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Sat, Apr 04


Gate Day 4/4 Windows of Light - a celebration in all worlds

A unique holiday for a decade for the Telos Lemuria community in Israel 'Together with our brothers from all over the world, we invite you to the inauguration of the central hall in Telos Village

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Gate Day 4/4 Windows of Light - a celebration in all worlds
Gate Day 4/4 Windows of Light - a celebration in all worlds

זמן ומקום

Apr 04, 2020, 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


פרטים על האירוע

Beloved brothers and sisters of Lemuria

In light of the situation - and the restrictions - we understand the importance of the unique meeting on 4/4 that we set several months ago

We are being redesigned for a full day of light window broadcasts through the zoom software.

Wonderful teachers and mentors will be with us to support and bring their light and experience throughout the day

At exactly 11:11 a.m. - I am who I am - we will unite the forces of light to operate for the benefit of the planet and humanity.

We carry the light through the zoom software For details click on Read more - open to everyone at no cost

We reserved this day

And if we return to the level of routine, we will, of course, clean up the celebration at Telos Village.

On the bright day of the year 2020 in perfect timing, after a decade of abundant doing,

We invite you beloved brothers and sisters - Bnei Or, to open the spiritual ecological village

TELOS VILLAGE At the point of light in Moshav Sdei Avraham,

Which is in the western Negev.

We have reserved this date 4/4 , and take part in running this unique light portal.

In challenging days when we carry the messengers of the planet

Share with other budding friends the tools and knowledge that will be given on this day to parrots in the transition and transformation stages!

And so it is said:

'Those who come to open the gates of the temple will be open to the frequencies of the heart and the light . The unity of the sons of light will embody the frequency mass for this day.

"Come in and go through the Torch Gate,

To the hall that bears the resonance of unity and love,

Together we will open the gates of peace to the one creation. "

The song of the heart will be heard on this day and the song of the angels,

To the unity of heaven and earth and the opening of the gates of creation to the next stage of Planet Earth, from the center and core of the center of light



Please note that the windows will only open on the exact day and time.

9:00 - Gates open

Operating circles of knowledge, like the flower of life - the infinite circle of knowledge.

Booths and plenty, and meditation corners

11:00 - Opening ceremony for everyone

Continued workshops, stalls, operating circles and knowledge

Over the years, the Telos Lemuria community has been cooperating with the leaders of the spiritual world in Israel and around the world

On 4/4/4 we will celebrate together with the teachers who will come to deliver unique workshops with us

We have already reserved your arrival today for the unique celebration on Gate Day 4/4 / 4- A new decade!

We have already reserved your place today.

Open to everyone at no cost!

From Heart to Heart, Telos Team for Teachers Israel

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