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Telos Representation in Israel

Telos Lemuria's representatives in Israel are Ayelet Segal and Nurit Tabenkin - a meeting of ancient souls, together we arrived from the planet Mo - on Benny Lemuria's navy ship.

With the High Priest Earth and the Supreme Masters, with additional brothers and sisters who have chosen to support the process of planet creation. And be the seeds of the Lemurian race.

We were embodied in the bodies of the Pleiadians, and other planets came and joined the "original" souls in order to develop here.These cultures merged and formed the Lemurian culture.

For Lemuria, the "homeland" became an enlightened culture on the planet. And a beautiful culture of Lemuria was fulfilled on the motherland which included the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands, the west coast of the United States, Easter Islands, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand And Madagascar.

As a result of wars, great destruction occurred in Lemuria and Atlantis, 25 thousand years ago. The two highest cultures at the same time, fought each other over "ideological" questions, they held two very different views on the direction in which the cultures should turn.

During these devastating wars, enlightened people degenerated into low levels of behavior, priests of Moriah told the people that in less than 15,000 years the continents would be destroyed, in those days the average life expectancy was between 20,000 and 30,000 years. Many understood that the entities would experience destruction.

When the Lemurians realized that their land was about to be destroyed, they sent a request to the little Shambala, who headed the Agatha network at the time, and asked permission to build a city under Mount Shtasa, in order to preserve their culture and records. Mount Shtessa already contained many caves and the Lemurians built their city within it.

They called the city of Telos - a name that was the name of the whole region meaning "communication with the spirit, unity with the spirit and understanding of the spirit."

Telos was built and Moria records were saved, the temples of the sacred flames were built there, and the NAKAL School of Mystery was reopened.

Today we are waking up to the reading of the new Lemurian poetry.

The city of light Telos opens its gates to the souls of the sons of Lemuria, in the consciousness of the fifth dimension.

This is how we received the call - sharing in love.

We invite you to the Telos Lemuria circles in Israel and around the world - a family journey.

Love Ayelet and Nurit

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