the movement of light waves in you the bright ones and the ones that turndown. My

beloved ones, we are aware of your conflict between the physical human daily lives

and the awareness and consciousness of the third dimension. We are attentive and

know what you are going through because we are together, we are one, we

accompany you and whisper - do you hear? do you listen?

The Second Wave – the one we are Indeed talking about now, is flooding your

consciousness, with the resonance of fear that in turn drives you back to the deep

abyss of life reincarnation where your conscious has already fallen.

Is fear a place to hold?

What is behind the generation of fear? Who are the ones who transmit to the human

consciousness the waves of fear?

Ask these questions, many of you feel the need to go out to the streets and speak in

your voice, tell the truth you see and know, 

Can humanity be deceived again?

Is the period of human subjection over yet? 

The new Laws about the one, my beloved ones, the new laws are for your new self-


Your new self is the questioner, the one who does not automatically move on the


That is your new learning; it is you who are aware that brainwashing can no longer

touch your consciousness.

Your conscious is awake, it's here and precisely aware of the divine plan.

The programming that was made for the perception of humanity is no longer valid.

The game of life is changing.

We are not talking about a small change, but we talk about transformation in

all areas of your life.

Are you aware of the process?

The programming that was adopted by humanity during the last century, and further,

from the beginning of mass industrialization, has created the development of control;

through material that serves the endless cycle of control.

This programming is about to crash. Therefore, my loved ones, please be patient.

The empires that existed on earth, the Persian - Roman - Greek, did not fall in one

day, but they did fell.

The current empire is the empire of material control, the bondage between money,

and the uncontrollable mass consumption. The endless world of consumption is

about to fall.

The control of the masses by only several families, who control life across the planet,

is facing a turnaround and is about to end.

The truth will be revealed, manipulating politicians will crash, governed

communication systems will be exposed, as well as economic bodies that channel

economic life and control households.

We show you all this. Here it is, happening In the present tense, these days.

The collapse of this mechanism is not an easy experience for human beings,

therefore my beloved, please be patient.

Humanity already know waves of revolutions ... here is another wave, which will

bring the planet to the new age, which we have been talking about for the past 

centuries or thousands of years. 

The mass revolution across the planet will arise and once again the human brain will

connect with the human heart to the soul, in the process of remembrance, so

brothers and sisters will know who they are, why I came to this planet.

Indeed, loved ones, this I share with you since you are the pioneer messengers.

You that read these lines, in your heart you know, no need to explain, that this is the

knowledge of the soul.

Brainwashing does not fit the new humanity. Therefore, every person would have to

change the old beliefs and everything he had been brought up according to.

Who are those who bear the heart of God? Who is right, who sees the truth, and

Who doesn't sleep in this journey of their lives?

You are my loved, you are the ones who carry the new familiar way, the way that

had been taught in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis that resonated before the days

of controversy.

I invite you to join the circles of hearts of the community of light that carry the

Lemurian Akashan records. I invite you to remember the days of great light when the

free culture was the one where humans could have different beliefs, traditions. The

society where humans are the ones who behave in integrity and truth, the ones that

act cleanly without any emotional manipulations but rather act from the purity of their


These days have come, and you, loved ones, go out and speak the only Law, the

Law of divinity from which your soul was created.

The new children, indeed they know the universal law and the school of free will. The

will of consciousness is the one that glows and lights all the elements of creation. It

does so in your world.

Let your contemporary consciousness thrive and see the emergence of the new

world. Just before the emergence of the new world, you experience the collapse of

the old world, allow the old world to collapse without fear, with no worry.

You probably ask, Adama, when will the "Corona pandemic disappear? 

I say to you, beloved, the "Corona is a new state of consciousness, which gives you

the ability to transcend the fears and cables of control in your world, so allow yourself

to release the chains of this world.

Choose the light, choose the new, the Masters path, the path of the present time.

We haven't talked about changing the time of the planet, now you feel it, you know it,

but still having trouble adjusting to the new time band.

Beloved, let go and see how your heart fills, let go and see how you are

transcending the planet into the present stage of being, all you have to do is to blend

in with that presence.

 Gaia breathes, Gaia is present more than ever, Gaia clears, the human organism is

once again sensing the change and propels itself into the broadest consciousness

revolution that has ever happened to humanity.

Be yourself, be the new consciousness, move towards the conscious of unity -

perfection - love - giving.

Be yourself, be the singers, be the ones that deliver new energy new music. The

control plan has expired!

Recreate your belief patterns, according to the tools we give you from the city of light

- Telus; then beloved, you will reunite with the light that you are, you are such a big

light, are you willing to see yourself in your light?

We measure the resonance of vibrations these days; indeed the vibrations of the

planet have surpassed. Many of you who feel it. You feel the transformation in your

bodies, and you threw away everything that is not one with the new resonance of

your body.

Therefore, release the old workplace, therefore release the relationship that is

inaccurate to you or change the place of residence.

Come out to the New World, come out with the realization that you carry the highest

energies on Planet Earth. You are already ready with the new laws for the new game

which begins on Planet Earth.

What is your role in this new era ...?

Be attentive to the stop you sense, open yourself to it, be attentive to the invitations

that open up to you, be attentive to the communities that welcome you, and that you

feel like your home. The Coming Home is a key part of these days.

The age of separation is over, and we are once again uniting with you.

Many of you already feel us, see, and get excited.

Indeed, we are too.

And if you haven't experienced it yet, try to reach the learning temples at night,

Ahnahmar and me, ADAMA, are waiting for you, as well as your brothers and sisters.

We love you, and send you our love in harmony, with music, color, and numbers. 

You are all Blessed 

Here I am ADAMA



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