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Mon, Jun 21


Tel Aviv-Yafo

A unique art exhibition of the light keys of the 7 sacred flames

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A unique art exhibition of the light keys of the 7 sacred flames
A unique art exhibition of the light keys of the 7 sacred flames

זמן ומקום

Jun 21, 2021, 6:00 PM

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv-Yafo


פרטים על האירוע

On the bright day of the year, we invite you to an art exhibition of light paintings on the theme "The light keys of the 7 sacred flames"

In the exhibition we will present the art paintings of Orit Martin and the keys to the light of Shlomit Lerner and we will sing the song of the ancient teacher with Steinmetz's songs and we will mingle together for new messages these days.

What are the keys to the light of the sacred flames? How do light paintings affect our consciousness?

And more ..

Symbolic entrance fee 55 NIS.

You can reserve your place through the Beat Latlus Lemuria - 0542024635 or through payment on the spot.

Meet from 18:00 - at the Tel Aviv Port - Second Aliyah Platform.

About Orit: Orit Martin is an artist who combines ancient content, beginning with modern techniques, she shoots spiritual, contemporary Jewish art with the emphasis in her works on the inner experience of the soul in search of connection with the higher worlds. The inspiration for her paintings is the Kabbalah and Stork numbers. This is digital art created with innovative software - welcome to visit:

About Shlomit Lerner: I have always been and am connected to the spirit world, during my life I developed and grew up with wonderful spiritual teachers who helped me deepen and remember who I am.


Most of us know that events in our lives do not happen by chance, I experienced the breakthrough during the course "The Seven Holy Flames" I drew symbols and geometric shapes from the memories, full faith in the new way carried me with great excitement to a magical journey.

The inspiration was created from me through spiritual journeys around the world with the Telos Lemuria community,

The spirit world, my love for crystals and the passion for creation led me to self-realization, created for me a new and unique world from which energetic jewelry was created that bears the resonance of the seven flames of creation.

The choice of energetic jewel is made from the reading of the heart,

Each symbol has a unique energetic frequency but what they all have in common is that they bring about a change on an energetic and conscious level, bring healing balance of love and harmony, support our development process.

I see the creation of energetic jewelry as a mission for all human beings seeking to live in a better world of love, harmony and unity.

About Steinmantz's Songs: My Memorial Journey Begins A Little Before I Turn 30, 2012.

So I experienced a very big loss. Twins born in a quiet birth, lifeless. Suddenly, I fell into a very large pit and the soul began asking and searching, Who am I? what am I?.

While searching, I came across a book by Aurelia Louise Jones on the Lemuria Continent. When I first read about Lemuria, I felt like all of a sudden my heart fills up and expands and I am home again. Within myself. A feeling that is difficult to explain in words. For the first time, here on Planet Earth, I feel at home. Memories began to flood me and a greater understanding of my essence here at this time. As part of the return trip, in 2017, I traveled with the Telos organization to Moriah Israel to Mount Shasta in Northern California. The mountain is home to the sons of Telos who have lived there in the fifth dimension since the fall of consciousness and the setting of the beloved motherland, Lemuria. On the fifth day of the journey, the gate to the Upper Meadow Panther was closed and there was no entry for vehicles. Together with the group, I went up and up on foot. together. quietly. Everyone connects to his thoughts, to his heart. We reached the top, the mountain was laid out before us in its beauty, encoding within it excitement, home, love. We scattered each to the place to which the heart called him.

About Telos Lemuria: Who We Are The Telos Lemuria Israel is a non-profit organization, a branch of the global Telos organization founded by the late Aurelia Louise Jones. Its name is named after the city of Telos. This city is a city of light in the fifth dimension, one From a network of light cities in the earth and located under Mount Shasta in the state of California, the city was founded by the Lemurian survivors after the decline of the Lemurian continent.The global organization continues Aurelia's path in spreading the Lemurian light through messages from the masters headed by the High Priest. Https: //www.teloslemuria. .com /

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