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The fear consciousness – a change transformation


I bless you beloved daughter I bless your desire to search and know, to deepen your thoughts to the high vibrations and by that enable your consciousness to get out beyond any physical space or human dimension. In the last decade I carried my voice and consciousness above the earth, along with the consciousness of the inner planetary light cities and the masters from the light brotherhood of light. I being this accessible knowledge to the new humanity. This knowledge echoed and provided many souls with the necessary knowledge and information that is necessary for their personal consciousness awakening process and the connection to the spirit – the source of the soul.

My personal connection with the light worker Aurelia Louise Jones was so deep and special, and through her I transferred the important elements for our acquaintance from the 5th dimension with you – humans. The acquaintance with the creation flames enabled you the ability to lighten up your molecules body mass and acquire these high abilities that have enabled you new tools for healing and rejuvenation, for transformation and realization of abundance in your life.

I am currently sitting with the light worker Ayelet, through whom I transfer my information and knowledge in the last decade. A subject which I would like to discuss and go deep into is the plague that arrives from the Asia Continent. At these days you witness a phenomenon that hasn't took place on the planet for a long time. A plague for which there is no answer. About 40 years ago, with the breaking of the AIDS plague, science had to deal with a new sickness and a lot of humans met death. The death resonance has yet to brings its full understanding to humans. Many are still fearful and afraid from this consciousness state, that ends a physical existence state and enables the soul to ascend to the higher light worlds.

During these days, again many souls go through the transformation to the higher light worlds and the plague that arrives from Asia is an opening gate for those many souls that have not chosen consciousness shift, and still sustain consciousness frozen state, in the people which you know as the Chinese people, that enables them the release of a re-choice of consciousness. This nation had a very unique essence in the planet and they brought a lot of knowledge and wisdom. At a certain point they have accepted the choice to be totally controlled, and this energy has created a  frozenness in the essence growth of this nation, and therefore it must be released. Therefore this nation is experiencing a fast transformation to a new consciousness that shall be opened in their resonance as a nation.

Therefore loved ones, the divine plan is still manifesting itself across the infinite consciousness of the divinity. The death consciousness still has a grasp of reality creation of fears and fixation. With the new era that opens up on the planet, the death consciousness is going to be transformed and released and human kind during these days is in a learning and a transformation period. The death understanding as was until now is going to be changed. The realization that death is a consciousness transformation and the understanding of the importance of the transformations will return to the human consciousness. Both the light kingdoms and the masters from the white brotherhood of light, echo and deliver and knowledge of the eternal light consciousness for those who can feel the fear inside them.

Again we can see in the light dimensions that this is a beginning of a purification and increase if the consciousness on the planet. The planet is supported from both the high worlds of light and the depth of Gaya from the Shamballa center, and the purification and cleansing that is taking place is a reprograming with the networks that surround the planet. The networks are active – the magnet, the crystal and the diamond. They enable the new echo of the planet, and indeed the human should be adapted to these active networks that are accelerated at these days. Many souls that leave the planet are intended to be transferred to other planets in similar galaxies that match their consciousness. Those who will continue to hold the love and compassion vibrations and will be opened to the high spiritual wisdom and intelligence, shall continue to move to the next phases that are intended for the planet.

The children from the stars, you who read these words and contain the knowledge in your being for thousands of years, these are the days that we intended for the activation of the networks and the connection to the one consciousness, to the creation source and the return of the planet to its multidimensional function, that opens up to other galaxies and to the knowledge that contains that realization of the one consciousness in your physical existence. Therefore dear ones, know that there is still much hidden then seen. The virus that is spreading across Asia and opens the transformation gates, will stop as it started. The human consciousness expands with every question it encounters. The human consciousness is carrying a prayer again and the light heart is expanding and is filled with love and compassion. These are the days for the human to re-choose its ways in this world. From the depth of the planet, from the light city of Telos, we are present and available to meet with you. Enables us this and release the ego and any thought that is binding, and be with us in this supporting journey for the bodies and consciousness preparation for the new.

You are blesses, the children of Planet Earth, beyond any time and space I am Adama. #ADAMAYELETELOS

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