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Mon, Oct 03


Tel Aviv Jaffa

Actually - the energy of sex

Allow yourself to wake up to feel your special powers and apply them in your everyday life, in action! By containing the sex energy and opening the sex chakra and reactivating it, I build our bodies to act in a balanced way with the female and male energy and to be whole with the connection to the cosmic relationship that is unique to us. As part of the course we will experience unique learning in

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Actually - the energy of sex
Actually - the energy of sex

זמן ומקום

Oct 03, 2022, 7:00 PM

Tel Aviv Jaffa, Derech Shlomo 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6811116, Israel


פרטים על האירוע

In the days of Lemuria, every being carried light in its being, male and female. Male - creation, doing, control Female - compassion, love, giving openness. Balance is necessary on our way to ascension. In the past the balance existed,   with the connection to the divinity   that is within us and in creation. The connection of the two bodies of light created a tremendous explosion, and sparks of light were visible far away, the beings of light were filled with the life energy that charged them.During the course we will learn the following goals:

First gate - the energy of sex

  • Opening the sex chakra
  • Balance between the female and male energies
  • The role of women at this time, the role of men at this time.

Second gate - creating a cosmic relationship

  • Steps for locating the corresponding frequency and meeting my intended partner.
  • Energetic union with the cosmic partner in the Temple of Union.
With the opening of the sex chakra and the balance of sex energy in our body, we discover and activate more and more areas of stimulation and sadness that were not active, which activate more areas of pleasure in us. The pleasure learns to spread to other areas and spaces in the body, emotion and spirit. Or we learn to return to ourselves everything that we have not received for thousands of years - sexuality without shame, guilt, control, fears... Everyone carries something there, precisely in a place that can bring a lot of sweetness to our lives.

שתפו את האירוע

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