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Temples of wisdom, light and healing in Telos


The crystalline city of Telos, carried the resonance of the fifth dimension, the resonance of Lemuria, the great light.

The crystalline city, carried the same rays of rapid light that emerged from great distances, beyond the gates of the parallel worlds, beyond blue solar systems, beyond the familiar.

The crystalline city, which was built with maximum precision in high consciousness, the consciousness of love, was built by the architects of light when they sowed the formations of divinity within it.

The temples of the creation flames were carefully designed, the supreme masters, came especially and together with the light architects the representatives of Shambala, took a central part and supported the construction of the temples, preserving the same delicate flames that were brought from the mainland.

The priests of the temples, knew how to keep the flames and built the altars in each temple, they carried the ciphers for the healing patterns, knowledge and wisdom of those flames.

Each had a unique sound and hue, divine frequency and ciphers, the priests of the temples were the ones who kept the flames for ages, and their age was as old as the age of the flames.

They were in the past for all time and space, they had the ability to move in the parallel worlds, and alongside them were the guardians of light.

Each foundation had the supreme master who carried the commitment to guard and protect the flame, he was the one who held the ancient knowledge and taught it to those who were chosen, to those who chose to emerge above the earth and be messengers of light.

The role of the masters, the teachers who hold the high resonance of light, was an initial commitment to the renewed path of humanity, its path to transcendence. They knew that the days would come when there would be trials, of the domination of darkness on the planet, as well as of the sacred centers of light, the centers of light carefully chosen to drive the flow of light from the planet to the infinite cosmos.

From the heights of the Royal Teton, the original place where they lived, the masters wandered across the planet, to the same gates of light, guarding and teaching the tribes of man about the divinity . Thus with the new periodicity of mankind, that which was created after the decline of the kingdom of Lemuria and Atlantis, the masters bestowed upon only a few the knowledge and keys of light to the divine creation.

The ancient writings, the temples, will rise and be discovered these very days, and slowly humanity will remember the source from which it came.

One of the most active temples these days, was the Temple of Healing and Truth, the Temple of Master Hillary, this temple was crowded and active, as human consciousness began to open, more and more human beings came in their nights, the light bodies came, sometimes, with the site bodies that carried patients. The bodies, entering the rooms of balance and rejuvenation, and the galactic healing teams, operated non-stop. There were also bodies that came from distant stars. They would usually come to research and learn about the human body and its function.

The people of Telos, knew the human bodies, many would come to Telos to visit with their consciousness and bodies of light, but for many the human body was carried sick.

The princess was one of the body healers.

Healing with the power of the tree of life.

Tree of Life


Between the days of fighting…. They established the Crystal City, together with the sons of Lemuria, together with the representatives of Shambala and the elders of the city. They examined the circumference of the Shasta mountain below which they received permission to build the illuminated city, the mountain was part of a continent and it carried the multidimensional magic resonance, above it a multidimensional gate which was open to the infinite cosmos, gave the sons of Telos the ability to fly with spaceships to parallel worlds and to those distant systems with which they had connections. The mountain provided security and abundance around it, people from Telos liked to go out of the earth to bring their bodies to a full state of compression and be one with the humans carrying the compressed bodies, occasionally even met the locals, at first it was hard to find them but over the years more and more humans came and they even multiplied. And the fields around their bodies were distorted and impure, there were some who carried broken fields with holes and there were some who were sick. The people of Telos were sorry to see humanity in this situation, and slowly began to diminish their exits from the Crystal City to above the surface. The city was built, the temples of light were turned on, and more and more friends from planetary interior light cities heard about the glittering Lemurian city and came to visit. The transitions between the cities were easy, through the light rail cars, made it easy. The crystal houses inhabited the habitants of Telos, and the food was unique and was intended for all the people of the city. The Telusian community, grew and developed while completely adhering to the rules of the Lemurians. The priests of the city were the ones who maintained the purity of the frequency. The City Council led by High Priest Adama and Anhamar, together with the King and Queen, which contained the being of the house star frequencies MU. This is how the Lemurian city grew, in the depths of the Agatha network deep within the planet. The warrior, especially liked to walk between the various launch stations that were set up, where he input the best information that was required to function. And one of the most powerful places known in Telos was the The tree of life. The tree of life, was one and special, his seed was brought from Lemuria, when it was sown all the elders of Telos banded together and carried a prayer together with the princess, the king and queen and the whole community of light, they knew the prayer which contained the elements of the cosmos, the elements of creation and the light language, and the sounds delivered were so gentle. They all sat around the tree, and moved in a one common motion and synchronized with the cosmic current which nourished the delicate seed. So every year, with Telos' Creation Day celebrations the whole community was incorporated and the tree grew and contained the lights of creation and the lights of the core of Gaia. His feeding was a frequency through those who were born, those who left and those who were privileged to continue to nourish their bodies, Each body was attached to the roots of the foundation extract of the tree. Every body, was different and every body got nourishment from the tree, bodies that were sick, were placed next to the tree. Bodies that were before initiation, knelt beside the thick trunk. Bodies that wanted to conceive and develop for the coming of a new soul, sat on the enlightened roots. And those who wanted to get ancient information and remember, connected the base chakra to the base chakra of the tree and got the required information. The princess knew the tree of life, she knew how it is connected to the whole feeding system of the planet carrying life within it, she knew how to work with the life energy and pour it back into sick bodies. Sometimes she would reach those souls above the earth, like a bright light, and would give that soul, who had been ill or had an accident before, the energy of life from the special tree, that soul would see the light of the princess and drink from the light in the Crystal Cup, and receive health again. The charms of the princess have been talked about in all the continents of the planet, in all those ancient tribes, as well as in the guided times, still coming to those who are given a new opportunity, to a new incarnation in the same incarnation of life. She is the one, the one who knows who is entitled to it. #ADAMAYELETELOS Translated by : Jaqueline Razon


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