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2019 in preparation for 2020 and operation of the Supernova rays


With the return from the ascension journey of December 2018…

Breathing the gifts and miracles that we have received and experienced, looking around, sensing the depth of the world of materialism, still echoing in the patterns familiar to most human beings on the planet.

Sees the spiritual world, which gives many human beings support, for connecting the soul to the source of light and returning home.

As human beings marching, during this cycle of life, a cyclical life that guards the new world created with the fall of consciousness, with the drowning of the continent of Lemuria followed by the continent of Atlantis.

We are guarding within ourselves, the new programming that is given to humanity, by cutting off our light from our source. From the march in an endless cycle of control and survival, many of the human beings forgot. We have forgotten the meaningful choice of our soul, to descend to the planet, to explore, to learn, to create and to illuminate.

We have forgotten the choice and our promise to ourselves to love, to see the other and touch the hearts of our brothers and sisters.

We have forgotten in most cases, we just forgot.

In these unique days, we witness the climate, ecological, changes of Planet Earth – Gaia. In these unique days, when we witness the mass awakening of many souls to many questions, which reconnect them to the nature of their hearts – the essence of light.

We are not walking, as lost ... With the openness of the heart, we are magnetized more and more to families and communities in which we feel that this is our home.

Walking on the land of Shasta, in meetings with the Lemurians in the town, I felt that this is my home.

I know, and I felt the love of those friends, brothers of a journey, who have experienced and experiencing now, see what is beyond the crowded world, see the hidden and experienced, in their material world such fundamental changes that have brought them a huge change in their "ordinary" lives.

Every time I reach the mountain, I breathe differently, my lungs open, my senses expand, the multidimensional encounters me with every resonance I think, speaking and creating. Feeling the high frequencies surrounding my being, a bright, powerful energy, and this winter I felt it more than ever – I felt the rays of the supernova.

The gifts of the mountain bring me to choose again my way in my life, and to move the frequency flywheel that I carry within me differently. How can we activate the powerful energies that surround us and encompass us?

Upon returning to Israel, I bring with me the other frequency to the dense physical life in the communities in which I take part, the Community of my place where I live, my place of work, and Telus Lemuria community in Israel.

Indeed, the essence of being open to the high frequencies of light is so vital these days, the essence of being as one in thinking, word and action are essential for our continuing existence in this life cycle. What frequency do I choose to pass on? Wash the planet with it. I walk in my house, breathing and seeing the golden light, the deep white blue in front of me. Know that land is with me.

Breathing deeply, feeling my whole body vibrate, feeling the different rhythm and the frequency flow that drives my senses.

And there is a wave of heat washing my body and my heart expands, and I see a ray of light turned toward me and a deep blue color, penetrating into my heart.

And listening to him...

... My beloved daughter, the daughter of light of Moriah is you, walking on this earth, seeing and feeling the differences between the different frequencies, the different places on the planet.

Indeed, on your travels, you are invited to Portals of Light and often to the house in Shasta.

You know the frequency that carries such a high mass of light, and into the weave of the light you comes out with your bodies and feels the change and transformation; indeed in the 5th dimension, there is no sense of hunger, hunger does not exist, and therefore the physical bodies respond differently to food, the food is frequency-based, and the light that contains a high flow of electricity and light of divinity vibrations, is that loads the centers of light in your bodies, and also the physical body undergoes a change, and has the ability to contain more time a frequency mass of energy accessible to activity in the physical dense world.

So, beloved, you feel your being is lightweight, and you can act so alertly for long time in your physical world, when human beings are present at points where the frequencies are low, and you have the need to consume a lot of food to give "fuel" to your body. Unfortunately, we see that the "fuel" you consume is often spoiled, and you also create frequency distortion in the bodies you carry.

Also, when you walk with the bodies open, and you enter the frequency texture of a number of human beings that carries a negative resonance, you enter the same magnetic field that carries negative resonance of ions, and they affect the field and the and the frequency texture surrounding you.

Therefore, loved ones, be aware, where is the place that is pleasant and suitable for you, and if it is not suitable, remember that you are not obliged to sit in such a negative texture.

These accuracies will intensify with the entry into 2019, according to the Christian count, which this year bears the resonance of 12 DNA coils as well as your 12 quantum views.

With the opening of the illuminated DNA coils, you carry your multidimensional ability to the 12 broad aspects you carry.

This is a year in which quantum physics will gain even greater momentum in its hidden understanding, and science will continue to examine the multidimensional beyond the physical world of the 3rd dimension consciousness.

