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This is no longer a futuristic prophecy, this is your life

Blessed are you, I am Adama, from the Crystal City of Light, I am present with you these days.

Beloved, from the worlds of the high light, to your physical world, a world in which you experience such powerful human experiences, those experiences that resonate on your delicate bodies, experiences that are assimilated into the DNA layers, experiences that are refined in the presence of spirit and give your consciousness the ability to expand beyond to the compressed world moving in this reality that you know.

Many of you, beloved, come at night to the temples of light of Telos, where your consciousness is present in the fullness of their heavenly being, you observe the crystal screens in your human conduct, you observe the new abilities you learn and practice, and together we choose the latest metaphysical changes you present.

Many times we have talked to you about the tools of being awake human beings with the ability to move to the multidimensional dimensions of the higher dimensions of light, what is required of a son of light, the same messenger who is aware of spiritual combustion, be aware that he carries the torch illuminating the magnetic fields .

When those who walk the path of light, and give it the ability to expand, with the practice of the waves of the new world, are the ones whose physical body undergoes the metaphysical transformation and they are the ones who carry the lights of creation with exactly sharpness and fulfillment

From the City of Light Telos, we give the members of the Telos community and to the Lemuria world the abilities to learn in rapid growth, we give you the ability to moderate all the codes of control that were present over humanity and embark on the new journey, freedom of action thought and action, freedom given to every soul to choose again her journey.

The new world is accessible to humans, these days more than in all the days given in the last tens of thousands of years, again the sons of Lemuria, awakening to their divine essence with whom they first came to the planet, we see the ancient souls seeking to return to the planet, they receive full support.

In the coming decades, with human transcendence, the changes will be reflected in all the old systems, many of you are already leading other processes and are aware of the cities and seeing the visions.

This is your favorite time, in fact you are accessing what you have learned in the last decades to the physical world, many of you knowing that their world is about to undergo a fundamental change, check in your heart if the fear is still holding within you.

Change is an energetic change that will be reflected in a change in your physical world, but not in everyone.

There are those who will change the energetic aspect within them and move the familiar moves to them in your life easily and with quick and easy creation.

It is important for me to tell you loved ones, honor and practice the laws of the fifth dimension.

Re-learn the new legitimacy in the metaphysical world that unfolds before you.

In the Telosian city, we work with you in collaboration, you who come and learn, you who practice and come to community meetings, know the alchemy and the speed of fulfillment in your life

We are destining the group of light coming this summer for a journey in the city of Telos which is in the depths of Mount Shasta, to be the messengers of the new consciousness.

We inform you beloved, you are the ones who choose, we see you in the new formation as part of the Lemurian plan emerging from the face of the earth.

Again the fields of light are filled with the sparks of light that come from the house of our house planet mu, again the resonance of compassion giving and love are the echoes in the hearts of man.

The days of control, are over!

The days of fulfillment are the ones that carry the seventh era of radiance on Planet Earth.

This is no longer a futuristic prophecy, this is your life, this is our life, this is the fulfillment of a world earth on the blue planet.

Be awake,

Be yourself,

I'm Adama

Translated by : Jaqueline R. Goldfeder


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