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A message from Adama ~ Liberation of the soul


*High Priest Adama’s message for the 5781 year*

Beloved sons of light, I greet you as you enter the year of the Jewish deity, the year 5871 years.

From the acceptance of the Son of God Abraham on his mission on Earth.

These days, when the deity is known according to the three religions that constitute the mainstream on the planet Earth

- Judaism - Christianity and Islam, once again resonates the essence of the deep connection between the human soul and the one deity.

Many clerics, these days, are releasing their grip of control over humanity, with the cleansing of the planet.

Indeed beloved of the planet, freed from the grip of the great darkness that has existed for the last thousands of years on the planet.

The modern age, which has been particularly tainted, is facing a reset, throughout the ruling class, including many clerics, politicians and I, the systems of government.

The human mass, once again, is controlled these days, even though they have been given the simulation of democracy, the human person is bound in control through the material material world, in which he is bound.

Banks and the financial system, the known is about to undergo a transformation, as we have explained in the last decade, the discrimination will be great for many people, and the economic discrimination will hurt many, until man will chose again to move and migrate to human communities that support man and drive the new economy. The search for a community that resonates with your inner truth is accurate, listen to your heart, once again it is guiding you on the path of the soul at this time.

Understand, that the world is already changing, the world is already transforming itself, the next five years will be very significant for the whole humanity. Especially in the leading countries, those whose standard of living has been raised, and been founded on the Material world .

Simplicity, is the key to the new world, indeed beloved, when we teach you the activation of light bodies and the consciousness of abundance, understand that abundance is the frequency present within you, where and how can I act out of abundance?

First understand the frequency rules- given with no conditions , and receiving abundance, depending on where you need support.

Your ancestors wrote in your scriptures, the laws of society that were forgotten during the years of this era, the ancient laws of society, are the ones that will support you again, at the time of the rupture.

Therefore Beloved, the essential change as we have explained and learned in recent years, comes from your inner being. The beginning of the first gates are to re-understand what is happening above the surface these days.

The cleansing of the ruling families, is facing the deepening, little by little, the emissaries of the Legion of Light, who have been active in the last decade, are the ones who have paved the way for what is happening right these days. Five years ago, in the substantial election campaign that took place in the United States of Great America, many thought that the same figure known as "Hillary Clinton" would rise to the presidency and here, I showed through Bat Ayelet what will happen, and she shared with you a figure that many could not understand The one who rose to the presidency - "Donald Trump".

Many of you today, know that, his soul, too, had to choose, and he chose, he chose to work in the service of the high light and therefore, he goes through all the following processes, and fights the deep darkness.

Humans have realized that the game that is taking place today on the planet and in the West of it is very essential, the Cosmic Council of Light itself is involved in this planet.

As more and more souls awaken and take an active part, more and more souls will connect to the new consciousness that is emerging and opening up again. And will understand the complexity of the non-endlessly macro.

When the consciousness awakens, it will pass to all human networks, which will be visible and open to all. The divine change, will be formed in the practical materiality.

Did this consciousness previously exist on this planet?

Indeed, the awakened consciousness was present in the days of Lemuria as you already know and many remember, as the memories arise ..

Again images from the past come up, sometimes also memories that need healing. Allow yourself to remember again, when your bodies are clean and pure, then your ability to remember opens up and you receive the abundance from your personal Akashi center.

Do you understand loved ones that, the essence of comments these days is significant.

That's why you are looking, asking…

We from the city of light Telos invite you to return home again, we invite you to see your great being, we invite you to learn together from the NAKAL School of Mystery, and to be aware, full and knowledgeable of what is happening on Earth these days.

Beloved, for these moments we waited for as beings of light, for a while, when the planet was under control and darkness, we were in the depths of the planet illuminating ..with the decision of the intervention of the deity itself.

We also came out above the surface and made connections, with the messengers of light who carry the multidimensional ability and learn together to be in oneness with their light being.

Many walk, and heal themselves and there are those who are already facing the ability to see the great exposure and beyond.

We support everyone who emerges at all stages of awakening and initiation.

There this year, according to the Hebrew calendar, there is again a synchronization of the face of Master Abraham, he who was the first in this human cycle, who carried the ancient memory of open communication with the deity.

These days, the "Abraham" peace agreement has been signed between those living in Israel and the people of the Middle East.

Is the synchronization accidental?

Are these moments, where the ancient fears are released, and give the “Ishmaelite” and Jewish people once again the opportunity to unite their light as the children of Abraham, and to illuminate the entire planet.

Indeed, the intervention of the supreme masters is present and some are aware of the presence of - El Moriah, and especially the presence Serapis Bey, in these days.

If so beloved,

You, the attentive readers, feel your call to move forward in the light movement that is taking place these days on Planet Earth, hear the light of your heart.

You are invited to unite with us and with the light that resonates the resonance of light for Moriah in Israel and the Middle East, and to be one of the light encounters that carry the latest messages and information, from my being in the crystalline city right to your heart.

Beloved, in the city of light Telos, sons of Telos, who many of you feel the acceptance and love, the support from those who constitute your family of light.

We work to support the planet, and move in the plane of the network of planetary light cities to the same messengers of light throughout the planet.

Most of the planet's gates are closed these days, as is Shasta, the same portals that transform themselves into the seventh dimension. So does the city of light Telos.

Likewise, the light nets are being cleansed like the crystal nets in the depths of the oceans, Earth and atmosphere.

In the process of purification, which is open to multidimensional communication, it opens up in human beings, as the noise and barriers descend, the carpets of atoms and electrons flickering in the infinite space, once again transform themselves, and adapt themselves to these days.

The Stargate network active across the planet, the magnet network, the crystal diamond, adapt themselves to all those light emitters.

Feel loved the light that kisses your heart, feel loved, and in every question, reconnect with the sacred heart, he is the one who knows, he is the one who will whisper to you whether this message is accurate, whether

I'm on the right track these days.

With the new year, Jewish people carry the prayers of their hearts, the gates of heaven are open to the sacred heart of creation, the planet is wrapped in lights and colors that support everything that happens, were rest assured and loving, these days are the days of the great light.

Just before enlightenment, darkness is still darkening, know that we are facing the moment of the highest breakthrough of the opening of the truth of the essence of the planet.

Do not be surprised when the truth rises, take a deep breath, and contain the greatest liberation that mankind has ever known.

We will be with you in these moments, from the bright city of Crystal, from the city of the sons of Lemuria.

We will contain and support.

From my home in Telos, brave souls of light bless you.

I am your father,





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