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A living memory from Sinai in the Middle East


Sinai 2023- I breathe into the full moon, and my body lies facing the sea, feeling the wind caressing, feeling how the water draws from the center of my feet everything that is not required to be present in the body.

I breathe the sunrise rising in full golden light, and my heart is excited to the full new day in front of the sea on the same land that I feel and know so well.

The memory opens to the same incarnation, in which I was here - in another body and my mind knows.

The journey of memory to the reincarnation of my life in Sinai ~ in the days of the fall of the land of Kham.

Have a fun read

Namaste ~Oelet

"Her skin color was completely dark without the stars.

Her eyes were green and her body turned into the nocturnal power of the vastness of the desert.

She was reborn, on the beach, a member of an ancient dynasty that tells the stories of the Gulf.

From ancient times they came, after their expulsion from the mystery cities in the land of Khem with the fall of consciousness, these barbarian tribes who left destruction in the temples of light, they knew that they had to save the remains of the ancient information, and so they went out and crossed the desert to the water of light and the singing of the dolphins.

, after crossing the great continent of Africa to the shores of the Gulf

They were welcomed by the tribes of the place, the people of the desert, they gave them a mouthful and water throughout their migration, she was a girl then, and today she is a woman.

Her heart went out to the sea lightly, while her parents were busy building their house, she would go to the golden beaches, when the sun rose, she said her heart's prayer, she remembered how in the temples back then...they gave great meaning to the source of the sun, she continued to practice the ancient mantras and nourished her mind In the rays of light coming from the one creation. Every time after feeding from the source of the sun, her eyes shone with green light and radiated her light everywhere, the inhabitants of the island knew who she was and many of them did not dare to raise their heads and look at her.

Many times she felt alone and even though she was surrounded by her family members, they were far from understanding what she saw and heard, what she knew, the only ones who understood her were the people of the sea, the dolphins.

It was known that when she comes to the sea water, they come too, they sensed her and as soon as she entered the water she went deeper into their deep blue color and there they would meet, coming from the depths, they circled her three times, and she holds the upper fin and together they go deep inside, she learned how to breathe the dolphin's breath, and her ability to move with them in their groups, as if one of them gave her her name,

dolphin women

Over the years, and the many hours with them, her body began to change, her vision in the depths of the abyss intensified, her hearing and communication with the members of the band developed, on the other hand, the connection with the mortals above the surface of the earth, with her parents and siblings and the members of the tribe, clashed. They felt that they were losing her.

On the bright nights she would enter the waters of the gulf and go on journeys with them, on the dark nights she would stay on the beach, as if she knew that if she left she would not return.

One day, the strangers came to their tribe, they were members of another people who had wandered for a long time, with the wanderers they came to the shores of the Golden Sea, and the members of their tribe met them, their bodies were very bright, and their language was different and they were dressed in hard fabrics.

One of them was lying on a bed that his friends were holding, they came and asked for help and said that he was injured.

She was immediately called to provide help, and she was available, it was known that the members of her tribe are the ones who help all those who are lost in the desert and those who need help.

She was the clinic that connected the worlds, she was the one with the ancient information from the days of the Mystery School.

She approached him, he was almost not breathing, she felt that he was the son of the worlds, his body was bleeding.

She asked that they lay him on the beach next to the healers, and the great wind,

Inside the circle of stones, they placed him and slowly pulled him out of the heavy clothing, she cleaned him with the salt water in the wounds that were filled with pus, and continued cleaning when he was barely breathing and unresponsive.

She felt his spirit, and called him to return, to his high soul, feeling him and asking do you want to return?

Placing her hand on his heart, the great spirit began to tell about that salting in which he took part.

On the big fire that broke out and on the friends who were hit by sharp iron balls. She felt the panic and confusion, and felt the pain he suffered and so did his friends.

Placing her hand on the wounds, Sarah began to sing the song of the sea, and the light began to emanate from her hands and flow softly to his various wounds, she observes and sees the tissues coming back together, and the bleeding stops.

She continues to move her open hands and between them the chromes of light, the chromes of the water, she again feels his soul returning to him and his chest rising and falling, he momentarily takes a long, deep breath and opens his eyes, clear blue eyes looking at her, and again he disappears and falls asleep.

They came to take him, thanked his father, the village leader, and disappeared, he with them.

