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A unique message for the gate day of 11/11/23.


Blessed , I am Adama, from the crystalline city in

the depths of the planet's core, we are together with an entourage of brothers and sisters, we work these days together with those who are connected to our consciousness, and carry together the beacons of light.

 In the days when every soul is at the point of choice where it asks existential questions that once again raise the question of human identity and the creation of the created frequency these days.

 The third dimension is undergoing a substantial upheaval these days, with the darkness affecting souls, enlightened souls, we support all those who are in a situation of human difficulty, we accompany those who transfer the consciousness of light which is proven in the dimensions of light to those points that are required to go through a deep purification.

 You are children of light, you know and are aware of the connection between the worlds, you are beloved, you have come a long way of learning and practicing and your body is ready to move to the frequencies of the fifth dimension.

 On the portal Day of 11/11, we will unite with you for a joint crossing of the Ascension Point, every soul, whatever it is, has the right to choose to join the source of light, the "I am" the source of her soul.

 Every soul has the right to re-assimilate being part of a network of light that collectively illuminates the frequency of harmony and love above the surface of the earth.

 In those days

 The source of the cleansing is required, the pain of human loss and the suffering that many human beings have gone through, we are received in the halls of light, souls who have experienced such deep suffering on the earthly plane, are in deep healing in the halls of light.

 Understand the essence of souls upon their arrival on the planet is to experience human learning lessons, love, patience, release of control, unconditional giving, to walk in human steps, with soul consciousness and complete ancient karmas.

 The nations of the world, watching will support the people of light and with the end of the campaign, and the cleansing of the deep darkness.

 By the year 2025, the planet will undergo cleansing in all its areas and the resonance of war will be eradicated from this planet.

 Can you see the new vision that will be implemented on the planet.

 Can you believe in a vision in which the weapons factories will be closed and in their place, telecommunication factories will be opened to cover the quality of the environment and abundant health for the citizens of the planet.

 Indeed you are beloved citizens of the planet, the identity of the new generation is a movement in the understanding that everything that happens in a certain area affects all areas of the planet.

 Economically, politically, culturally, ecologically, humanly.

 Believe and be patient, these are the days when the messengers of light raise their frequencies, and merge with the abundant light into their physical bodies, many feel tiredness and spiritual exhaustion.

 Breathe beloveds, we are with you, the networks of light are working, see the messengers of light working and already bringing the new frequencies of light above the surface. They know, they feel within themselves that it is time to go above the surface with the light within them, how can this be done, many of you ask?

Beloved, in order to shine, the bodies must first be prepared for the transmission of the great mass of light, which arrives and drives the connection of the worlds.

 This is the nourishment to continue and deepen the cleansing of the chakras by cleansing and releasing ancient karmas and all the old ones that many still hold.

 In the coming decade, more and more communities will arise that know and see the essence of community.

 The support and security, the ability to feed each other and support a sister soul.


 These communities that arise, and from giving unconditionally to each other, are the ones that will resonate and will be able to continue to carry their light.

 The new time and space instills a new way of life that does not depend on the economic servitude to which you were accustomed.

 Breathe loved ones, and see where you can give in the community where you live.

 See how the value of giving was resurrected in your life ,

 Which community do you both belong to?

 Where do you choose to focus your time?

With the entry into the days of the upheaval starting from the gate day when we will meet on 11/11

 and until the renewed balance day 12/12

Beloved, you who are connected to the infinite light are aware that on this day with the connection to the essence of the soul, the gates of the halls are open for a direct connection with the source of your soul.


At Telos we accompany the many souls who arrive, on a personal as well as a collective journey, and support them in their passage through the spiral of light.  We wrap you in the rays of creation, renewing the course of your body in the physical aspect as well as the delicate crystal bodies, do you feel your light sensors active and sensitive even more than ever.

 Do you feel time disappearing?  What does the counting of days mean?

 On this  Gate Day, we move forward with the unique Telos Lemuria cell of light and all the souls who will come to our festive meeting, we will support all those who come to listen to our messages to you, we will pass among you and you will feel us, it will be a gentle meeting of the connection of the worlds.

 With the transition in 2025 - many of you are already aware of the changes taking place on the planet, we accompany you, beyond human drama, and give you the ability for multidimensional vision in the divine plan.

 Can you see that for these days you have waited for such long lifetimes.

 With our departure at the beginning of the 21st century above the surface of the earth, we began to explain and teach mankind about the essence of the transition between dimensions, about the essence of the stages of ascension to the essence of the consciousness of the heart.

The return home to the knowledge of ancient Lemuria, that continent which echoed the essence of light in the physical world, is again present and reaches the child of the cities.

 Women of Lemuria, children of Lemuria and the developed men who come to learn

 They raise the octave of light in many areas around them and by being the light in an awake consciousness they support all the systems that allow more and more souls to awaken.

See the formation of the "Legion of Light" in which many of you are present, and shine light into the expanses of darkness that hold their last hold these days, the age of war is over.

 Understand that the face of the planet is facing a fundamental change, in the days of Lemuria sunset we chose to support humanity, these are the days we have been waiting for.  Humanity has known many dark days, do you want to believe, you can believe that these are the days of the deepest cleansing that needs to be done especially in the Middle East region.  The Jewish people are cleaning ancient cremations, the Jewish people are renewing themselves in the unity of their various currents, knowing that the people of Israel are alive and have the right to shine the light in the eternal freedom of Israel.

 From the crystal city of Telos, we, Galatia, Celestia and myself Adama, accompany those who are open to full devotion, the messengers of light are wrapped and protected especially in the extreme situations that occur on the planet, did you know that?

 Those who take an active part, an energetic coding unique to them, therefore beloved, in these days, we invite you to take an active part in the illumination of the planet.  In her new stable in the endless star system

 In the Universe Dahl.

 Towards the year 2024 and the year 2025, exciting discoveries regarding DNA, the preparation of human bodies for the ability to extend life in the physical bodies, will come before humanity.

 The children of the planet, are already moving with their "other" bodies, the systems are not yet able to contain the high frequencies of those brave souls who volunteered to be the leaders of human evolution, they are the ones who will stand at the head of the organizations, the countries and anchor the information that reaches them from their brothers the stars, above the surface  .

 This planet constitutes the microcosm of the universe and even beyond is the central initiation and learning center at this time.

 Therefore, all light systems direct their core of light to this planet.  Be attentive to your own heart, and when fear arises, know the light.

 With the development of extragalactic technology and communication, more and more evidence will rise above the surface of the existence of a life system within the planet.  As well as in the star systems that will be revealed to science, as communicating systems.

They are also present in the systems, many of you communicate with my brothers of the different galaxies, indeed roles to support and help in the illumination of the blue star and its return to the family of the stars.

 The stars of light.

We from the cities of light continue to support those people of light who transmit the information, create and are ready to lead the path of transformation and you dear ones who breathe the light breathe the flames open to the new dimension.


 We invite you to cross the next century with us, indeed the next hundred years are the ones that will give the Blue Planet the ability to join the family of light civilizations in the cosmos.

 Be patient, believe, feel and know

 We are with you

 From the Eternal Flame in the Crystal City of Telos

 I am your brother



Channeled by : Ayelet Segal

Translated by : Jaqueline R. Goldfeder


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