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Still so relevant for this day's Good evening, to our Beloved Telos Group, During the time that we have working together with the 7 flames. our process of cleansing has been getting stronger and stronger, we are becoming like crystal-clear water and today we are getting to the climax of our work on the restructuring of our etheric bodies. When we first came to this universe, we came with a perfected body of Light.: we were sparkling crystal beings. This original body of Light holds the blueprint of each one of us: it’s also called the Adam/Eve body or the Adam Kadmon. This blueprint of our Divine Body of Light was created as we merged with our Divine self. Our individual missions on this planet have been encoded within this blueprint, our personal energetic signature. From the first beginnings here, we continue to fulfill our divine mission here using the connections directly to our creators, our mothers and fathers. Over time, as our level of consciousness continued to fall, we became more and more compressed dense as we fell into the consciousness of polarity and duality losing our mental and emotional balance. Our light-bodies shrank in size and our physical bodies became denser. Our habit of negative thought patterns and emotions has held us in this state of imbalance over our many incarnations here. During this period of distraction, as we sank further into this mode of duality and separation, our egoic/willing body grew more dominant until such time as it took control of our 3d existence. Parallel to this process, a very large part of our soul was anchored in the star chakra of the soul which is positioned over the crown but has been largely inaccessible to the physical body. Now at this time when we have started to heal the habitual negative patterns, we are retuning to the balance of our center. Soon we will pass above the chaos and we will be no longer influenced by the negativity around us. We will be calm, instruments of Light, as the Light of G-d constantly flows through us from the star chakra of the soul along the spine into the Mother Earth. Today typically humanity can contain 1/60th of what we could contain during the golden ages of the past. However we are now on the return journey back to the Source as we reconnect with our original crystal light-body and the more we continue to cleanse our bodies, the more and more Light we can contain in our physical body. Today we are going to connect our light-body also known as our Higher Self, our light body whose star chakra is above the crown chakra. We will also activate the extra strands of our DNA that have been lying dormant, as we start to use those extra 10 strands in addition to the 2 that we have been accustomed to, these new talents will allow us to build a new etheric body. We have already been working with the 7 rays to cleanse and heal our bodies in order for us to contain more light. The etheric body is like a clean copy of our physical body.- it is the quintessence of the physical body. Everything appears first in the etheric body and just afterwards in the physical body. We have 5 foundations, earth, fire, air, water and the etheric but we can’t sense the etheric foundation as we can sense the others. The etheric body also known as the “memory body” is much purer that its double the physical body and holds the blueprint for the lower 3 bodies, the emotional, the mental and the physical. It is very sensitive and reflects back to our 3d bodies the negative thought patterns and emotions from the mental and emotional bodies. The cause of illnesses and disabilities are to be found in the etheric body before they manifest themselves in the physical body. The “body elemental” is responsible of the optimal functioning of the physical body and does its best to fix the damages caused by the war going on between the levels of 3d and 4d consciousness. In Judaism it is known as the “tzelem” and as we are made in the image and similitude of God, it is made in the image and similitude of the physical body. Before the last breath of the physical body, many clairvoyants can see the etheric body exit from this 3d plane. Meditation – ( by Pazit) Close your eyes —- take a deep breath, leave all your stresses behind —– a golden white ray of light is coming from the Great Central Sun, entering our crown chakra and purifying our brain center—– making its way down to the area of the eyes… feel how relaxing it is as it passes down to the mouth area – it feels like a pleasant stream flowing through the spine. As it enters the area of the heart, it expels any impure substances that shouldn’t be there —– Now its flowing through our legs on its way to Mother Earth —–all the way down to its center, and now imbued with the healing and warm energies of Mother Earth it returns back into our bodies. We are becoming intimate friends with Mother Earth —– on its way up through the heart we can see a ball of Light that expands more and more ——as we stay in the heart area, we can see our glittering image as it’s surrounded by spirals of Light forming a shield around us ———————— We are now ready to enter the merkaba that we have just built and with our intention we zoom it up to our 5d-pyramid called