The new stages of consciousness for Planet Earth

Message from the High Priest Adama -

The new stages of consciousness

This is how it opens ...

"I greet you, my beloved, I am Adama, known to you as the teacher of humanity, and known to you as the entity of light, which conveys the messages of the fascinating world, a world hidden to most of humanity from the Crystal City of Telos. In those days when I was conveying the message through your light daughter Aurelia Louise, we began to build the foundation designed for these days.

Beloved ones, indeed two decades ago, we volunteered from the Crystal City to open our gates to those souls who were destined to return home, to those souls who would feel the light notes tickling or even awaken them to develop into the higher consciousness destined for these days.

When, the community of light on the planet designated 2012 as a date for substantial change, indeed the change was substantial, at this gate became its central resonance for spiritual awakening, we from the city of light destined the opening of light organizations across the planet to be a extension of enlightenment for Lemuria sons, and full support in the preparation stages.

Over the years we have trained, many ancient souls, ready to lead and share the ancient knowledge which has begun to awaken and give a network of light to all the new souls who feel that the frequency of light that is the thing of truth.

By opening of the gates of Telos, we deepened the communication with our Pleiadian brothers and gave them important infrastructure to build their mother bases in the depths of the unique mountain Shasta, the light bases which established and renewed communication with other brothers and sisters from the Pleiadian family.

Many of you, feel the Pleiades which are indeed a major force supporting Planet Earth. With the Pleiades, the federations of the galaxy and the cosmos, the divine presence and the supreme masters, many of whom have walked the earth and are aware of the laws of the material world that characterize your world

The planet as many of you know has entered a central stage of fundamental change about which I have talked a lot with you. Indeed the planet is accelerating terrestrial time, the poles are moving and changing according to the new axis of the planet. These changes are the ones that cause changes in the weather in different areas, and the same scientists are aware of this, they are monitoring and will raise their research in the near future, above the earth's surface.

Understand that these changes are welcome, both we and the forces of light coming from parallel universes, parallel stars and distant solar systems, all come and stabilize in support of humanity, since this planet cannot be extinct.

The planet is indeed present in a central place in the cosmos,and this is why my beloved ones , earth is so central these days and many are from different cultures waiting for change and the human ability to adapt to the change that is taking place.

Indeed many souls who will leave the planet, and many those who will choose to remain. In the time of renewed calibration, we in the transitional stages are licking and coming in contact with these leaders who are taking part with the forces of light, and indeed we are aware of those who are collaborating with cultures that are trying to bring the planet’s population to control and extinction.

Some of the people of the planet are already aware and have chosen their place in the thinking campaign that has been launched. We from the Crystal City of Light support those souls who are interested in developing and learning to expand into learning the new tools for living in the dimensions of light.

Indeed the new world for learning the energy in your world, how the energy is expressed in every thought in every creation in every act in your life. How quantum energy is expressed as the active force and drives the new technology in your world, the movement of dedicated vehicles and the unique world of emotions in your body through which you are driven by energies. Indeed the energy is present in all. Learning the laws of power called as electricity or solar energy or the energy of water and quantum energy, learning the force known as the human frequency deepens human evolution in the 21st century for more and more new discoveries in the metaphysical worlds revealed to scientists.

Biology returns to the understanding of the importance of operating human bodies over planning and designation.

Can human beings continue to conduct themselves in darkness and lack of communication with their divinity. Beloved, in the days of the new age known to you as the age of Aquarius , once again the human soul awakens to a renewed study into the essence of life and even beyond.

Many of you, see and hear us, many of you are aware of the warmth and energy that passes through their hands and the abilities that arise within them.

Therefore beloved, yes allow yourself to listen to your heart and move forward in the infinite growth.

The political systems in which you are, are causing a stir among many human beings, the desire to return to the truth, the desire to live out of freedom, is the one chosen by the human race, many times the human race is controlled in its various incarnations, will this incarnation break a person's mind. Deep to the laws of the universe.

The crown chakras are opening these days, allowing many to contain the truth, and what is the same truth?

Integrity and justice - building life systems out of balance and harmony. Will the new human being be able to sustain himself out of harmony with each other, out of harmony with the environment in which he lives. Can the human being contain and understand that he is part of one component of a planetary organism chain.

Is the existence of human man possible without the existence of nature and those around him?

Beloved, by re-learning your living environment, you can build the new society. Again, man is in a state of choice and survival, we here combined with brothers and sisters from even more developed solar systems than life on this planet, are present to support and help.

In the depths of the planet in the Agartha network we live together, without disturbing the balance, there is listening to distress and there is listening to the laws that keep the rules of balance.

Above the earth, the forces that control the system of life, have disturbed the balance, and so more and more human beings have entered the circle of distress and tension, the circle of intimidation and detachment from the deity that you are.

Beloved, the systems of life in the cosmos, have chosen to support the planet, and we need you, conscious and awakened to surrender to the forces of light.

The following orders, such as the Order of Melchizedek - Metatron - the Pleiades -Ashtar Command -Sirius - the sons of Venus - the Athenians - Alcazar - come to support the changes and you the cities.

The legions of angels present are one of you, beloved sons of light.

Be with us, reach out and carry their length in endless learning.

We are entering towards the stage of spiritual re-election, the stages are not linearly multidimensional, and the resonance of the human field of consciousness changes with the wave of spiritual awakening.

The first stage was the stopping of the planet and the stage of surprise for humans - gathering members of the legions of light across the planet and starting a joint work.

The second stage was the stage of convergence and internalization - the stages of purification in the depths of the planet began

Third stage The fateful stage in which the truth was revealed above the surface but has not yet been revealed to the masses, the stage of raising consciousness and exposing the truth to millions of humans across the planet, many were surprised or disbelieved but many awoke and the different media flooded and broke the various revelations.

A fourth stage: A stage in which he tried to control the planet by administering the vaccines, and the campaign of intimidation, great humanity went out of balance, a critical stage as a large mass of young people awaken to the truth and resist the distortion trying to seize its hold.

Fifth stage - a stage where there will be an attempt to seize world domination, by those who are not from the light, and a revolution will take place in both Europe and the USA Iran and China, a stage where more and more souls will awaken, representatives of the planet masters.

Sixth Stage - A tray for phase of world government experience recognized as a new world order, which has been planned for 40 years. A stage where, the laws for humanity will be strict, many of the souls of the planet will leave out of the choice of the soul. Light leaders will lead the higher souls and continue to grasp the resonance of faith.

Seventh Stage - Divine Involvement - Legions of Light.

A stage in which the planet is purified from all the cables of the lower consciousness, those who will choose to exist in the consciousness of the light dimensions of the soul consciousness and understanding that incarnation on earth is not conditioned in the material world, those who will release grip and transmit alchemically frequency. Those who fit the fifth dimension will continue to move and create the abundance on the planet, living in healthy bodies within balance and harmony.

The surface population will number up to 1-3 billion people

The population of the planet's interior will contain up to 1 billion.

There will be the ability to move from the planet to charming planets at the new frequency.

Beloved, see the vision, be tolerant, we are not talking about immediate time, we are in a deep process for which we have been waiting.

This is a time to choose the new world within you, The march on earth, is the one you are outlining

These ancient peoples carry an ancient tradition. They are the ones who know, read the ancient writings again

The deity is one

I greet you from my home in Telos

One of the planetary light cities

We are excited for the meeting with you



תקשורים חדשים