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11/11/18-12/12/18the golden gates of the 7th light age

The age of fulfilling prophecies “Welcome, this is Adama the high priest of Telos. I turn to those sons of light who are now feeling what they are experiencing from the ancient depths of their soul layers. Loved ones, these days indeed are times when your physical bodies undergo a change. With the acceleration of time, changes occur in the energies entering the planet. With the change of the DNA and awakening of the cells, the codes in the energetic bodies and in the emotional bodies – you are moving to a new dimension, a dimension that opens to you, dimension which absorbs the vibrations of light into it and does not allow to contain the low light vibrations. The light surrounding you accelerates the atoms containing the fields of light around you, and with the preparations for crossings the two golden gates, you release a frequency mass which is no longer needed. Therefore all those fears arise, ancient karma from previous incarnations rise above the surface to be treated from a place of observation, recognition, understanding, compassion, acceptance and release. You must understand that the sons of light who will act out of a place of awareness, the people of light who connect with the supreme self, their sacred hearts will enter the light door, towards the ascension that will occur on the surface. Many people of light, indeed, contain in their bodies the ability to act from enlightened place. With the current enlightenment you illuminate the surface. You must understand that without the cooperation of the people of light in human body, the planet would not have reached the current awakening level in front of which you are standing. The portal of 11.11.11 – a trinity which is a catalyst for the acceleration of connections and layers of the soul, in the connection of I AM, awakens and stimulates the initiation of the simultaneous rise of vibrations and frequencies. It carries the potential to accelerate the great influence within the planetary network, causing rapid change and polarization reversal in our consciousness and awareness. The activation at this milestone raises a powerful series of opening gates around the Earth. You, loved ones, are the ones who create the intensification of the frequencies of light, in group meetings and by activating conscious, dynamic, positive and loving intention. We in the cities of light on the planet continue to work and to support you dear ones, from the inner mission and personal mission of each light city according to its purpose, to help the planet to achieve the change it passes and experiences. The human beings who are not in the enlightenment will have to undergo even greater awakening, and some of them, out of the deep and unexpected awakening will have to leave their bodies. These are the times, loved ones. Your bodies are designated to absorb the new energies that enter the planet and to perform healing with them. You have to experience the new realities by introspection through awareness and being connected to the higher self. You should increase your body balance by eating properly and drinking plenty of water and by full awareness of your thoughts, words and actions. . Your bodies must be pure to absorb the new particles of life entering the planet. Indeed, animals and plants, the oceans, the earth elements, the particles of light changing their familiar shape. Indeed, the change will soon come up and become known to science. Scientists will realize that what was known to them is unknown and that the complex is more complex. Scientists are entering an interesting and exciting period. Towards 2022, humanity will be exposed to exciting discoveries about human DNA as well as of animals and plants. We from the cities of light continue to support those sons of light who are transferring the knowledge, creating and are willing to lead the way of transformation, and you, dear ones, who breathe the light, and breathe the flames are opening up to the new dimension. We invite you to temples in the city of light – Telos, to prepare your body for the new layers, preparing themselves for the current frequencies of light flowing to the planet. These days, the prophecies of the past are fulfilled, in which every awakening soul can absorb the light, opening up to the new consciousness frequencies of the new humanity. It is the one who walks differently on the earth, the one who believes, and the one who sees dawn bursting – the new peaks that emerge as the polarity moves within the layers of the soul. Indeed beloved ones, these days are of maximum accuracy and vitality, out of the joy of the heart, out of choice, out of the fulfillment of every thought, word and deed. You are invited loved ones, to embark on a journey beyond time and space, and to undergo purification at the entrance to the ten days of frequency empowerment, and see your body in its personal carriage rising up and up beyond the 3th dimension. The 5th dimension is open to you and you are already seeing yourself in the temples of the Telos city of light. The crystal temples sparkle with bright lights, a crystal gate is open to you and you enter through the light temples of the cosmic flames and the great supernova rays that reach healing, purification balancing, building the bodies and accelerating the frequencies of light to the 5th dimensional vibration and beyond. The temples of light in Telos city of light, have the ability to support the radiant northern frequencies that are accelerating these days. We invite you, and I, the high priest, Adama is present in the light of mutual support and learning. Breathe deeply, loved ones, and see your body in the Jade temple, a temple open to you. Take the 13 Crystal Steps. Breathe deeply into the light frequencies in the temple and see yourself entering a side room. This room has crystal beds, and you are welcome to lie down on one of the beds. Breathe deeply and hear your heartbeat. The feeling is good. You are relaxed and calm. Above you hangs a crystal generator, illuminating rays of soft light to your body, healing rays, renewing distortions that have been formed in your body. You hear harmonious and relaxed music in the background, and you see different colors surround you, and healing angels around you. Let us now summon the ray of divine will, to enter the pyramid to the bed where you lie. A deep blue ray enters and sweeps us softly and caressingly. We see it entering every cell, atom and electron of the four physical bodies (physical, emotional, etheric and mental). It cleanses, illuminates and fills all the spaces. Releases all remnants of lack of trust and faith. It seems that our bodies fill up with all the places we have been emptied with the new energy of the ray of faith, ready to embark on the next stage in our spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental lives. The process is over. We stand up, thank all the guides, angels, masters and the higher self for their help and leave the pyramid. Returning to the personal carriage, entering our personal carriage, breathing deeply and part with the knowledge that we can come here any time we want… We get into the carriage and go back to the 3th dimension, others than we were. Ready to breathe the breath of renewal. We welcome you to your awakening and your choice to wash the human planet with light, love and harmony. Blessed are you. I am Adama. (Channeled by Ayelet Segal, 1-Nov-2018) 

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