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Thu, Nov 07


Sdei Avraham- Telus Willig

Frequent nutrition to carry the new rays of light entering the planet - reprogramming

A unique retreat for frequent nutrition and body preparation  To be able to accommodate the new energy frequencies  Reprogramming of all body cells to contain the food that is compatible with our body, and creates the body cells for the animal that carries the energy of life and revival This retreat is unique and designed for up to 20 members  To enter, enter your address

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Frequent nutrition to carry the new rays of light entering the planet - reprogramming
Frequent nutrition to carry the new rays of light entering the planet - reprogramming

זמן ומקום

Nov 07, 2019, 4:00 PM – Nov 09, 2019, 1:00 AM

Sdei Avraham- Telus Willig, Sdei Avraham, Israel


פרטים על האירוע

  In these days when the energy of the super mega rays enters the planet, it is extremely essential to prepare our body for the inclusion of the high light and the transition to the stages of transcendence and the ability to propel the frequencies in our conducting bodies. 

We invite you to two focused days of programming the bodies of frequency nutrition. 

Here is a message from the High Priest, on this subject

Register today, places tax is limited 

Cost per participant including frequent accommodation and nutrition for all two days 

Personal message and guidance from the High Priest Adma and the course contents

444 NIS only

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

Welcome, sons and daughters of light - carrying within them the memories of ancient times, from the mother continent to Moriah 

Indeed, three hundred thousand years ago and even more, you walked with your loved ones, across a vast continent that is twice the size of the American continent.

Rich in pure water rivers, glowing waterfalls in the arches of creation, mountains and wadis lakes and huge trees illuminating the sky of light in their cows, in their light in their being.

The animals, lived and walked in the communities and they knew the laws of nature. They knew their giving to nature in harmony lived together.

You, beloved, have walked and lived with them, the people of this earth, soft and compassionate connected with the roots of your feet to the earth and breathing the light of creation through your high centers of light that connect you endlessly to the deity that you are.

In the communities you lived, together, simply and inclusive of each other, each and every one of you had a clear role in the community.

Each and every one knew, knew their essence on earth, the gifted abilities with which you chose to come to develop and empower to teach.

Each and every one was a student and a teacher. Each and every one in flow with nature - attentive to his heart.

Abundance was everywhere, without lack of conduct, balanced and knowing your coming to Gaia, respecting and blessing her.

Do you see yourself ...

And today?

Do you find your day and your life balanced and harmonious?

The city of light Telos, has opened its gates, to humanity for learning and remembrance.

These days are beloved, each and every one of you has the ability to choose, and learn what personal responsibility is

Are you walking in the path of enlightenment, are you real with yourself and living out of your choice and the wholeness of the soul.

Relationships - a place where you find the creation of abundance in your life - a place where you are filled - a place where you give to the community.

Personal responsibility for yourself, do you choose to move on this earth when you forgive yourself.

Do you choose to move over this planet when you are aware of your environment?

Aware of nourishing your body?

Aware of every word and deed thinking?

... Indeed, personal responsibility is a frequency

To continue the message, click here 

שתפו את האירוע

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