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Fri, Jul 01


Mount Shasta

The journey of transcendence - activation of the layers of divine DNA ~ Shasta 2022

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The journey of transcendence - activation of the layers of divine DNA ~ Shasta 2022
The journey of transcendence - activation of the layers of divine DNA ~ Shasta 2022

זמן ומקום

Jul 01, 2022, 7:00 PM – Jul 14, 2022, 11:00 PM

Mount Shasta, Mt Shasta, CA 96067, USA


פרטים על האירוע

With the inauguration of hundreds of disciples of the planet the wisdom of ancient Lemuria

We invite you, to our summer journey

The journey of transcendence - activation of the layers of divine DNA ~ Shasta 2022


For accelerated initiation, for the new days created on Planet Earth.

To the new creation of the Matrix hack on the planet, a journey of transcendence and activation of the great code of light

A journey to Mount Shasta

The journey was carefully constructed according to a unique plan given by the High Priest ADAMA and BY Aurelia Louise Jones , author of the Telos Books of LEMURIA.

# To the official organizations, which represent the Telos frequency for teachers in Israel and around the world


During the journey: we will look inward into our Lemurian hearts - meet with my soulful family of light. * We will build our bodies - crystalline, magnetic, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical.

* We will enter the Achaean Lemurian Library - to the Nakal School - we will connect to our ancient being and all the cosmic knowledge within us. Preparation for the Ascension of the Planet.

* We will receive guidance and messages from the High Priest adama - the teacher of humanity.

* We will be accompanied by the masters of the 7 sacred flames.

* We will visit unique energetic gates that open on Mount Shasta.

* We will visit secret gates on the mountain, and entrances to the city of light Telos.

* We will be hosted with Lev Lemuria in a sacred concert with a beloved Lemurian sister, Kathy zavada

* Ascension Ceremony from the Exaltation Temple in Los

* Meeting with the Stargate, at his home in Shasta. Multidimensional gate ...

* Meeting with Telos organizations from around the world.

* For the graduates of the journeys ~ Beyond the Mentoring Gates - a unique program for Telos for lemuria , which was given under the guidance of the High Priest Adma

The workshop will be conducted in Hebrew and english and spanish

" The journey to Telos goes by way of absolute faith, in a way in which connection to the sacred heart is necessary. "

Give yourself the gift of life - the unique ascension journey 2022 For details and registration you can contact Ayelet 0542024635


A friend from the trip of the summer of 2016 shares: "Sophia Peter Spiritual Counselor: Dear Ayelet, wonderful reporter. I congratulate the day I met you and the members of the Telos organization (at the Stargate conference on Habima two months ago) ... I immediately connected to your energy and clean frequency. I welcome the decision to embark on the magical journey to Shasta almost a month ago. The energy and frequency of the mountain still resonate in me and I continue the spiritual work in the spirit of Telos. Indeed, we met the people of Telos descending the mountain. Light.A lot of magical things happened there ... Thank you for the wonderful privilege.I look forward to meeting you, with the lovely Norka and all the beloved group at Talia A wonderful friend, I missed her resounding laughter.You entered my heart..Sophia Peter


A member of Masa 2019: "Through the journey I crossed the gates of multidimensionality, there is no way to thank Ayelet and Nurit for the accompaniment and love,

For the accuracy of those gate points on the mountain itself, and the encounter with the enlightened teachers with whom I experienced an awakening in all the cells of my soul, an empowering experience forever "- Q

A friend from Journey 2015: "A stranger will never understand this, these are my words for the stunning journey of transcendence, together with the hearts of the beloved Ayelet and Norka, I was moved and felt in every part of the journey, I love you" T.

"The Ascension Journey 2018:" The journey took me to ancient memories of the continent of Lemuria, where I returned to being the light I am, during the journey I received visions and released traumas from the continent's sunset that resonated in this life, I am aware of the amazing group and all we were privileged to receive. "E, thank you."

שתפו את האירוע

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