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Sun, Sep 04


Tel Aviv Jaffa

In practice - to be awake and enlightening masters

Allow yourself to wake up to feel your special powers and apply them in your everyday life, in action! You are invited to four fascinating meetings. At each meeting we will pass through the gate and learn to implement creative action in all areas of life. With each entrance to the gate we will activate the ciphers hidden in our DNA layers, We will visit the city of light Telos and receive messages from the high priest Ed

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In practice - to be awake and enlightening masters
In practice - to be awake and enlightening masters

זמן ומקום

Sep 04, 2022, 7:30 PM – Sep 26, 2022, 10:40 PM

Tel Aviv Jaffa, Derech Shlomo 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6811116, Israel


פרטים על האירוע

During the course we will learn the following goals:

A gateway between dimensions

Ascension is our ability to connect to our higher consciousness, to see our reality from another, higher perspective

Beyond the fears and beliefs of society. To know that we can influence and create our reality out of choice and out of joy

The purpose of life in the parallel dimensions is to help the being of light, in the third dimension, to learn and grow at a greater speed

In this chapter we will learn:

  • to connect the heart and brain channels
  • Operating my personal chariot as an interdimensional aircraft

The Gate of Peace

"Inner peace is the gateway to acceptance and inclusion of our being and our environment"

In this chapter we will learn:

  • About the inner peace within us
  • A technique for releasing patterns that no longer serve us

Entrance gate to the city of light Telos

"Our connection to each other and the connection for the common goal are what created the unity of forces and brought us to the health of the city of light Telos"

In this chapter we will conduct healing meditations in the Talos temples

  • We will learn to balance the feminine and masculine energy within us
  • Opening channels of channeling and metaphysical vision

Ascension Gate

"When you learn to give from your sacred heart and learn to live in physical and spiritual emotional balance, then you will reach transcendence"

In this chapter we will learn:

  • on the changes in the crystal bodies
  • On the activation of the DNA coils and the activation of the ciphers
  • and in the process actually realizing reality

 "The dimension in which you live is still compressed and saturated with difficulties, and these difficulties sometimes cause you to lose contact with the Supreme Creator and return to work in an automatic way without opening the consciousness of your heart, you are used to functioning only from the part known as the brain, but The mind is not the one that will connect you to the higher dimensions, the connection to the dimensions of light and truth will be made through the gate of your heart, it is the one that will be without ego, without judgment, without competitiveness or personal interests that characterize human beings. This period brings with it innovations to the earth. Over the years, we have developed under the surface of the earth a complete network of life based on light and love and vibrations of energies originating from the Supreme Creator, this network of cities was created with the support of angels and many beings of light from different levels. Today we are connected to all the cities of the country that exist underground and this is the exposure stage..." ~~~~ 

In the course we will experience meditation 

We will get the tools to develop the communication capabilities between the worlds 

We will receive messages and a way of learning from the high priest Adama - the teacher of humanity 

The course is intended for those who feel that it is time for a change and we can no longer procrastinate... 

Discount for course graduates 

Waiting for that 

Ayelet and Norca and all light beings from the higher light dimension 

The reading is soul 

שתפו את האירוע

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