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The layers of the war -A conversation with the high priest Adama.


Transcript from the Lemurian Priesthood workshop: Channeling  of the humanity  teacher Adama.

 I bless you I am Adama, you are loved and beloved I bless you for coming according to the call of your heart to that space to learn and grow even in humanity's difficult time.  indeed of mankind. 

This is not only a proportion of the Jewish people, but the whole of humanity is the one who experienced the pain and the ascension from the great source of darkness that befell.

Beloved ones, you have received the call so that you can take part in that divine plan with many means.  A divine plan that moves to those who have the ability to speak the light lenguage, beyond the screen in the fifth dimension.  We command and call to those high souls who wish to develop and become one with us, in this campaign intended for the ascension of humanity both in the Jewish people known as Judaism but also in all those diasporas among the peoples of the world, to those who are the messengers of the awakening light. 

The following processes that you will go through will be and touch the various bodies that make up the being that you have reached in your physical presence in the physiological body with which we will work, in the body of emotions, in the mental body and also in the body of the crystalline light in your conscious mind.  Some of you have already made the current journey with us.  But you are at a point where you are interested in even expanding and breaking through that glass ceiling that part of you is unable to move beyond.  When all of humanity awakens, we have the ability to enlighten and take you with us to a higher level to the next steps to lead those innovative thought patterns in humanity, and to lead those human beings who are awake. 

The infinite amorphous quantum consciousness present in the higher cosmos is the one that also brings the present planet, and you loved ones to be one beyond to that presence in the being of the planet, to the consciousness of the enlightened cosmos that is present when we work together, with the accumulation of those cosmic councils, with the accumulation  Those cultures inside the planet, the cities of light and also you, the messengers of light, who wish to go out to that ancient priesthood where you have already gone and taken in the matter of the high light in time immemorial above this earth.  When you move in space, you will learn and recognize your same multidimensional qualities again, you will be able to connect to the higher spaces and be fully present in your being, your being the light in full mission.

From the Telos Lemuria light chamber, through Oelet, we transmit the current information, so that you can expand your abilities.  You can chat and you will hear more from that beloved sister known to you in her humanity as Nurka, how she developed her level of healing abilities and what she is doing with them today.  Many of you are loved ones, each one is destined in his role for healing, for learning, for lively conversation and for the presence of energy in the way of bringing those mirrors, visions, information and tools from the higher worlds of light, to the third dimension, he who will catch the resonance and expand further and further, and special at this time.  We work in cooperation with you, and we thank you for your desire to explore and know beyond human understanding.

 I open the space for questions.  Do you have any questions so far?  Please ask and I will answer.

Q: All the souls that ascended in the recent events are souls that are mostly very young.  I have a feeling that they also support us.  They bring forces of light and love.  Is it possible for us to do some work with them?  Some of them were at the festival of love, children, youth, young soldiers - many of them are the power of love.

 A: Beloved, I will tell you about those brave souls who have chosen to take a designated role at this time.  In this tragedy, in the pain and darkness that constituted that event, the souls at the high spiritual level, they chose.  The story of the young age spoken of here in boys, girls and children at the level of human pain, causes a huge wave of awakening when the human being meets the same energy that comes from youth and childhood.  She is the one who illuminates the pain because we and you in one feel the same energy, she is the one who is present on the planet for life and renewal.  These brave souls who left and they were surprised at the departure, since not always on the human level do you remember your high soul choice, at the time of departure.  There are always existing potentials and there is a change for each soul in the choice.  They went out and it is indeed possible to accompany them in your prayer in the Jewish religion as well as in the prayer of light, and show them the journey and their return home because they are one with their higher bodies of light.  Therefore you can read the names and lead them, being led to their home.  These souls when some were surprised, they are present and return to their soul cluster.  Some of them are still in the transition between dimensions for a long time, and therefore definitely your question is so in your human place.  Humanity and the third dimension, many times does not facilitate the release of that high soul to go out and return to those high dimensions of light.  There is a desire to adhere to the level of human experience of physical life which allows you great pleasure as well as great pain.  These two energies attach the same soul to the same body, and therefore prayer is definitely a source of help and support for the soul's ascension to the light.  But remember that it was here, the same choice of the same soul.  Even when this is done with inhuman cruelty, which comes from the root of darkness. And those legions of light work courageously to eradicate those energies from certain areas that are still present on the planet.

