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Thu, Sep 22


Damanhour Italy

- The ascension journey to Damanhor Italy fall 2022

At the foot of the Italian Alps, near Turin, lives an ecological community A visit to the unique temples of light and their activation according to our day Activating the Earth's energy lines to synchronize the New World Recreation and enjoyment in local markets, nature trips, gourmet food and fine wine and fascinating history...and more

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- The ascension journey to Damanhor Italy fall 2022
- The ascension journey to Damanhor Italy fall 2022

זמן ומקום

Sep 22, 2022, 7:00 PM – Sep 27, 2022, 7:00 PM

Damanhour Italy


פרטים על האירוע

According to the perception of the people of Damanhor, over the years their leader Falko managed to summon and anchor in the earth several types of energies essential for the development of the human race at this time. There are eighteen synchronous saturas that run across the entire earth and connect us to space. These lines are not straight, they twist both in space and in height and above and below the ground. According to Damanhour theory, the energy lines that pass through the earth to other universes and dimensions are called "synchronicities". Through them come spiritual impulses from the universe, messages and transmissions. The synchronous lines are the high ways of the souls, to reach from other stars. The lines are rivers, arteries of spiritual energies that are hundreds of meters wide and from which branch lines branch off, this is a spiritual blood system. The city of light Telos is a central portal to the lines of light as is Damanhor therefore there is a continuous connection between these two unique communities of light.

Our trip-journey is a unique six-day experience: Traveling in Damanhor and the magnificent areas of Northern Italy, we can absorb fascinating tradition and history, enjoy and connect to the higher worlds of light with spiritual guidance. Inside the unique temples we will go through   energetic initiations, communication with the soul and the opening of consciousness to the high and ancient wisdom.

Under the guidance of Ayelet Segal and Nurit Tabenkin lead the ascension journeys in the world   during 12 years.

The journey includes:

  • A luxurious and secure hotel
  • Visit and guidance from the city of Damanhor
  • Local training
  • Communications unique to this journey and the group's mission
  • Visiting local markets
  • Guidance and communications, in the unique points of light, where the ascended masters walked thousands of years ago.
  • The trip is organized by an organized company that will provide us with the entire supporting array of transportation, hotels, meals and security.

Registration fee NIS 400   from the total cost.

For details and costs contact

The cost does not include flight.

For more details, you are welcome to contact Ayelet 054-2024635

More details:

The price does not include:

Travel insurance abroad, border crossing taxes, lunches (except on the third day) personal expenses


Easy, easy walks

What to bring:

Passport valid for six months Change of clothes Short clothes Warm clothes for the evening! Swimsuit Sunscreen Hat Comfortable shoes (for walking in Petra)


Registration and handling fees of NIS 400 per person, included in the price of the trip, will not be refunded to the traveler upon cancellation. Less than a week before the trip - the payment will not be refunded.


Day 1 - Arrival

We will land in Turin in the afternoon and leave for Damanhor, we will tour and find ourselves in the area and settle in the accommodation area

Day 2 - Getting to know the frequencies and synchronicities of the energy lines

We will visit the central area of Damanhour, here in the first city, and the open temple. We will walk through the spiral and stone labyrinths.

We will meditate in the Temple of Humanity and receive messages for the new world. Spiritual Human Evolution  .

Day 3 - The Holy Forest

We will visit the sacred forest and connect to the underground temples of humanity and connect to the network of cities of light Agrata.

Meditation in the Hall of Metals and the Elements of the Planet.

Day 4- The sacred dance

We will learn the sacred dance, which delves into the oldest tradition of the human race.

We will learn the language of the tarot, the seven stones and the book of synchronicity according to the Damanhor theory.

Day 5 - Listening to the voice of silence

A morning of receiving messages

A deep seated meditation guided by Selfika, and receiving messages from the White Light Brotherhood.

Day 6 - closing the circle and parting

Departure to Israel

שתפו את האירוע

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