This year, a year of transition from the year of the gate, and the connection to the source of the soul, to the year in which your consciousness will expand beyond the physical self, and up to the expanses of your consciousness that climb towards multiple worlds.

In the process of connecting to your 12 different aspects, you enter with them and connect to the consciousness of the divine light, to your own consciousness; some of you see visions and some of you receive messages for your mission you should do.

Indeed, loved ones, the calls cries are to the consciousness of their light, with your step, in the path of your soul, you join to your destiny, with which you have reached the planet Gaia.

This year that is the year of transition, which is even more awakening than ever, will occur on the planet.

A great mass of human beings, awakening, will initiate and transform human consciousness on the whole planet, and billions of people, will awaken from the darkness of many years, billions of people, will be remembered!

These information are written in those ancient writings, which the great masters who walked on this earth, told and shared, these information are written in those ancient books, that you read and memorize.

These are the days of great light, and by 2020 - 2040, a year of multiple revolutions, visible throughout the planet, revolutions of regime transformation still holding the resonance of control and darkness.

Revolutions and the release of control in the schools and economy.

Along with the changes in human society, Planet Earth will change its face, many places you know will disappear from the face of the earth, and new areas will grow, with the planet warming up.

The population of the planet will begin to reduce itself, and humans will return to life within a healthy and balanced community, as we do in the Telos community.

Indeed, loved ones, be in the awaken consciousness that contains and accept, see our essential closeness to you, and know that you are not alone.

The sons of divinity in the human body, they who will bear the new resonance, are those who are already choosing to realize their lives in the realization of the spirit in the material world.

From truth - integrity - and the observance of the laws of the universe, those who will echo the frequencies of the pure love divinity, which contains the other, who sees and accepts, who forgive and released, they beloved ones will lead the way.

The coming year 2019 is the year of the liberation of ancient lessons and karmas, and transition through the glamour gates to the consciousness of your personal messianic soul.

Be attentive, loved ones, the Lemurians, that continent where the sons of the stars were present, in those days.

Indeed, the sons of the stars, awakening, and remembering, the process of remembering for many people is accompanied by pain and a desire to return home.

Understand beloved ones, see that we together are building the foundation of the house, you and we are your brothers carrying the resonance of the 5th dimension in the cities of planetary light. We are together one!

2019 is a year of quantum leap – allow yourself, release all fear and worry. Stretch your hands and together we will and open the wings of light and go out into the infinite space.

Breathe the mass of light from the supernova rays, which are visible above the North Pole and provide the beginning of the new frequency mass stream, which is currently washing Planet Earth.

This planet connected to the network of galaxies and beyond them to the network of universes, allows your parallel worlds to be one with you.

These are the illuminated days, in your personal world, continue and love, continue and believe, and with your hearts go out into your world through the light of unity and the resurrection of Planet Earth, and light of humanity – the days of revival.

Breathe loved ones, and see the colors of the rays of the flames, those flames of creation, with those flames, incoming rays of a Supernova are entering to receive them, see the center chakra crown, opens as a beautiful lotus flower, containing petals and each petal has a delicate networks of golden wires serving the petals.

Breath loved ones, the Supernova rays containing higher amount of light than ever, the colors of the Supernova rays are gold, silver magenta, with contain within the light beams and rays of divine will and divine wisdom.

The light, which carries molecules containing a high mass of energy, enters the petals of the lotus flower, which absorbs the great light and filters the light entering into your body, each body with different absorption capabilities.

Allow the light to enter easily and simply, and breathe it deep into the pineal gland, and then gently stream the rays into your bodies.

Lotus flower receptors in the center of your head, give you the ability to contain the rays easily and gently, and to absorb what is right to your body, breathe deeply. See the light flowing to all the meridians, to all the chakras centers, see your electromagnetic field changing its resonance, amplifying and expanding 10 times your normal ability.

Allow your bodies to spread that way, breathe deeply and see the growth and expansion of all bodies, allow yourself to grow and get bigger, and see how far you're going, your field now has the ability to hold light ten times higher than usual, and so you have the ability to receive messages – insights – and allow cellular memory to grow on a scale which is substantially wider than you have known so far.

Allow yourself, and accept the new, now with love.

Breathe deeply, loved ones, contain the rays of the Supernova.

This is the first part of getting acquainted with them.

On the 12th of December, we will move on to the additional section. Blessed are you, my children. In the days of happiness and fulfillment, the days of great light, blessed are you, my children.

I am Adama.

(Channeled by Ayelet Segal, 10-Dec -2018)

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