Telos-Israel that over the last 9 months we have anchored in the 5d space above us——————————–. There we are greeted by many Masters, guides and visitors from other galaxies that are keen to share in our experiences. especially for this auspicious moment of entering the 11:11 gateway of nov-11-2010 exactly one year before the momentous 11:11:11———- We can see a large circle of crystalline chairs and in the center is the Violet Flame. Each and everyone of us is guided to a chair that has been tailored to our individualized needs ————————– As we all take our seats, our elevated vibrations of Love and Light are forming a network grid of pink rays connecting each heart to every other heart ——————————– The Violet Flame is getting brighter and brighter until it fills the whole inside of the Telos-Israel pyramid, The energies of the Violet Flame are strength , Love and Light, compassion and transformation ——————– now we breathe in these energies of the Violet Flame into our heart center and now as a unified group we send these energies back out to the huge crystal underneath the ground in SW Jerusalem , the one that we recently activated on our visit there with our group of 19 Light-workers —— now we are sending these energies that we have just breathed in, the energies of strength , Love and Light, compassion and transformation to this huge crystal under Jerusalem. —-also we ask the millions of the willing Violet Flame angels that are eager — to help to send their Violet Flame energies to all people on the Earth and all particles of life here —————–we can see how the crystal that we activated is – in its turn – forwarding these Violet Flame energies to another huge crystal in the area of Jerusalem and we can see how in this process this other crystal is being activated now. We continue to focus on the ball of Violet Flame in our hearts (in the beginning it was of the blue color ) —-we send out rays of unconditional Love to all other people wishing them prosperity and abundance – we ask that this these rays heal all suffering. We insert here all family and friend and others that we note individually for special attention from the quota that we are sending out ————— Now we send out these energies to Gilead Shalit and all other hostages being held on planet Earth. We send all hospitals these same Violet Flame energies. From our vantage point inside the Telos-Israel pyramid we send out myriad rays of Violet Flame energies to those places most in need. We thank all our Masters and guides Now we step back into our huge Merkabah of Light and with our intention we instruct it to take us to the majestic City of Light of Telos underneath Mount Shasta in Northern California. It is time now for Dorit to take us on an unforgettable journey in that welcoming city Dorit: Let’s suspend our habitual rules of logic for this journey. Give our imagination free reign as we imprint our own special talents on our forthcoming experience – we are cleansing our etheric body. We step out of the Merkabah into a place that looks like heaven —-There is lots of emerald green and the blooming of Nature is startling ——-We breathe in very deeply —We can see lots of children, Priestesses and Master Hilarion and they are all very happy to welcome us. They lead us to a majestic swimming pool. We wash ourselves, we swim and dive — Soon we realize that in our etheric bodies we can see, smell, breathe under water and we start to play with the many creatures sharing the pool with us. From the crystal-clear water we take in all the qualities we need for our healing. In this process of cleansing our etheric bodies there is no rush and each one of us gets out of the pool in their own time. As we emerge from our over and under water experience we feel cleaner and lighter. The children all look around 20 or 30 of our years but we call them children because of their playful nature that we associate with our children on the surface. They give each of us a white flower on a long stalk of a deep green hue. They ask us to place the flower inside our heart and as we do so, we realize the purpose of these gifts is to open our hearts to a greater measure of unconditional love. The children exude Love, playfulness and joy and are so happy to assist us on what is for most of us our first encounter with them. Adjacent to the pool in a lush flagrant garden, there are circles prepared for each one of our group. In each circle are seated children and Priestesses and one chair is empty awaiting us to take our seat of honor. As we joyfully take our seat in the midst of all these charming and beautiful Telosians, we can see that center stage is a hologram of us! One of the Priestesses explains that we are now in the main stage of healing during this particular journey. The form that is center stage is so perfect in its holographic nature – resplendent in its transparency and translucence and instantly recognizable as an expanded version of our physical bodies in the standing pose and about 2 meters tall. How wonderful to behold! As part of this life-changing healing ceremony in the refined 5d vibrations of this hallowed city, there are 3 preparation steps that we need to take. let’s feel any physical pains or discomfort that we have in our physical body. Now we select