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You who came from the sea


There are between us, you know, those who walk in the world, and feel so foreign and do not belong,

There are between us, you know, those who live within themselves, and long for what they feel and know, there in their heart within, within the heart that remembers real life, love.

There between us, you know, those who are so sensitive that they can not come into contact with other human beings, especially not with those who carry an aggressive, harsh, and dishonest resonance.

There are between us, you know, so many cultures, the constellations, moving above the earth, have come to learn and explore the essence of the journey of life on the planet Blue Planet, many carry such deep pain.

Can we understand why?

I got to know some of them, and my heart goes out to them, I try to help and support, sometimes I feel that I give them peace, and sometimes I know that I too will not fill the space of longing pain, to the same frequent frequency from which they came, to the same love and harmony, to the divine embrace .

I knew her during the magical journey of life, and she has green emerald eyes, and she walks in a confused journey of life fulfilling the earthly human appearance according to the rules of the Matrix game, but within her she longs to find the same frequency from which he came, unconditional love, love of immense passion , a love of fullness and fulfillment, a love that flows in movement.

She came to earth, having been many life incarnations there deep in the waves of the ocean, indeed there was her home in the infinite ocean, in the unique city of light, along with her brothers and sisters sea sirens.

There she moved freely with her emerald eyes and sharp teeth of light, she knew the movement in her body easily, and moved with her band, she knew how to sing siren in such a gentle voice that swept the dolphins and whales to her, she knew how to sing in her gentle voice the shells and shells.

She knew and heard about life above the earth but could not believe it, for tens of thousands of years, life deep in the interior was peaceful and quiet, the mountains,flowers and sea roses were her home, and she knew every part and space of her unique city.

From her father Neptune, she heard about the changes taking place above the earth, so she experienced the changes in the ocean level when the mainland continent, the one that also had a home sunk into the depths.

She then heard from her father that the oceans would undergo many changes, following the sunset and so would the blue star.

Yet they endeavored to preserve their home, though the composition of the water changed itself, the light diminished, and a kind of other life in the depths of the oceans slowly permeated. They stationed the city guards and day and night guarded the entrances, they knew that they had to be careful when leaving for the open spaces of the ocean, because some of them did not return….

She remembers that evening because her father turned to her, approached her with his huge spear and beard and his sparkled eyes.

My beloved daughter, he said, I turn to you to go on an important mission, a mission that will save the waters of the ocean and our home, a mission to which we are informing our 144 sons and daughters, and you are one of them. "

She remembered his words and felt her heart expand, proud knowing that this is her time, knowing that she must take full responsibility for going out and guarding the light kingdoms facing the oceans. And so she did.

Together they were trained for precise conduct over the earth. Together they were trained and adapted to the ability to walk above the earth, they changed their body shape, grew legs, adapted their lungs to oxygen breathing, and the abilities to eat human food, they underwent cultural lip training, and knew that they would find each other, upon their departure. Above ground.

They believed that they were the ones who would be able to maintain the fabric of life in the depths of the oceans, and cleanse the planet from the same darkness that permeated with the sinking of the mother continent.

The parting from home was difficult , she watched her father and he looked at her, he told her that in all the incarnations of life she would take part in, her emerald eyes would show her the right way, he told her that, the same guides are waiting for her, whom she will meet, and she will recognize them very easily .

He promised that she would lack nothing, and all she had to concentrate on was her personal abilities and belief.

Together with her friends she passed through the multidimensional gate, crossed it and ascended above the earth, the first point she reached were the shores of the islands in the east, the plot of paradise was quiet and pure and she knew she could continue to exist in the same body for a long time. Thousands of years in one body and has done its mission at this point. The soft earth was golden, the calm turquoise sea gave it the ability to exist peacefully and maintain the frequencies with which it came above the earth, the population above the earth was small, and she and her friends would occasionally go out to the oceans again to the light kingdoms. Above the earth and learned the complexities of the material compressed world.

She knew that at the end of the age, she would have to choose a new body, she also knew that the compression would deepen and the memory would blur, but she was ready, the emerald eyes that her father promised would show her the path to her path, to her destiny, to the mission to which she was committed.

And so it was, in her new body she reached a large mansion located on one of the cliffs in Iceland, where every morning she watched the ocean waves crashing on the cliff ridges, and sang her song, the days were the days of the sons, and humanity was still bound by kings and lords, with no freedom of choice , And their bodies have not returned more than 40 years.

