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Telos: The Ten Commandments of The New Humanity


Dear Reader,

Nurik Tabenkin and I were spiritually called to be interviewed on “The Good Life,” a show of Radio Hahaim, Tel Aviv, Israel, at the beginning of the Jewish Year (September 1, 2015). We were eager to share the messages regarding the 5th Dimensional reality that we had received by Telos High Priest Adama. We had recently visited Mt. Shasta, a sacred mountain in Northern California, where our Initiation Journey group of 21 Israeli women had explored the Ascension process within the self, which was spiritually supported by Master Adama and the White Brotherhood Masters of Telos.

The New Humanity reverberated in all the cells of our being, and High Priest Adama, having been channeled by Ayelet Segal, leader of Telos Israel, had showed us a new set of Ten Commandments that carry within them the Light Codes of Creation of the New Humanity. They concerned:

  • What should we human beings do at this time to transform ourselves from the old reality to the new reality Consciousness?

  • How should we human beings act at this time to proceed on the dense plane of 3rd Dimensional reality, while activating the enlightened consciousness of the 5th Dimension?

Once a week for 10 weeks, as the number of the New Commandments received, we came to the Radio Hahaim station. We spiritually invited High Priest Adama to be with us as the Teacher of Humanity, so that we could study the New Commandments with him. The vibrational frequency of the Lost Continent of Lemuria, where Adama has been serving, enveloped us. Articulate wisdom flowed from him, and the audience experienced the entering into the portals of an amazing initiation process.

This book contains High Priest Adama’s knowledge and wisdom that our group received in this series of meetings. We invite you to take in what he shared regarding spiritual learning, understanding and expansion from his 5th Dimensional reality.

The Words of High Priest Adama of Telos

This is your time, Dear Ones, the time for Transformation and Renewed Choice. And your time for the Sacred Creation of our becoming enlightened human beings, Children of God, and recognizing that We All Are One.

In the journey we are taking, we experience our humanity in the denseness of the 3rd Dimension of perceived reality. This ordinary consciousness is one in which the particles of Divine Light exist in a heavy denseness relative to the atomics cell of which they are composed. The space in which we conduct ourselves also includes Higher Dimensions, in which the density of the frequencies is airier, and the atoms circulate with more rapid acceleration. This generates an energetic flow that has the ability to speed up the coming of Divine Light; thereby creating the 5th Dimension – which is characterized as being airy, light, and multidimensional, with quantum mobility, and no time, space or depth.

With the condition of human consciousness on this planet in this Year of Divine Light, the cosmic cycle is completed and thus we enter a new cycle, the Age of Aquarius – because of new stellar and energetic realities. For humanity, this enables the opening of the Divine Portals of Light to the Earth. Thus, based on each Soul’s choice, this planet has another opportunity for opening the portals to elevated human consciousness.

So, Dear Ones, as human beings you are awakening and taking a greater role in life. And so your heart is whispering new and inspiring messages to you. Yes, the time is ripe for big change. As you remember ancient memories, you walk through the portals of initiation. Given your new heightened ability to experience your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies, they become the foundations of energetic vibrations, and thus enable your Soul to learn to move to the higher frequency of Compassion, Giving and Love.

These elevated frequencies are now flooding the planet, more than ever before in human history. For long periods, your planet was in darkness; but today human beings are choosing to take responsibility to be connected with the Divine Light. There is no longer time or room for quiet clandestine discussions; rather, this is Enlightenment of the Masses. As a lighthouse illuminates the way for collective humanity, the expanded Light is flooding any places of darkness that still cling to existence.

This is the time for you to walk the Paths of Faith. Accelerated time is collapsing into itself. You can feel time collapsing. It no longer contains what you want it to contain. You must understand that there is no time. It is you who creates your sacredness in every one of your thought vibrations. You possess the ability to create many realities simultaneously, which will bestow on you All your heart’s desires.

What Is your path at this time? Your path, Dear Ones, is to breathe the vibration of your Heart, and nourish your being with Love.

Your path, Dear Ones, is to hear your Voice and speak the Word of Light with the force of the vibration of fulfillment.

Your path, Dear Ones, is to tread and illuminate the paths of the planet with the Light of Your Heart, and to heal yourself by supporting the Light Communities to which you already belong.

The Light Communities being currently built on the planet will continue to exist on the Earth for a long time. They are making the New Humanity a new reality. It is they that will bring the planet into a new world, a world of the Consciousness of Being!

In the coming years, we will indeed deepen multidimensional communication with you, Dear Ones. We are already going out from the cities beneath the Planet Earth. With the full support of the Shambhala, the guiding council of Inner Earth, we are making connections with its Light Leaders, whose heart is pure, and supporting their leadership of the Light Communities.

The unity of Children of Light at this time is vital! You need to let go of the ego, and unify your hearts as one. I invite you to see the imperative of enhancing the Light of God in all its shades, of which there are many.

Yes, Dear Ones, embrace the principles of the 5th Dimension. Observe and follow your path through the eyes of your inner-self master, which is your I AM Presence. And give your love to yourself and to others – Who Are You, which is the Law of the One.

All this Wisdom is encrypted in the DNA you carry within you. Those helices copy themselves every time you undergo a quantum leap and expand your consciousness. Your body is building the New Human Body. Your consciousness is expanding and opening to the Cosmic Knowledge that is breaking through all old boundaries. Your brain is expanding and opening to the power of the consciousness of Cosmic Energy – to what is not understood and known – generating light energy that enhances your mind’s functioning. Your four Light Bodies are connected to the Soul Source, thus surrounding you with the Light of Divinity.

I congratulate you on your Spiritual Maturity, which gives you the light and the passion to see human beings and the Planet Earth in their Stages of Ascension.

We embrace you and are present with you – in your place of work, in your Community meeting place, in meditation and in pain.

I, Adama, am visiting many of you at this time and prompting you on what you must learn and implement in your lives in order to fully thrive as a being in the New Humanity.

I bless you. I am Adama.

(Channeled by Ayelet Segal, February 15, 2016)




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