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All about the corona and 5G


Beloved light community In such meaningful days there is a call to be in full awakeners more than ever and work with the sacred flames rays! Be one with our sisters and brothers from the light city of Telos, with the great masters. They are one with us in the processes that many experience – they strengthen us and share important information that comes from the high priest Adama, the teacher of humanity. It is important to be aware of the situation, to keep high consciousness and to guard our light fields. Read and be assured that you are safe and protected Fee your heart and be with us in the various gatherings Today more than ever, as an active light community it is our time to unite our light and shine We are the bridge between the high worlds and the corporeal worlds We are beacons of light, Lemuria messengers I bless you for a weekend full of light and love I am Ayelet ------------------------------ Beloved light children, From the depth of the light city of Telos, in open communication with you, in such meaningful days, we call to you the light workers, to keep practicing the tools we have learnt and practiced together – the creation rays. We call you to keep holding your highest consciousness that contains the light patterns. The great masters are with you, know that, and so do the creation angels from the place of residence of Metatron that resides in the center of the light temple at Jerusalem at the 8th dimension. The light cities and planetary light centers are operating in cooperation, which is vital for being with you, together in heaven and on earth. The high worlds are with you, beloved souls who have awaken in your bodies at this time. In these days, when you experience the attempt of a take over the humanity consciousness, I must bring the following information to you. With the passage in the gate of 2012, the light waves of the cosmic creation rays have started to flow through the planet intensely. The planet networks have been lit and expanded, due to the decision of the high galactic light council to support the plan of releasing the souls on planet earth and leading them to the great ascension that is intended for this planet, for this solar system and for all of the surrounding space in the level of the whole universe. There was a gathering from all of the central suns across the universe and the support started to arrive. Slowly you woke up. You, who read these lines, you who make the choice and have the ability to open your pineal gland that has been blocked for thousands of years and more. We have contacted you, and light groups have started to convene, as the Telos global community. On the human level we worked with you on opening the heart chakra, the main center for moving the energy mass in your bodies. We started to move the energies and expand the physiological brain in proportions to your crystal brain. We have created with you a telepathic communication system that activates the light fields around your bodies, and the 3rd eye that is connected to the pineal gland, and in this way we created the crystal light network that is working strongly today. More and more souls awaken…the light waves have increased in the last decade and have started to activate your scientists. More and more souls have started to live out of faith, inner joy and fulfillment. The telepathic communication goes beyond the human body boundaries. And now you can whiteness the attempt to re-control by the same factors that have been controlling this planet. They have investigated and inspected how the human mind is changing. They have witnesses the ability of the thought to create the new field and project patterns of thought that realize themselves in the human world. They started to find out that people that use the active 3rd eye can see beyond the corporeal given world and can be freed and re-created. The communication with the 5th dimension have been opened, with the masters, the angels and the divinity itself. Haven't we waited for these days for thousands of years? Loved ones, I do not wish to plant fear in your heart, quite the opposite. Awareness, light consciousness and truth is spoken through these lines: They, who still try to hold the human consciousness, see the light growth of humans. They see the evolving conscious human and the changes that are about to take place on the planet. They had to figure out how with their current technology, they can affect the human thinking patterns. How to develop the telepathy. However, they did not have the main tool which is the sacred heart, the atomic accelerator of the pure electromagnetic field, the connection to the soul. And so they have developed the technology of the 5th generation. A technology with the ability to read the thought patterns that are created by the human mind, and in that wat to have the control. It is by no chance, that from that small canton of China, came an outbreak of a flu virus. A virus that was created in labs in order to hurt humanity and keep it under the control chains. Beloved humans, what you experience now, you have already experienced in the past, and the memory is present in you. Therefore the human control is easy and fast. Many of the humans are programed for this kind of control and immediately respond to these voices. The most common tool for control is fear. The fear consciousness that this virus spread is an illusion. When you keep working with your enlightened tools and keep creating an image of a free world, the virus will dissolve and disappear. We invite you to keep meeting in groups of 12 and more and work with the high lights. Create positive thought patterns and project these images on the new creation on this planet. Please do not block yourselves, loved ones. Be the light that you are. In this very time, the galactic councils and the star people are present to support you, but the law of no interference still exists, and the free choice is yours. Choose dear ones, the people of the mother continent Lemuria, the people of the heavens and earth, the water and the wind, choose your freedom to be. You, loved ones, are a unique creation that connects the worlds. You are the flower of life that moves and connect the fields. Breathe and see yourself with the flower of life surrounding you. Loved ones, see your hear opening and project the light from your heart. It is shining white and surrounding the whole planet. See more and more brothers and sisters join this flower of life and as one you are united. The great light is coming out of your hearts to the center of the planet and it is getting stronger and lightened and the atmosphere is cleaned from any virus or pathogen. See the destructive technological systems paralyzed by that light and see the freedom from control in your thought cells, which hold no fear and control. You loved ones, are the leaders of the new biological plan of the new humanity. You who bridge between the worlds have the ability to sustain an open visualization that brings the light to everywhere. Cleanse with the purple ray the infected places on the planet and see the transformation taking place. Spain, Italy, Iran, USA, Israel, and wherever your heart feels the call. See the human free out in the wilderness and one with Gaya's consciousness – the blue planet. See the rays of light coming out of the planet towards the atmosphere and to other systems across the universe. As a great sun that shines all of the flames colors, expand the beautiful vessel in which you live, your physical body, to the ability to contain and spread the infinite light. You are light workers, you are the guards of the planet and we are with you from crystal telos and the enlightened Jerusalem. From the depth of the mystery school under the great pyramid, from the heart of the rose sisterhood from the crystal lake Titicaca  and from the enlightened Himalaya mountains. we are with you, supporting and guiding. Blessed are you for being divine messengers. I am Adama, the high priest of Telos.



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