a color of our choice and using this color we imprint those corresponding areas on the holographic image lighting them up in those exact areas of the pain or discomfort. … select some of the more serious habitual limited beliefs and negative thought patterns that have been holding us back from mastery and with a different color of our choice let’s focus on those corresponding areas of our mental body within the hologram lighting them up with that color. Please pay attention to those negative emotions that have been holding us back from retuning to our wholeness and on the corresponding areas of our emotional body within the hologram we imprint those points of discord lighting them up with a 3rd color of our choice. Now our designated areas of the 3 bodies (emotional/physical and mental) within the hologram are color coded and indicating where we are holding pain, discomfort, stress, discord and limitations in the 3 colors of our choice. We can read the hologram as an exact reflection of those imperfections that we have just imprinted on it using our current knowledge of our 3 lower bodies. One by one the priestesses raise their hands aloft, the children follow suite and we join in – a holographic image of each one of us center stage in their own circle. And with all our hands raised aloft shafts of rays are beamed deliberately towards the areas lit up within each hologram. The color of these rays emanating from all the fingers is one not regularly seen on the earth plane. It is a new color, the closest version we have is called azure – mostly white with a definitive streak of light blue running through it. All attention is on the directing of these rays onto the areas lit up with the 3 colors of each participant’s choice. After this intense directing of the new healing energy, all hands are lowered in unison and now, gone are all the blemishes that minutes before had been indicated on the hologram which is now spectacularly transparent and translucent as it was at the beginning of the ceremony. In a celebratory mood the children send their blessings to all those participating here and now in this meditation and also to all those reading this later – and impress on us how we have just made a significant step in preparing ourselves to embody unconditional love and harmonious living on the surface. and they issue us with a warm invite to keep returning to this garden/swimming pool area of Telos for another round of co-operative healing until our mission of healing is accomplished. Ayelet is now ready to guide us to the Telos city that she knows so well. Activating the extra strands of DNA As we follow our guide from Telos, we are led to crystal pathway paved on either side with lots of crystals of various shapes and sizes, We are led inside a crystal cave and we see some more crystals forming an inner circle. The crystals put on a show of their luminosity just for us. As we stand in the outer circle we notice that over each of us is stationed a personal crystal which is poised to send us shafts of all the 7 primary rays to our etheric bodies. The first transmissions comprise the pink ray of Unconditional Love and our chakras start to fill up with that love energy. Let’s all take a deep breath to facilitate this love energy in reaching all photons and electrons in our 4-body system. Now it's time for the ray of knowledge and illumination to be transmitted to us. As it permeates through us, the rays awaken the ancient knowledge within us which gets stronger and deeper steering us on the right path. The blue ray of Divine Will is next to be beamed through our bodies from the overhead crystal and establishes a strong connection to our Higher Self which has chosen this journey for us here on Earth. Now the accelerated speed of delivery of this ray is allowing us to help illuminate the consciousness of humanity by raising its vibration. Now it’s the turn of the green ray of healing – as it is directed to our etheric, emotional and physical bodies, it’s making a comprehensive treatment to remove our blockages. Now feel the golden ray of Resurrection resonate thought our bodies as it points us further along the path to Christ consciousness. The white ray of ascension includes the colors of the other 6 rays and is now making its way deeper and deeper throughout all the cells and recesses of our bodies As the violet ray starts its action of transformation in this exact moment we are now ready to proceed further until we reach another of the grand caves – this one is dome-shaped and its walls are lined with gold. Each and every one of us is invited to sit in one of the crystal chairs in the formation of a circle big enough to accommodate each one of the group. With Mother Earth’s assistance, we’re now ready to start the serious work of extending our DNA capabilities. Even though we’ve made serious strides in the process of our spiritual expansion we have not yet tapped into the full potential that we are capable of at this time. Now we have the chance to do just that. The process is one of expanding our current 2 active strands of DNA to embrace the other 10 strands that were shut down a long time ago and later on we will extend again to activate all possible 36 strands, With this first activation we will