The discovery of the truth on Planet Earth, from 1987 to 2021.

After a week full of messages, updates, the golden Merkabah we built for the transformation and awakening processes in the village that carries the resonance of Telos and Moriah breathes from the inside.

I hear the High Priest Adama present to my right, and he asks to have his say to you who are interested in listening and hearing ....

"I greet you, I am Adama, from the city of crystalline light, I greet you in these significant days, you are aware of what is happening.

From the center of the Twelfth Council from the building of light that pervades all over the city, we meet together and discuss the different meanings facing humanity and even before us here in Telos. In the Crystal City.

“Dear ones, we are walking together with you, in recent decades even more so, we have opened to the gates the city and the wisdom of Lemuria we have brought before you, in the library of Louise and Ayelet, to allow many souls to awaken and appreciate these very days.”

“Therefore, beloved, we are aware of your growth, we are aware of your ability to contain the new information and we also hear you say "we are ready Adama".

Your inner readiness to accommodate the changes that are about to come to the surface are so vital these days.

The changes that are already taking place and you are taking part in them. As you understand and see reality, the new dimension opens up to humanity.”

“Understand, in the last two decades exceptional light work has been done with the same light messengers across the planet.

We called them the "white helmets," and they woke up and still wake up all over the planet.”

“In Iran, China, South America, the United States and indeed Israel. They are the ones who come and verify the discovery and exposure of the corruption and manipulations and deceptions that have been done above the surface, by those organizations, politicians, “actors” who have taken a significant part in the process of controlling the inhabitants of the planet.”

“We are in the exposure stage.”

“We see the importance of these researchers and are aware that a new reality is about to contain the planet.

In the last two decades there has been a struggle in the above , so in the depths of the planet, the cities of the light woke up and places that were infected have been closed / blocked. Once again the cities of light are ready and privileged to receive a high and focused mass of light to reopen to contact with the sons of light above the earth, you are loved, you are the ones who carry their length, you are the readers of these lines, you are the devotees.”

“I share with you loved ones, so that you may know that the process, as its name implies, transfers one consciousness to transformation into another consciousness, with the new precision and the release of the old ....”

“Imagine the tree of life illuminating the roots of all the tree infrastructures connected to one, and see the light flowing across the planet, and even rising up to the tops to the light grids.

Imagine and see the flow, and places that are still dark, awaken and receive the spark of enlightenment.”

“Those places where there is a grip that is not from the light has undergone transformation and change, as I have long explained to you loved ones to breathe the frequency patiently, knowing that the new consciousness containing the changes, is the one that will slowly seep into those souls that were blocked, incarnations after incarnations.”

“They, the human beings who have been blocked from all divine transmission and spiritual freedom, wake up, and when they wake up they begin to walk in baby steps. And a hand must be extended to them.”

“Bringing the truth to humanity, is the change that is taking place today on Earth at the central point of light of the United States of America, on the souls of the unique people who founded the state containing the frequencies of freedom and justice, they are facing a re-election of the American people. Which will go up in the various media channels. Why is this significant these days? Since networks are networked across the planet, since some of the leaders of this nation have been infected with the forces of darkness. But all that is changing these days, and will continue for the next two years in particular.”

“Please know that understanding is about to seep into the homes of families, into the workplace and American society, will once again face a new choice. It is the broad consciousness that will pass free choice, and they will choose elections again, since many of the souls who are now in the leadership positions, already led in 1776, the freedom of the people at the gates of the planet.”

“Planet Earth transforms itself, and the essential year 2020 according to the Christian calendar is a point in time which was set in the days when the Galactic and Cosmic Councils gathered together and made the decision, back in 1987!

Planet Earth was chosen to sustain itself as the star of free choice, one of infinite stars that constitute homes for many cultures, indeed it is the one chosen to provide a learning center for the constellations, for the growth and learning of the consciousness of the light of divinity. The presence of the constellations around the planet is so great, indeed the focus is great, and there is maximum support for this planet, be aware of that. You awake, allow yourself to listen to the voices that address you, to a lively discourse and support. Re-learn your personal guides present in your living space.”

