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The caves of light are open to us


The caves of light are open to us

Blessed you are Im the high priest Adama, I welcome you to this meeting.

I AM Present in the space with you, giving you the support these days as you move on the greatest journey of awakening since the beginning of this human cycle.

I want to tell you how your ancestors knew, they already knew what is rising above the surface today. They were pleasant in your journeys of light, on those nights when they sat together on a full moon night around the fire.

The light visions opened, their consciousness expanded, and the communicating sage of the tribal circle would tell the same information from a previous cycle that occurred on this planet.

They moved in the caverns of light, they knew how to move in the depths of the planet, in those gates of light that connected the inner planetary cities of light, the Agartha network was branched in the paths of light that moved the pure light between underground centers that were present in the fifth dimension.

Those centers were open to those who knew the gates, not everyone had the keys to enter...

At the time when the darkness permeated the planet, there were those who knew that the ancient records of light must be protected, those who were placed in the temples and carried the illuminated writings that reached from the worlds of light, above the surface of the earth, in the days of the sons of God.

It was those records that carried the tools and codes for eternal life, for the ability to give the dead the spark of life and the ability to perform alchemy in everything.

The enlightened tools were of service to the inhabitants of the planet, but those representatives of darkness managed to lay their hands on some of the tools that were causing changes in the energetic texture that washed the planet and life above the surface of the earth.

Thus it was decided, by the councils of light, to once again introduce the same tools into the mysteries of the halls of light in the depths of the planet, in the network of light which was created for pure preservation and existence and the essence of life.

Those cities, the main of which are Posid in Brazil, Shunshi in the Himalayas, Rama in the India, Shiguay on the border of Mongolia and China, Shasta in northern California.

They are the ones that open today, beloved ones, and some of you feel the longing to reach these centers of light, for good reason.

Beloved, the journeys of the Paths of Light are those in which the Messengers of Light set in motion the resonance of vortexes present in the spaces in which you move. When the messengers of light with open consciousness move through space, then you, beloved ones, carry with you the atoms of light present around your body, they are the ones who repeatedly move the time corresponding to you that you feel from those previous cycles in which you were present.

Do you understand the current multi-dimensionality in every journey / exit to the portals of light.

The portals of light were preserved in ancient times, only sometimes there were those who knew the paths and managed to arrive, when they arrived at a sacred place they did so on the spot, and in ancient ceremonies they united with their corresponding aspects from those previous cycles.

Today, many areas due to the human proliferation above the surface of the earth and the mobility, have become tourist areas, many are those who come with a closed mind to sacred areas, and perpetrate distortions in those places.

Therefore, in the coming decade, changes will occur in the ability to reach those places, once again the gates of light will open, for those who reach the holy points with a mental capacity aimed at that portal.

Understand, beloved, the planet Gaia is changing its face, with it all of humanity is undergoing changes and the new evolution is already present in your child's consciousness. They, they are the ones who knew how to benefit Gaia and the essence of the realization of the soul in their bodies, in their lives above the surface of the earth, some of them as scientists will bring the truths of the divinity and the realization abilities of the unique tools that I mentioned, as part of the development of science, the Aksha will awaken again and reach those who carry the pure divinity in their consciousness.

Therefore, these days are the days when more and more human beings will experience a practical ascension, will realize the consciousness of the fifth dimension above the surface of the earth.

These rapid changes affect the internal planetary systems, and we in the depths of the planet are also preparing for the unity and development of our communication with you.

Our meeting with you, today is in the fifth dimension, this is the bridge between the worlds, little by little you, beloved ones, will feel more and more us with you, you will feel the feeling of home that surrounds you, the homecoming we talk about with you so many times, closeness and presence in those who have already come a long way and know the gates are open to you.

We invite you, messengers of light, to such exciting days

To take part with us in the exciting journey which returns the glow of the planet at this time to those who have the ability to receive.

I greet you, I am Adama

From the city of light Telos, one of the 120 interplanetary cities of light.

Channeled by : Ayelet Segal

Translated by: Jaqueline R. Goldfeder


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