The entrance and exit was so fast, she did not understand how souls can learn something like this, but she knew that it would be an end time, and indeed 500 years had passed, and she held the cliff, hid and revealed, and became a folk tale, which told the story of the sea siren.

At night she would go out to the sinking ships and save the sailors, during the day she would sing her song and heal through the frequency medicine those who needed soul release or healing.

It was a bright northern night, which shone brighter every year, she knew that on this night she would be able to enter and deepen her home in the depths of the ocean, the longing was great, she felt the distance created due to the resonance on the planet, she prepared to deepen and take part in the great gathering for all worlds of the Oceanic light.

There at the conference, they talked, about the great change in the resonance of human beings, about the fall and darkness that clung to the many, about the ego that led them astray from their path,

They talked about complete detachment from man from the face of the earth, she knew that the detachment would also apply to her, she knew that she could not easily re-enter the ocean water, and she approached her father.

He felt her fears, and put his hand on her heart, beloved daughter, the choice is yours, you have done much service for the good of our cities, you see what is happening and that we need each and every one of our messengers of light, above the earth.

"But how will I know, my place, my home if my memory is forgotten?"

"But will I receive the nourishment of the light unique to my existence?"

“The emerald eyes will lead you my daughter, and your heart and the same love you carry within you.”

“You will know.”

She chose together with her friends, to embark this time on a new incarnation, in a different world, so different.

She was born in the postmodern era, a sharp fast-paced world, where she walked among human beings and did not feel their hearts, what happened to their bodies she asked? She entered to the system as a child and felt lost, lonely and repeatedly searched for the same frequency she knew and recognized - LOVE.

When she grew up as a girl, she did not give up and continued among the alleys and challenges of the modern western world she continued to ask and explore, and her parents had a lovely daughter, so beautiful with emerald eyes, she lived by the sea and her father every day would take her there, he knew her heart felt her desire and longing , she entred into the midst of the waves, where she was like a vanishing fish and smiling her beautiful smile. There she knew and sang her heart song, felt the connection to the depths of the oceans, felt the desire to disappear there between the waves.

As her peers she continued on the accepted path of life, but she felt and knew that something was so lacking she had the same sense of home and belonging, she continued to look at the human and did not understand their language the way they expressed the will of the mind .. ego and her heart bleed, she did not understand how they can mock each other, how they lie and hurt each other. The pain she felt through her delicate sensors, which she was not yet aware of, caused her to slowly shut herself off from them, and would continue to go to the sea, watch the sunsets and the sunrise and sing her song.

That afternoon, which she will not forget, she sat by the sea, on a high ridge on which the waves beat, here she sees 2 boys entering between the waves, the waves were high and she knew they were in danger, watching the years and they deepen, she stood and did not pass . Five minutes passed, and she notices that one of them is missing, she runs into the waves, goes in and starts a dive, sees one of the boys, and he waves to her, she dives deep, and her eye lights the way to the boy's body, she dives and tries to pull him up again to life, but his body was heavy as a rock, her hand holding it unable to let go and she deepens and dives with it little by little, feeling that as she deepens she is calm and her eye lights her way…

They, gathered her to their house, they knew that she was their own, around her body was that coding….

They took her deep inside to the depths of the sea, to the city near the canopy, where they treated her and identified her, Neptune's daughter.

They, took her into the main hall, they felt that she was tired from the journey there above ground, they knew that she felt so longing to return home.

They charged her and healed her entire body, they gave her the love, and support and gave her the ability to remember, which took a while, as forgetfulness enveloped her…

Her father came, leaned over her and a big tear landed from his light eyes on her emerald eyes, slowly she opened her eyes and saw his figure, she could not believe, and felt her heart expand and happy tears she returned to her house.

In the following days she regained her body, her memory returned to her and she moved again with her fishy body to between the districts of the cities of light, she knew that she was in no hurry to go up again, she knew of the many hardships, she did not forget the pain and fear present in the field in space ... Asked to stay in the depths ...

And support man from the depths of the sea ...

She had heard about the connections that have taken place over the last tens of thousands of years with the inner planetary life communities, the cities of light they were called, she knew that some of the cities of light, too, were called to take part in the planetary array for human enlightenment, especially these days.

She heard about one of the active major cities whose name was Telos ...

Translated by : Jaqueline Razón

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