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An encounter with the core/ drupe of the new human consciousness


A meeting human consciousness ~ September 2023

I walk the stairs of the Council in Telos, upwards to those steps that I know so well. I feel the ease of my body, felt the influx of the fifth dimension and here I reach the main lobby, the walls covered with various crystals so that the lights shines in all space, I look at this time, without Aware of the new spiral to which the whole planet has entered, sees the great change in the crystal screens, including the huge computers containing endless details and data, sees the human consciousness, which on the one hand is open to contain the new but more A life trip that looks like us so long, is a number of moments at the level of soul, from the world of light, with the end of the life cyclicality, we will return to our chosen, we would play.

There is a leaf in the dimensions of the drama of the drama, we look at where we were to light point and where we held in the dark. As I enter to the main hall, I see the high priest Adama, about 7 meters I closed with blue robe and the big alchemist Saint Germaine his purple robe. I stand away at the distance of the circle of light surrounding the center, reducing the heads of the hood.

I'm home. I slowly enter the circle, feel my tenderness of the material body disappears and I am totally present. A mirror is showing me, open and light of a small gold, as a small, as a point in space. Hovering and from the shoulder of a golden light. What is it? I'm asking? The only core, and explains that he was only from our home plan, they sent him to give us the central signal to support for so many , in which many days carry the seeds of fear in their minds. The golden light is paralyzed in the hands of earth, he moves, I say he has his personal consciousness, so he explains.

Personal consciousness gives him the ability to redefine everything in which it abflants in the free of the final, the consciousness of light here is the variable in the planet, the old consciousness is strone out when the bodies bearing disappearing, will be extinct from their service, and consciousness , the power of consciousness is information that is now accessible to many in the various fields that lead to humanity to the new thorough, the designation is determined with the mainstream sweeping the human consciousness.

Therefore, the struggle the different sides is great about human consciousness. In those days as you recognize the wave of the consciousness of the flowers, they moved the new consciousness that seeks to live in life without wars in this planet, a common life of brotherhood and sharing.

I'm standing beside the side of earth, holding my hand, and the light of the light crashes to me, I feel it soft and so delicate. And feels love and fluent my body of light, indeed the age of wars, I whisper, and to see all my pleasant children in the planetary space, without the need for weapons.

Once I think , how he went into the planet Indeed, Adama is attentive to the internal audio, as the matters of light and the gout, which comes from the eternal love spaces, so there is a welcome that the darkness of consciousness, this planet is the subject of the two factors, Human consciousness above the planet, today gives a renewable selection, more and light sparks appear in our crystal screens in the headquarters in which we see the waves of human arousal. Process -

The process is the name of the game, when the earthly time is deceptive in most of humanity than the time of time.

Adama, this is a Fascinating discourse, I will be happy to receive a message to our members of our community that in them the golden lights, please target us: Beloved , the point of the fracture here, the moment is the moment, and see the greatest illustrations, the truth is visible to your eyes, and here. Colors, characters, space, smells.

From this scene , you walk in a new world and again collecting the tools and insights, and again cost the challenges then asking the question of some of you do you choose then asking the question of why you choose to devote them?

So the question is asked which consciousness do you choose to belong?

The spaces of the planet are endless, you visited them, and I felt the fields of the various consciousness met the fields of the many consciousness, the essence of the planet is a wide range of divine light and your favorable job.

You read these words, is to connect to the new light, I invite you to meet the community meetings I invite you to learn the rules of the enlightenment of the renewed humanity above the planet. The enerition in the planerial space is about to change, the nature of the living, and the recognition of the various aspects containing you.

What do you do from the same moment when you meet with your parallel figure/ aspect ?

Do you choose to move with them to the new consciousness, the new consciousness doubles itself in the end of the end, is present in each of the present soul on the planet and chooses to be a city to the high light fields, the old bodies in the planet

Deep to the middle of the 21st century, the nutrition will be described above the surface of the earth, in order for other bodies to contain the resonance, the concept of frequencies, the concept of which more human bodies knew how to contain the highest energy, and in I feel the drupe that goes into my heart Chakra magnetized to the Diamond Heart.

I watch with my eyes the light of Adama, he explains to me only to breathe with and to allow to the drupe to get balanced.

Softness and light surrender me and we go together to the space in Telos~ To my home.

I’m With you on the journey to the new

In a year of light so unique.

Believe in yourself

You are the light

Love ~ohelet

Translated by : Jaqueline A. Goldfeder



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