start to tap into our memories, skills and gifts that have been lying dormant inside those strands. Each and every one of us is looking inside our etheric body, and we can see the current 2 strands rotating around the central axis – each one of a different color. Now we can see another 2 strands activate and join in the spiral movement around the same axis, As we keep adding the next set of 2 strands they integrate with those already rotating until all 12 are synchronized each one assuming a different color. As we breathe deeply each one of us enervates with the purest intention the following thought form I’m tapping into those extra strands of DNA that have been anchored in my etheric and physical bodies inside my Light body. I invite all those active strands to make available their codes and information to me in the forthcoming days. I ask that the highest level of my soul contain the energies of those codes that are held within those strands of DNA -propelling me to Christ consciousness. The intention ends here and so now we allow our optimal growth to take place as the strands of DNA turn around on the central axis over the next week. Each one of us will get as much growth in abilities as needed according to our current level of consciousness. A golden ray is coming from the top of the Dome and enters the crown chakra of each of us. As the extra strands continue to rotate we are tapping into that extra help to complete our divine mission down here. We continue sitting on our crystal chairs and now Adama has a message for us: Good evening everyone, I’m Adama the High Priest of Telos. I’m greeting you dear guests and Beings of Light, for your wonderful spiritual work that you have been doing and continue to do today on this important gateway of the 11:11. Today the gateway facilitates the transformation of our etheric and emotional bodies. Your Light bodies will no longer continue to function as before – you must understand this because you have all chosen to be here to allow these extra strands to be implemented at the deepest levels of your being allowing you to make the transition from the 3rd to the 4th and 5th dimensions as smoothly as possible. My dear ones you must understand that in these days the dramas of your 3d consciousness no longer serve you in the role of masters that you are. With this latest gift that you have just received you are moving to using 12 strands of your DNA and the changes in your life will be huge. We are working with many groups over Mother Earth and our work with you, our beloved group called Telos Israel continues to speed up the illumination of people here in the Middle East. Live your daily lives through the eyes of the Masters – treat yourself to proper food, and always talk, think and act from an attitude of love. Always pay attention how your internal world illuminates the world that surrounds you. This kind of world is where we’re heading……. the 12 strands have already started their work and during the next week you will have much extra help from your angels and us the Masters for the imminent changes. Accept with blessings the pain, the joy and the tears. If some one feels the need to paint, to write or travel to new places then follow the calling of your heart – in fact start to think and take your decisions from your sacred heart center – there is no room for thoughts of fear or separation, judgments or ego. Now my dear ones we have entered a new paradigm of existence and you are leading the way. Indeed the 11:11 gateway is a huge energetic portal and expansion of the DNA strands has a global reach. The light-work that you are doing is most important and I hope and pray that you will continue to work without fear, to stay on the path with total trust in yourself and in the way of Light and in the way of Telos that will continue to illuminate those places in need across the world. Here in Telos we’re watching and seeing the unique work you are doing. We can see the soul of each and every one of you in private and also when you in the group. You’re not alone. All the veils have not yet been rent but slowly they will be rent one by one. For you to understand the transition period. The window of decision will close suddenly, and by that time each one will have already made the decision whether to stay in the 3d consciousness of duality and separation or to move on with Mother Earth to the 4th and 5th dimensions. All of you here and those reading this later have already made the decision to embrace love and follow Mother Earth to our glorious destiny. Because of this you are in the position where you can speed up your transition that will lead you to the proper place where you can fulfill your divine mission. As you access all the ancient knowledge stored with those 12 strands of DNA, you start to consciously connect to your Higher Self during your conscious waking time and during your daily meditations. We bless you for your courage to work with us and wish you great success. Please come regularly to visit us in Telos, into our many temples and we will continue to help you to balance you 4-body systems. We love and cherish you deeply

Adama and the Masters from Telos

channel ayelet segal 11:11:2011)



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