 Q: Adama, I have a request.  Is it immediately possible to put all the possible defenses you can muster on each abductee, to wrap each and every one of them in the most powerful light?

 A: Even for those souls it is the soul's choice to take part in the same dedicated system intended to enlighten the human mass in the entire planet, and to support the process of enlightenment and cleansing of the source of darkness.

 And therefore they understood that in the same formation of the Legion of Light there is a precise instruction on how to act with those who are currently in captivity.  The support and nourishment is extremely essential.  And so it happens.  Be sure that the processes are processes that have help from the higher light sources as you know in the light legion stages when you are completely awake in awake bodies operating in driving the frequencies and energies.  This meeting and the following meetings will even strengthen your abilities to move the mass of light in the physiological bodies, which many of the human beings have completely forgotten how to activate them, to drive with them, and therefore act together.

Q: Will the souls that were harvested in the blood of their days return and do this ascension, or do they now have trauma in their bodies as well and will return to the third dimension?

 A: These do transcend and go through a process of renewed construction in the bodies of light at the level of human experience and learning from the campaign they chose.  Understand that when you are in humanity you are awake and have the ability to see at the higher spiritual level the choices of your soul with the earthly human incarnation.

 Therefore, when you ascend and connect to the higher light in your divine perfection, the understanding and consciousness is different.  And yes, they will return to the planet and most will return to the same fabric of their soul cluster for the karmic finish they started.

 Q: Regarding sleep paralysis.  I'm afraid of it and eventually wake myself up from sleep paralysis and they've been increasing lately.  Can you guide me how to work with them?

 A: Sleep paralysis often brings the human nervous system to full functioning capacity.  Ask first, before going to sleep and do a meditation work that calms the entire nervous system.  And after you have calmed down your somatic nervous system, ask to move to those regions known to you as Telos.  Go to those temples for learning, for initiation, and allow your body to be safe in the same place where you are present in the space where you sleep.

 The space where you rest and give your body the relaxation is extremely important.  Remove everything that carries old energy.  Remove all electrical appliances from the area, and allow you to move in the same space with gentle and supportive crystals.  The sleep paralysis can be easily released when your mind feels safe in the same place where you sleep. Do you understand that

 Yes thank you very much.

 Q: How can my pyramid help and send the light to the abductees?

 A: Your pyramid is a catalyst that accelerates 3 times and even more.  Every positive thinking that you perform, and also when you are present in the visualization processes and the illuminated energetic work that we perform, the energy is multiplied and reaches the support of the collective field, which takes part about eight kilometers in each direction in your fabric.  You are blessed.

 Q: How can I further expand the work these days in a practical way to support and illuminate more?

 A: Wherever you walk when your heart is pure and you are present in a divine being with full faith.  In every eye contact with that human being who is present and carries fear, you can pour him the assurance of love.  With every stroke of your hand on his back, release the resonance of love, and first nourish yourself with the same source of high light that you felt in Talos today.  You performed an energetic flush today.  Your bodies are back in balance.  Return to being in an optimal state where you can work with the light.  Do the same energetic washing with the rays of the flames every day, so that you can move the field of faith, security, and softness in the spaces where you move, and thus you can support the humanity around you.

 Beloveds, we are embarking on a blessed journey that will enlighten you at the highest level of the soul and at the human level in life, and with those, with whom you come in contact every day.  I congratulate this unique intended group who have accepted the call and arrived and we are with you, in all the processes and stages.

 As of this day, you are coded at the level of consciousness as destined for the Lemurian priesthood, and we are already preparing the spaces in your homes.  I ask again, in the space where you will allow me to perform a cleaning and remove everything that I hold as a low resonance and that does not belong to the space of light.  Place your beds in each of the corners with quartz crystals or another purified crystal, and allow yourself to spend the night in an optimal way, in a room free of energies that feed energies that do not benefit your fields.

 I congratulate you.  We begin a blessed journey.

 I am Adama.

Transcription : Saguit B


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