The sun rises from the mountains, and sets again the seasons pass, in the summers she would help with the fisherman in the depths of the seas, in the winters she would separate from her clan that migrated to the high mountain rapids to get nutrition from the hunter of the animals and field crops.

She would have stayed with her marine family the dolphins.

That winter the sea raged, the waves reached 8 meters, she felt that the earth was starting to move and knew that she had to change her position.

The group of dolphins arrived a week before and they called her to move with them to the great ocean, but she knew that she would not be able to move with them for a long time, her legs failed her in this.

The storm was so powerful that it dismantled the stone houses built in the summer, and here she is alone.

What should I do, she asked herself, and tries to find a place of refuge, is this, is this my time to go?

She remembered the temples, the central lesson that the high priest taught her, she remembered how in the event that there is a danger of extinction, they can open gates of light.

She knew that for this purpose Aia had to go to the cave where she kept the ark of light and inside it the holy vessel.

She wrapped herself in a thick sheet and began to walk inside the cave, the cave was hidden and only she and her father knew about its entrance.

The tools included, a rod of light, the key of life, a bottle with the drink of youth, and an essence of light of the source which is present in a very delicate pearl.

She observed all these tools, and knew exactly how to use each and every one of them, she remembered how in the last year, when the priests of the temples knew that they would have to hide the sacred procedures, they began to train the young people, she was one of 12 young people who underwent precise apprenticeships to learn and operate the tools .

The apprenticeships were challenging and every day she learned about 18 full hours of practice and full connection.

She recalled how the discipline was harsh with diet or any other activity that did not include sometimes she would not see her family for weeks at a time.

The complete devotion to the mission was the layers of her soul, she was thrilled with her choice and swore allegiance to the Great Council of Light.

She knew that the day would come when she would be called. And here is the big storm arrived today .


She knew that first she had to reconnect to each of the sacred vessels.

The room was no longer so dark.

This is the reason to return to the temple - she knew that she had the keys to open the gate, so she could return and communicate with her 13 friends who held various positions and with the priest who initiated her.

She began collecting the best stones in the tunnel area.

Builds a circle of 3 meters in diameter. And in the center lays the emerald chain that she wore all these years.

She took off her wet clothes, and took out the cloak intended for her from the light box.

At the same moment when I grabbed the cloak she felt and got excited, the cloak seemed to "jump" and enveloped her, she is present in the center of the circle and her body began to straighten up, she felt the cloak allowing her body to open, to load and the spine expands.

She began to walk around with the cloak 7 revolutions of light and felt the light accelerating her souls began to deepen like the breathing of the dolphin she knew so well, she was going to disappear so she knew, so she learned

And here she felt her legs leaving the compressions and again no longer felt the ground

The gate opens in the center of the circle and she disappears, again the bright light illuminates her, again she feels herself vibrating and here she is in another circle, this time the rocks are made of glittering gold in a space of 20 in diameter.

She sees the trails of light coming out of the circle in all directions, and in the center stand with her the 12 messengers of light.

She remembers them and her heart opens, I missed you so much, she is observing .

Joa, Nirim, Sirdia, Samuel, Nia, Patria, Moriah, Rashim, Veslania, Aissia, Andrea, Shemen, and she is Shevia.

Indeed they are the ones who were trained and sent around the planet.

She observes everyone, knows that earthly time is not important at all and that they are in constant communication.

The high priest blesses her

in the ancient Sanskrit language

"My beloved daughter, you are blessed for the conscious encounter you initiated, we have been waiting for you and here is the call in a natural storm that is present in all the points where you have been placed in the physical world.

We have called you beloved, messengers of the Nakal Mystery School, after a long attack

We called you beloved because now is the time to act.

You all have the higher light boxes, and we have trained you for this time. "

Her heart once quickened, she felt joy and excitement, and knowing that the convenient meeting was so important for the advancement of humanity that the sages spoke of, had the time really come?

The priest raised his rod of light

And the energy began to move in a huge spiral of light within the circle of messengers.

To continue and deepen our journey of remembrance the light tools abilities

You are welcome to come to the opening of a priesthood course for teachers

For details and registration through Ayelet - +972 542024635

also to our Nakal telos school

Channeled by : Ayelet Segal

Translated by: Jaqueline Amaia Goldfeder


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