“From the city of light Telos, we pledged to support humanity, and open the gates to those brave souls who choose to know the tools of the dimensions of light, when we teach you the rich knowledge of the 7 sacred flames, when you feel the supreme masters envelop you in their love, then beloved, you change and transform The old bodies into the new ones.

Your consciousness expands and so you are awake to more new ideas which have to carry a greater weight of insight present in the wider cosmos. This is the infinite consciousness.”

“It is this consciousness that is present in the other stars that carry the high light, indeed not all the stars beyond the cosmos carry the divine pattern of light. We support and co-operate from Telos with those who have the ability to bear the divine light, the divine light that comes from the center of creation, indeed loved ones it exists.”

“In the last year, many human beings on Earth have experienced a spiritual awakening point which leads to moments of enlightenment, this is a new point of choice in various areas of your life, is the leap towards the fifth dimension.

This unique moment, your personal Akasha is engraved.”

“In the books of light by both Louise and Ayelet, we again explain the laws of the fifth dimension and the existence of a developed community that carries the resonance of light.

Young people of your generation, are the ones who will carry the insights and lead the new life above the Earth, in the creation of the communities of light in which the laws of the new human society, will be created throughout the planet.”

“They will not do it alone, the support they will receive will come from the constellations, those who come from those stars who carry the ability today the high consciousness of light, are the ones who will pass the innovative ideas to those young people.

Young in body but not in their ancient soul, who remembers / knows / and imparts the ancient knowledge to this planet at this time.”

“The cycles of humanity across the planet have been and still are fascinating, we look at the new cycles since the sunset of Lemuria and we see the growth of human evolution.

In those days I showed Ayelet the use of the various human bodies and the way of human development, human bodies these days carry multidimensional capabilities, as consciousness has evolved and knows how to activate the existing human pattern in bodies.”

“Do you understand?

The plan is there, all you have to do is remember. Believe and practice the legality of the new age, an age in which your body is aware of the multidimensional operation of the consciousness of light from which it is created.

Children know, they know how to activate the brain in places that were dormant and still are in most of humanity.”

“Beloved parents, you are witnessing a revolution in world politics, as you will witness a change in the economy that will take a significant new part in your world. We have talked about it a lot, the transformation is already taking place, you are witnessing it, you have re-learned the rules of spiritual material life. She is one.”

“Be tolerant as the revolution take place at the pace of human awakening and readiness.

In the past, there has been external involvement from the planet to try to speed up processes, this way has not benefited humanity.”

So, what should I do , many of you will ask?

“Since today you are aware of the frequency domain, I tell you my beloved, maintain a high frequency of love and openness of heart. Purity and truth. We open to you the broad center of learning in your cosmic system, the Nakal Center for the Renewal of Ancient Lemurian Knowledge, which is the possibility of the existence of the consciousness of paradise on Earth.

“Allow yourself to find time and space for learning with the wondrous community of light we have created.

Practice inner listening and telepathy and indeed quantum laws are already operating at different levels above the Earth.”

“There are areas on the planet where there are gates for the transition between the dimensions.

There are areas on the planet where you can move in time.

There are areas on the planet from which you can go beyond Planet Earth and move to other worlds and stars.”

“Your scientists are already aware and know, even this information will rise above the surface. Discovering the truth above the surface is a significant part of cleaning and preparing the planet for the next stage. Be aware of what your heart feels when you read this or that information, this is your compass of truth.”

“Therefore, beloved, know that we awaken the city of light Telos, the masters of the White Brotherhood of Light, the Pleiades and many other cultures, the messengers of light and the white helmets work hard, in the last two decades in particular, and even more, with full support for planet Earth and humanity. This year is destined for a fundamental change in human life above the surface.”

“Be in faith, we are with you.”

From the city of light Telos, I am the high priest Adama."


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