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Thu, Dec 10


Mount Shasta

The Rise to Shesta ~ and the Hardwood Remains of Moria ~ A unique winter trip

The call to go out to Shasta On a winter trip came with my last visit to Shasta ... Read more ...

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The Rise to Shesta ~ and the Hardwood Remains of Moria ~ A unique winter trip
The Rise to Shesta ~ and the Hardwood Remains of Moria ~ A unique winter trip

זמן ומקום

Dec 10, 2020, 8:00 PM – Dec 18, 2020, 12:00 AM

Mount Shasta, Mt Shasta, CA 96067, USA


פרטים על האירוע

A unique boutique trip to the Shasta Winter, Third Cycle! To the remains of the continent of lemuria, and to the trees and hardwoods that bear the memories of the mother continent to lemuria - MU

The roots of hardwood are currently clearing the pollution that has accumulated in its soil and the cover of Gaia's face

Connecting to planetary light networks

Tens of thousands of acres of hardwood trees growing in those forests that were part of the mother continent to lemuria ... Gaia calls us "to raise human consciousness to its land ..."

We plant the kingdom of flora and fauna to call you earth and animal keepers

Unite on this day to raise the consciousness of mankind to preserve the realms of nature

Many of you carelessly destroy large plots of land and the many kingdoms it hosts on the planet alongside humanity.

This is the time to recognize that the planet is your mother, a heavenly, supreme, living, breathing entity and the highest intelligence, an entity that all the planets of this solar system love, cherish and appreciate. She is the one who allowed your personal development on her body with so much love, abundance and nourishment for millions of unconditional years.


On this trip we meet with the remains of ancient Lemuria, the Sequoia trees, through whose roots we communicate and hold the memories of the ancient land.


Meet with the oak fraternity, talk to them and support the transformation process that is happening right now.


The grounding of the earth has risen to the foundation of the air - a light that has deviated in a unique winter journey!


Shasta in December is different, the snow falling and covering the mountain, the town's gathering intensifies the crystal frequencies that surround Shasta County, giving the multidimensional communication capabilities with acceleration and frequency different from the summer months.


Mount Shasta is - the home of the White Brotherhood masters, a temple of the Divine Flame of Wisdom - and the home of Master Lord Lento.

The karma lords, Gautama Buddha, and all the members of the Great White Brotherhood gather in this place of transcendent masters and disciples, while maintaining their special roles.


In a fascinating journey, we will meet with spiritual teachers, who live in these powerful places, and go through initiation and transcendental processes, preparing for the next stage of illuminating the planet

We approach the hidden entrance of the Royal Royal Tetrion, accompanied by a lofty master, for whom large boulders are on the mountainside and large bronze doors open wide. We descend an elevator at 2,000 feet to the heart of the mountain. At the entrance to the reception hall, we see a magnificent tapestry of the Temple of Divine Wisdom. "


If your heart is resonating, feel free to contact us today.

This group is for up to 12 members only. 4 more places left for Gaia guards.


For details and registration, contact 9720542024635


If your heart is resonating, feel free to contact us today.

This group is for up to 12 members only.

Accommodation is at a luxurious spa hotel

Accommodation in Shasta is a unique home for the group.

During the journey, white camaraderie and personal messages will be held, accompanied by Planetary Messiah Sant Kumara. Lord Lento and the High Priest Earth.

There will be unique sessions with Shasta teachers, which are appropriate for the current journey.

The journey is a step in accelerating the raising of frequencies in our being and the preparation to bring them down to new humanity.

For details and registration, contact 9720542024635


Friends share from the recent "Winter Ascension":

"The journey to Shasta was a dream come true for me, saying first that it was a first trip and it was clear to me that I would get there more times ...

The experience, in my opinion, is related to the description in many words, but in those few words it was for me a return to wonderful energy, joy has no end to heart connection and ... longing.

Thank you very much for helping me decide ... Michal. '


Sharing from previous trips: Winter trips

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