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Sun, Mar 03


Kinneret St 15

Mount Shasta - its charms and secrets - a unique encounter - open to everyone

Mount Shasta is not just a mountain, it is a very special place, to say the least. This mountain is one of the most sacred places on the planet. Mount Shasta is a source of mystical power for the earth. It is a focal point for angels, spiritual guides, spaceships and masters from the realm of light. It is also home to the ancient Malmory survivors.

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Mount Shasta - its charms and secrets - a unique encounter - open to everyone
Mount Shasta - its charms and secrets - a unique encounter - open to everyone

זמן ומקום

Mar 03, 2019, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Kinneret St 15, Kinneret St 15, Bnei Brak, Israel


פרטים על האירוע

A unique meeting on the acceleration date 3/3/2019

An in-depth encounter into the mystery of the unique light portal Shasta.

Is the magical mountain really magical? Why are there so many mystical stories around him?

A unique encounter that deepens to the city of light Telos which in the 5th dimension, the home of the people of the mother continent of Moriah, a connection to our parallel dimensions -

To the mother planet from which we came - to the tier of our higher soul.

In the meeting we will receive initiation and acceleration of quantum frequency - to the next stage!

Accompanied by the High Priest Earth, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood.

And sharing personal and confidential experiences of community members.

My personal experience is there on that mountain ....

"Through supersensible vision, we can see that Mount Shasta is shrouded in a vast purple etheric pyramid whose tip rises far above this planet and into space. Also an inverted version, which extends down into the Earth's core. Mount Shasta represents the entry point of the planet's light networks. They are beacons of light that feed the planet's light networks.

Strange lights and sounds are often seen and heard on the mountain. Lens clouds, shadows and amazing sunsets add to the mystical aura of the mountain and there are many gates and openings leading to the fifth dimension cities that still exist from the time of Lemuria. Mount Shasta is home to many contemporary Lemurians who survived the decline of the Lemurian continent more than 12,000 years ago. "

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