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The new presence in your life


Welcome, I am Adama from the crystal city of Telos. I greet you present readers who wish to embark on the journey of freedom of consciousness.

You are awake to the new presence in your life, you are awake to changes and many of the people who carry the consciousness of the fifth dimension are aware of the conduct and the presence of the tools in their world.

It is the presence of consciousness that brings the new creation and creation into your life, when you talk to a person who carries the consciousness of light, you feel the waves pass between the hearts, your body swells when you feel the purity and frequency that corresponds to you.

The new presence is your ability to feel and allow yourself to get out of the consciousness of physical survival into the consciousness of relaxed movement that gives us the inner peace, this is an accelerated drive beyond any fear, apprehension or reduction.

The presence of consciousness of the dimensions of light is the one that gives you the renewal in your life, it gives you the knowledge that you are on the path of your fulfillment, it is the one that gives you the abundance of your life that is embodied both in the physical aspect and in the emotional layers that you wish to bring to expression and fulfillment as a connection to your twin flame.

Beloved, we face two essential gates in the bright summer months of the planet. The gate of the 7/7 gives you the ability to refine yourself after the steps of the last two physical years of your life, you can give yourself on this gate day the peace, the connection to nature and observe again your essence that is fulfilled in the physical and spiritual aspects, what is the expression you give to your loved ones. This gate will be celebrated together from the city of light Telos in a unique gathering of my daughter Oelet and the Telos community straight from our home in Shasta.

We are waiting for the group of messengers, who are about to arrive, the Lemurians, who have the ability to bring about multiple changes in the worlds of light, each of the candidates destined to arrive has been carefully selected and we are opening for the messengers of light the crytsal gates to the highest light and consciousness present on the planet.

The presence of the new consciousness is the one that gives you, loved ones, the ability to break through and fulfill.

On the day of the hour of the Lions' Gate on 8/8/ we will celebrate together if those feel their time to break through and be.

In our meetings of light together you rise above the layers of the screen and feel us, these feelings give you your ability to be the choices of consciousness, in the new presence that is possible these days to those beings of light that are developed above the surface of the earth.

Many of you are aware that the population above the surface is facing change. Many are the ones who will awaken, and there will be those who will remain in the consciousness of the third dimension and even choose to leave, the gaps and changes between the two types of consciousness will bring about many changes above the surface of the earth.

You are loved, you have chose, otherwise you would not be reading these lines, you chose to give your life above the face of the earth, again you ask me, " Adama, tell me what is my destiny?"

And I again and beloved light, first you were as candidates in the stages of ascension in your state of being of the bride, unconditional giving, unconditional acceptance, love, humility and devotion.

The steps to ascend are exact, you cannot jump or pass over the other.

Do you see all the mirrors that are reflected in front of you in the mirages of the society in which you are present?

When you look in the mirror, how do you deal with and heal the places that still need healing. Indeed they still exist.

Understand and see that we are accompanying you, that's why we established Telos Lamuria communities around the planet.

Are you interested in taking part in the exciting celebration of light these days?

Please do not miss this, beloved ones, be with us, join and be in the presence of the new consciousness enveloping the planet.

We prepared the mountain for the unique group of the summer of 2023 - the freedom of consciousness is echoing its light over the face of the planet these days.

Blessed are you, I am your brother Adama

June 2023


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