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A message from the high priest Adama, in preparation for the passage through the gates of the axis l

A message from the high priest Adama, in preparation for the passage through the gates of the axis lines




Beloved children of light, I am Adama, the teacher of humanity, I bless you children of the beacons of light, you who read the resonance of light that is being projected to you now.

The words you are reading already carry a vibration, a vibration of love, softness and homecoming.

Breathe beloved, we are with you, in all moments even those who challenge and activate within your emotional bodies the same cry.

Many of you have been walking the journey of consciousness enlightenment during many years, during many incarnations, here the time has come, indeed yes for freedom of consciousness.

Many of you have been exposed to the control program that was established in the mass consciousness, you are awake to a unique time when the planet enters into synchronization of the planetary axis lines with the axis lines of your universe.

Many of you know the powers of light that operate around the planet and are connected to the light networks of your body, you are awake to the effect of light on the planet as well as on the texture of your body, beloved, this is the time when your bodies vibrate differently, those of you who know and practice the rays of the flames of creation, are aware of the changes and magic that occurred in their lives.

Understand that in the fifth dimension the sound and color of the rays of creation are the ones that activate the resonance of the flow of light in the network of the body, therefore, beloved ones, we teach you once again to reactivate the singing of frequencies.

Do the rays also work in different areas of the planet, I hear you...

The rays are indeed active, even in areas that still carry a low and compressed frequency, when you move through these areas both with your physical body and with your consciousness, then you are the ones who raise the consciousness and allow the area that carries this low frequency to connect to the light grids.

The axis lines of the planet are changing because a new era is present on the planet, indeed this planet has already experienced a polar change of the axis lines, in those days there were few human beings on the planet, yes the sons of God were present, indeed before the sinking of the Lemuria continent the shift of the axis lines began.

Beloved, with the movement of the axis lines, many changes occur which manifest themselves in your life, in the reflections that occur to you, so I ask, be aware and rise above the challenges, understand that you have a different energy in your body and you can see and influence the changes with the axis lines.

There are those who bring fear above the surface, and I say, rest assured that humanity will not undergo another tragic catastrophe. The legions of light, the ascended masters, the angels of creation, and other representatives from the worlds of light are present to support you, the new humanity.

How should we navigate while changing the axis lines?

Beloved, the change is in every thought, word and action , and as we have been teaching you for the last two decades connect with your heart.

The compassionate and loving sacred heart is the heart that contains and gives your body to beat the pulse of the cosmos and thus become one with the new axis line of the planet.

Many of you are receiving new tools these days to support humanity, many are receiving and do not know how to present the information to the physical world.

I invite you to personal meetings, and I will ask my daughter Ayelet to take from her time, indeed this is your time, to make the steps above the surface of the earth.

Little by little, the changing human bodies, those already working with the new DNA, are the ones who are changing the level of compression in their bodies and the biology that was known to science until this day.

Are you aware that science confirms the change in the physiological bodies, the ability to regenerate human cells.

What does it mean ?

Indeed in the temples of Lemuria, in the mystery temples in Egypt, the doctrine of eternal life was taught.

With the fall of consciousness, the axis lines descended and the vibration of light above the surface of the earth was extinguished, consciousness fell, but these days in this new era, the axis lines once again begin to vibrate with acceleration and they are the ones that drive the renewed whirl in human bodies, the whirl increases the mass of light and the ability of the cells to form.

It is no coincidence that the human body at the age of 50 feels like it is 25 years old at this time.

Do you accept the change that is happening?

Therefore, beloved, in the three new decades, I invite you to join the community of Lemuria and receive the activation that was downloaded from Ayelet, you are invited to be the first to receive the activation of the RNA molecules and reactivate the cells of your body that carry the eternal consciousness of light.

Beloved, breathe, and see the positive vision present in your life.

You are invited to join our learning together in the Halls of Light in Lemuria.

Blessed you are the children of God's light

I am Adama

Channeled by: Ayelet Segal

Translated by: Jaqueline A. Goldfeder



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