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Back To Telos- The Adventures of Orion in the City of Light


Beyond the golden gates

Imagine that you see colours, rainbows, dragons and unicorns. It is the imagination that allows us to travel to faraway lands, to higher dimensions. We are expanding more and more as we are floating; and the golden gates open. They are the gates of the universe through which, in recent years, human beings have received inspiration and enlightenment since the sinking of the Lemurian continent. The gates are enlarging and so, humans are awakening.

The new age children, the indigo, crystal and rainbow children, the children of the world, the children of the Light are born with these higher vibrations. Thus, they arrive with greater capabilities than the previous generations and they help humanity evolve.

The multidimensionality of these children is extensive. They connect to very high v

planes of consciousness, to planets, to cities of light. Some of these children are able to cope with this ability but most of them are disoriented. They do not receive the support needed and they feel lost and confused between these worlds.

The language of the light is made of images and shapes of higher vibration. It is made of love which opens the hearts. This is the language we should teach our children.


This is the story of Orion, the child of light, who could see divinity everywhere around him. Until the age of four, he could perceive the divine vibration that was emanating from everyone and everything he laid his eyes upon.

For example, when he looked at a beautiful flower in the garden, he could see the light radiating from it, and he knew which healing qualities the plant possessed. When he went to the park with his mother, he could see the trees taking in humans’ vibrations. Human beings often go to the park to energize themselves and feel strong and alive again. Orion walked around hugging trees, feeling their roots deeply planted in Mother Earth. When he saw a small beetle scurrying between the stones, he felt so much love for it; he would hum special songs in its honour because he knew the little insect was a god.

The same thing happened with human beings. He could see the light radiating

from their hearts and he could sense the vibrations, the colours and the divine poetry of their souls. When he met human beings who were not displaying a glowing aura, he did not understand. Time and time again, he asked his mother, where their hearts were.

Then one day, in their habitual conversation, God announced that he would speak less to him and that Orion would have to connect to his human form and the other human beings. He should awaken to the human way of life and learn his chosen lessons. “But the channel between us,” said God, “will remain open and, one day, it will increase again and our connection will be fully restored.”

So, Orion began his journey. He learned about being a human from his parents, siblings and friends. He learned more and more and more ...

The years passed. His love for nature kept growing and he connected with it whenever he had the opportunity. On Saturdays, when Orion and his parents went hiking in the great outdoors, he would spend hours looking for stones

and crystals which resonated with his heart.

His love for animals led him to horseback riding. He spent a lot of time at the stables where he enjoyed not only riding, but also taking care of the horses and listening to their needs. Orion’s favorite horse was White, a noble and gentle horse, as white as snow. Whenever Orion saw White, he rested his head on the animal to feel his breathing, feel his thoughts, to feel the special connection they had between each other.

Orion loved riding and taking care of White. He knew that White was careful and attentive to his heart. Their riding together was somewhat intuitive. If Orion wished to turn right, it was as though White could read his mind and he would gently turn right. Orion enjoyed riding so much that he went out on his horse every chance he got. The hours passed and the harmony between the two gave Orion a confidence and a feeling of unconditional love which brought harmony into his whole world.

One day Roy, a young leader, decided to take a group of children on their horses for a walk in the fields. It was a spring-like Saturday and the fields were in bloom with a

variety of colours and flowers. Butterflies were hovering and the scent of honey was flowing through the air. Orion climbed onto White’s back and the children onto their horses. They began to ride out to the field one after the other.

The open fields stirred a desire in White. He yearned to explore the wide open spaces, to run as fast as he could towards the freedom that was before him. Orion heard his good friend’s heart and gave his consent. “I am with you, my dear friend, let us go to the vast spaces!” Answering the call felt by both of them, White started to gallop at a greater pace. The wind caressed their bodies and their hearts were opened.

Suddenly, without any warning, White changed direction and headed straight towards a cliff. Orion tried to bring White back onto a safe path, but the horse was not listening to him. Fear crept into Orion’s heart. “Turn around White, turn around and go back to the path, there is an abyss in front of us” but White did not heed his plea.

All of a sudden, Orion felt his heart expanding and a new sensation moved through his body. There was White, about to jump into the abyss, and yet Orion felt an

unexpected sense of security. He grabbed his friend White confidently, hugging his neck.

White ran like the wind into the abyss and, with a huge leap, he jumped through the interdimensional gate.

Orion closed his eyes and he felt a deep tranquillity, a great calm within himself. For a brief moment, he looked around him and he saw colours. They were the rainbow colours. He only reopened his eyes when he felt White touching the ground.

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