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The return of young light boy home, Zauru


From the depths of the planet to among the magical cities of light, in the vast expanses of light of the fifth dimension and even more, is the Temple of the Warriors of Light, the temple is unique to those warriors who know they are part of the warrior team. Some of the warriors are giving their service to the planet, on so many days, they are the ones who have been invited from the distant planet stars across the universe, to stand for the first time and fight the darkness that has begun to envelop the light regions of the planet. It was the first Lemuria to which they came, overnight the warriors stood in the chief priests' hall and ordered that the continent should sink and they were the ones who would defend the Akasha records and the immense knowledge present in the temples. They managed to keep the sparks of light and the books of divine knowledge, and knew that they would have to deal with the arm of darkness for many ages. The warriors were the bravest of the distant stars of light, they knew of their mission because it was infinite and committed to it. Therefore, faith was their central gate, they held on to it and with their courage. The fear was unknown to them, they broke through every outpost where the darkness fortified and even when this subconscious reached other continents of light Atlantis are the team of light warriors fought. The planet changed its consciousness and the light faded only at certain points, the team of light warriors knew how to keep all the tens of thousands of years all the warrior team, even when they were in disguise. They waited for this day, they waited for this day when the whole planet will gather the consciousness of the anointings. They were at the great conference attended by all the representatives of the distant planets, the one cosmic council was the one where the decision was made to clear the planet of the grip of discrimination, the presence of the deity then intervened, and a clear decision was made to send warriors, and support all dimensions of humanity. The free choice star, so it was decided and every soul would be the one to choose whether to continue to be ruled by the power of darkness that ruled for ages in the consciousness of fear in humanity, or to break beyond the low consciousness and see the path of light faith and freedom. There were souls who awoke, the great waves of enlightenment were at the time of the last month of the cycle, according to the calendar count of the Christian Messiah 2012 and at the time of 2021. Indeed many awoke, and underwent a transformation in their body and mind in an accelerated time, there were those who did not awaken and unfold from a worldly earthly world and their soul ascended up to the dimensions of light. And there were the young souls, they were called the children of the millennium, the children of the sun, they were the ones who were specially invited to support the dedicated process, they entered the planet in 2000. Most of them were warriors of light! The warrior, was one of many, who broke the road to establish the Lemurian city, Telos was her name, he led the journey that sunset on the other side of the mountains and valleys, to the same mountain he had heard of since ancient times, Shasta, this point gave them with the approval of the Great Shambala, Promising that the city will be a city of light that will open its gates, for the first time before a hall of souls who will awaken in the days of the Messiah to their ancient memory. Thus, a people came with them, the priests of Lemuria and repeatedly built the focal points of the temples with maximum precision as they were in Lemuria. The keys were closed for ages, opened only to individuals of virtue, to those whose hearts were so pure and knew how to work with the sacred rays of creation. That day the warrior went to the temples of light, and here he sees a new figure, a figure of a human being, with a black bulb and brown-green light eyes, the figure resounded, disappeared and returned, the warrior of light knew that, the human being begins his journey home, begins to see and enter the world Corresponding to the material world, which he knew. These moments where the soul chooses, are the exciting moments where the whole crystal city celebrates the return of that soul home, everyone knows, and knows the soul and waits a little longer, to deepen its journey in which it will be fully remembered. The warrior approached the figure, and as he kept getting closer he recognized him, so he stood behind him and saw the sign - W This was the sign of the Light Legion from the Light Legion who were chosen to return to the planet at this time, they had young bodies, they were the ones whose resonance resonated in the distance, they were sharp-minded in their shining crystalline mind, very sensitive to their field diameter energies. They were the ones who shrugged, and saw beyond all darkness and control they were the unrestrained in their light, they were the brave ones, they were the ones with the strongest armor, the armor of faith. As he approached and stood beside him, the figure of the young man thickened and his presence grew stronger, the warrior knew that he felt where, and even knew him, a huge smile spread across the warrior's face, he returned home… this time as an 18-year-old boy, he returned. The return of young light boy , Zauru. He was happy full of light, a smile that lit up his whole face, abundant in the energy of youth, the chakras open and the energy flowing rhythmically, some of his bodies were unbalanced, and the body of emotion was so delicate. The warrior scanned him, again and again, walking around him, he saw him struggling in the world up there above the earth. He saw him struggling with those atoms and not hearing, he felt his frustration at the fixing system, he knew he was a warrior, they had trained him since childhood and he would slowly remember, not yet fully. Since he has to reconnect to the source. The warrior sent his palm to his heart, sent a deep blue ray of light and sent his light to fill the boy's diamond heart, he saw that the diamond was weak, and knew that flowing energy from it to his heart would support him greatly, the boy began to vibrate and the diamond hurried to launch the light Began to fill up and the boy began to see clearly, the warrior knew that now was the time to communicate with the boy, he started yelling at him and saw that the waves did not penetrate the consciousness, the boy continued to receive the nourishment from the diamond, and the warrior continued to send telepathy waves to the boy, all he said was "Welcome home Zauru"… "Welcome home Zauru ..." Slowly the boy's face began to glow, he smiled his special smile his eyes sparkled, and a tear began to flow down his face The warrior knew, Zauru had returned home. #ADAMAYELETELOS Translated by: Jaqueline Razon


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