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Year 4/4/4 Change in the infinite universe


Dear friends We are a moment before the transition of the unique portal day. A little about this unique day that all of us have been waiting for… A day of transformation! ======================== The year of 4/4/4 A year of a transformation of the infinite universe setting. A change in the old systems. A change in all of the human consciousness perception of the infinite setting of Planet Earth, the solar system and the universe. In these days, days of significant transformations that take place on planet earth, we walk towards the light portal of 4/4/2020, the year of the 12 DNA layers. In this year, on this day,  we have 3 times of the number 4. The portal that resonates the vibration of the number 4 is the portal in which the planet enters the vibration of the execution (putting into practice), a gate of a transformation from passive spirituality to active spirituality! The connection between heaven and earth is the connection between the spiritual and the corporeal worlds, the world in which humans who walk the earth can hold a consciousness, a crown consciousness, connected to the high light worlds, that we know as the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions. These dimensions consciousness enables the transformation and the opening of the sublime knowledge of everything that has been hidden – to be seen again. The survival vibration is going to transform itself into an abundance consciousness in every aspect of the human life. The automat vibration and the grasp of the corporeal world as the only world, is a consciousness that is going to be transformed for all humanity. The Corona wave is the 1st to stop the dazzling endless rhythm that was off balance. The Corona wave has released the human consciousness that was chained and limited, and has enabled humans to connect again to their souls with meaningful questions: What is the meaning of the human existence? The divine existence? At first, in the human experience, the love and compassion feelings are the gates to open worlds that enable every soul in a human body to open up to the abundance consciousness. When the human will understand that these are days to take responsibility, days of breathing the vibrations of love and compassion, 1st for yourself and then for your surroundings, then the gates of light and abundance will open. The vibration of the number 4 connects to the ground essence – the reconnection with the earth, with Gaya, and the understanding the Gaya is the source of life, will enable humans to live again in balance with this essential resource which is earth. It feeds billions of humans on its body. It enables the life and the physical incorporation. The human already understands that the pollution and the imbalance inside him that led to the planetary imbalance, has to be changed. The change starts inside us, inside the human soul. We emanate the new vibration of the new humanity to the atmosphere and the electromagnetic fields that surround the planet. Therefore loved ones, on the portal day of the 4/4/4, which symbolizes the 12 layers of the divine that is present inside us, the DNA goes through a transformation. In each and every one of us in a different paste, according to his soul rhythm. In the high worlds of light these souls receive the ability to enter the initiation and learning gates and go through a transformation of the old patterns into a new ones. Indeed the angels are with is and guide us more than ever. Many can feel their heart and intuition guide them towards a different direction. Many will have their world "broken" and rebuilt after this portal gate. Some will feel a significant change in their physical bodies on that day, due to the strong vibrations that will flow through all of humanity. This consciousness wave on the portal day will not skip any human. The Sabbath (Saturday) of this portal day is known as the great Sabbath, in which there is the biggest amount of light that enters and flows through the homes of Israel, a moment before Passover… During these days, in the inner planetary cities, the support teams are present more than ever to support humans. "Be attentive loved ones" they say. "Be attentive to the silence. From this silence you will be able to communicate with us by your listening to the new life rhythm on the planet The poles are shifting and the new planet field is already in place. In these days we align the new Gaya's vibration with you, humans. Be attentive. From the portal day of the 4/4/4 the planet shall balance itself and the illness from the Corona shall start dropping and balancing. Slowly the human portals shall be reopened for a new motion of life. Ask yourself where are you headed in this new route… Ask yourself how you continue to live according to your renewing consciousness. We reach out to you, brothers and sisters from the ancient days, We are the members of the inner light cities in the depth of the planet". I bless all of us with days of balanced and blissful ascension. April 2020 Ayelet Segal



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