Dear brothers and sisters
 year's ago (2014),  i received , from adama, the call for  creating telos village (Below is the reading as 

 (we  have received and we have sent to you then


Since the past three years,  each and every one of us had his learning to grow step by step each

of us had learn and  distributes the resonance of the lemuria heart


Telos Lemurian Israel, eanding her steep in the 10 years

many gathering, many energtic work with  friends in Israel and around the world

we committed to the process of cooperation with our lemurian brother's from telos city for support humanity 

and planet hearth


At this days we  are  preparing to the opening of  the telos  village in israel. this village will carry  the spirit of telos lemuria
 We will be happy to invite representatives of Telos from all the  world and be our Guests in our village


As time will come we will know the right dayt

blessing and love to all of you

telos lemuria israel team 


Three years ago

Dear sisters and brothers of lemuria 

This letter comes following the call to action from the  High priest Adama,  to establish a unique center of light, in Shasta County.

We realized the importance of establishing the Telosian Village. The mission  of the Village is to contain and maintain the frequency of Telos, its unity and community life predicated on abundance of giving.

After careful thought  we concluded that the Village, in its physical form (dimension), should be  established and  conducted as an independent economic center. It would rely on volunteer members, fellow Lemurian souls from the global community, and its dominant  language would be that of the heart.

The Village would operate as non- profit rather than a revenue generating, profit based business entity.  Maintained by members who choose to stay in the village, it would be run by them on a daily basis.

During the summertime - Telos organizations, or Light Workers, will have the opportunity to stay in the Village, for a fee which will cover basic expenses.  Alternately, individuals could work in the Village, assisting operations and facilitating workshops dedicated to growth, sanctification and transcendence, this, in lieu  payment for their stay.


We understand that Adama contacted us so that we would create a village which will hold the fifth dimension frequency.  Refined and softened, this would enable  Lemurian brothers to leave the mountain and embodied, dwell amongst us in the Village.

We envision all Telos organizations worldwide sharing the vision and gladly welcome those who want to partake in the establishment of the village. We would want to hear their heartfelt contributions.


Designation of the Campus:

The physical environment is a  hospitality center with activities for people visiting Shasta from all over the world. These are individuals who want to experience the unique energy of the place and undergo the process of conscious evolution and transcendence.

The majority of the  guests will be Telos community members from around the world and groups of people who feel themselves part of the  Lemurian Community and are functioning with the frequency of love.


These days when the flame of unity grows,it's a time, when we fill Telos organizations that distribute the frequency  of sacred Lemurian  energy , coming frome our hearts, to unite into one
Construction  the village  from "theory to practice",Fulfillment the implementation of Telos  energy at our  world here and now  provide the ability to creait , telos city light out on the surface
We would like very much,everyone who has a vision of ideas and knowledge on the subject to raise them and that we will express at this Vision the frequency of each telos cell light on the planet.


Telosvillage in israel


We currently operate our spiritual ecological village resonance in Israel,as this 2 year.

in the village 7 sacred flames of pyramids, a unique 7-meter merckaba carrying the 13th Dimension Resonance, a shamanic healing circle connected to the unique shamanic circle in the depths of Shasta, and 200 pure olive trees.


you are invaited to the unique house built by the High Priest Adama, it can be seen  its unique design and frequency.


We invite you to stay in our village in Israel and join us in the unique project that is being created in the creation of the light for teloshastavillage 'in Shasta.


We appeal to those who read these lines and know or personally want to make a financial donation, for the purchase of land in Shasta under the International Representation of Telos.


for more info you can go to the websait:

or to contact ayelet segal at



with love~light~peace

Telosisrael -telosvillage team


pdf check this out












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