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The Message of the High Priest Adama ~ Legality of the Fifth Dimension

Climb the paths of the path, a new path that opens before me in preparation for the group of candidates for the ascension journey of the summer of 2022.

12 years ago my feet first set foot on the special land of the Magic Mountain Shasta.

The first moment my body recognized the path my feet began to be guided and lead me to the gates of the hidden city of Telos.

The ascension journeys, during the 12 years.

In each journey they were privileged to receive the exact frequency, more and more of my gates were opened to the candidates, and I marched and deepened and the High Priest Adama accompanied me and explained.

This is how I arrived at my personal journey, where I expand my multidimensional abilities, where I prepare and refine the preparations for the journey for the summer, I came to a very powerful portal.

Sits down next to the flowing water of the spring .... Taking off my shoes feels the soft soil again, breathes in the smell of the pines and the shasty soil, my body reacts and I go out into the spaces of Telos. ..

There I meet my father and teacher the High Priest Adama ..and he conveys the following message:

'Blessed are you to the realms of Telos, the realms of light, present in the awakened human consciousness.

The gate to which you have reached is one of the gates through which many of the human beings who, while traveling on Shasta land, passed through the dimensional passage entered the Crystal City.

Indeed there are open gates on the mountain, inside the mountain, when the same human being during the walk raises the frequencies of thought and releases the fixed thoughts, he also reaches the same gates.

The body passes and experiences the serenity that surrounds it, the mountain that is carefully chosen is one of the mountains that were part of that ancient continent of Lemuria, it carries the high frequency that many human beings still remember from those days, a soul that was in a light body on that vibrating earth will never contain His Akashic memory.

This memory awakens, this memory has the ability to change for the same person his inner world as the outer one.

Thus we summon the same souls, those with whom we work in cooperation and those who awaken.

The light journeys that the light cell Telos to Lemuria leads, are the same journeys that carry the highest frequencies, therefore each of the messengers of light called to the journey passes during pre-journey initiations and preparations. In the body of emotion, in the physical body and in other bodies.

Beloved ones, these days we are condensing the connections between those who have the ability to move into the light consciousness of the fifth dimension, your physical likeness in the physical world and your light-illuminated figure carrying the full memory of the awake and the wisdom of the spirit spirit.

The connection is designed to accelerate the processes that take place above the earth.

But notice the fifth dimensional gate. Not everyone who wants to enter into this high consciousness can contain over time the gifts that are given to you.

In order to contain and know how to work on the tools, the keys of light that you receive, the laws of the fifth dimension must be observed.

Many of you are already aware of the frequencies that contain the knowledge imparted to the new humanity.

Many of you practitioners, those who experience challenges, know that this is a path designed for the growth of the soul in the physical world.

Therefore, beloved ones, from Telos we work with you in cooperation and we together with you show the same sides that need to be polished, cleaned, released.

We have talked to you in recent years, through the daughter Ayelet about the changes that are taking place on Planet Earth and the acceleration of time, the flywheel and fulfillment and more…

Read the messages and learn again and again and practice, indeed the familiar legitimacy above the surface is about to change again.

The motivation for change at the poles indicates this, and the impact on your physical bodies, the magnetic field north and south, your ability to stay in fields that do not match yours, your functioning in places where you do not express your true self, can no longer exist.

That is why so many people these days are waking up and experiencing the change in who they are, "who am I"?

Here is one of the questions that is relevant to your world at this time.

When you learn how to observe the of the laws of the fifth dimension, then you are already beginning to fulfill in your world and observe the fifth dimension, notice how then the fields and laws operate in your life. You are loved ones who have the ability to re-motivate your world.

Many human beings abstain from fulfillment in your world, we often wonder why, with the coming of the soul to material life, many contracts are written, the contracts that the soul writes of course about and with the help of representatives of the lords of karma, capable of opening in time and undergoing change.

These days in particular, many are opening contracts and making changes in their lives.

Many circles and connections are closed and many new and ready for your new step are opened.

Therefore Beloved, O conscious ones, in the previous session, we talked about listening, about giving your time to yourself, and listening again to the soul, the one that whispers to you.

We practiced attentively, we practiced the laws of the fifth dimension, we began to live during this time in fact the fact that you are sons of Lemuria.

From my home in Telos greets you, until the next meeting.

I'm your brother, Adama



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