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The meaning of the portal 2/22/2023 - a message from the high priest Adama Telos.


Beloved community of light, With the opening of “Yom Sha'ar” (portal Gate), felt the voice of my teacher the Hight priest Adama. ~~~~ "Blessed children of light, I am Adama, from the crystalline city, present with you in many dimensions, allow yourselves to sit in a quiet place, and read the following words. Earthly time is different, with the foreign date according to the calendar of the Christian Messiah, many of you, those who are sensitive, feel the change, 2/22. It is a master number that repeats in a sequence of 3, the number 3 brings itself before the Holy Trinity present on the planet, and in a sequence that includes the year of the goat, which is not the number 12 Presents the mastery that opens the DNA sequences within your being. Breathe in, beloved ones, the lights of the sun that sends its waves to this planet, the sun transmits the mass of light that contains within it high particles of consciousness that are assimilated into you, into the cells of your body as a living organism that breathes the light in. When you are aware of this effect, then your bodies and all the millions of cells in your body change themselves, allow yourself to be airy, in the compressed world in which you have chosen to take part. As you enter the gates of the physical world, you experience the compressions for many of you this is a challenging experience, understand dear ones, one facet of you is present in this being, and many layers of you are present in the parallel worlds. On this day - with the entry of a high mass of light into the planet, your body reacts differently, the gates are open and the ascended masters are present with you, surrounding you, and indeed they are the ones directing you. Gravitational waves enter the planet which transmit light codes to the consciousness of those who have the ability to receive, the light codes pass through the fields of your bodies, telepathically in communication in the meetings of the community of light. The light fields allow the DNA coils in your body's cells to contain their full operation again, they allow the RNA molecules to change the power of the transformation ability. The new program changes a person's genetics and allows him to carry a greater wavelength of light. What is spiritual DNA? which opens in the transcending human bodies The spiritual DNA contains within it the aspects of divinity, with the change in the molecular structure of the human organism, the biological code will open itself to the cosmic space, and to open communication with other light systems that exist in the higher light consciousness, and live in a frequency that is suitable for unity with the higher light, the divinity. This situation will make it possible to move between the dimensions easily, we wait for these moments and see those who are already applying the current information, with whom we will be able to meet very soon, in such a way that they will experience us fully awake. In this situation, the aging process will be stopped, freedom and unity with the consciousness of the cosmic field will provide support and a way of life in the consciousness of the fifth dimension and even more. These days we convey directly from the NAKAL learning center in Telos, the important aspects for opening the DNA strains , those who feel the longing to grow and allow their bodies to ascend take part in the learning and initiation system. The quantum leap in human consciousness is essential these days, many of you see the circles of light entering all systems, and providing the tools for learning and growth, the education systems, health and the economy are changing from within,also the feeding system and politics, be patient. Beloved ones, we see those who enter the drama and the emotional bodies develop diseases around the human feelings, ventilate these feelings, allow yourselves to learn to release a total grip while you are functioning in this dimension only, understand that the current dimension is another one of the 12 parallel dimensions in which you exist, and you are here for a certain time Which your soul chose to experience the lesson of life for the sake of consciousness growth. Humanity is witnessing an endless cycle, the human spiral is rising in its consciousness and we support all those who wish to wake up and take an active and vital part in the journey of the soul. We were here in the days of Buddha, and in the days of Sananda who was incarnated in his role as Jesus. We were here with you in the great dark days and in the days when humanity sang its longing for a world of peace and tranquility. And we continue to accompany you on the eternal spiral journey. What to do in this essential portal? Beloved, I am Adama, I invite you to the city of light Telos, tonight we unite with the representative light in Israel and the Middle East, for a unique operation that will support the light systems that exist on the planet Together we thicken the fields of consciousness and allow you to grow beyond anything you have ever experienced. We appreciate and cherish you messengers of light, you carry the divine DNA from my days to my beloved Moria, the Mother Continent. You are blessed on “Shaar Day”(portal day ) we too at Telos with unique ceremonies to support the ascension of humanity. I am your brother, Adama.

#ADAMAYELETELOS Translated by : Jaqueline R.Goldfeder



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