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Positive emotional charge and the ability to fulfill myself.


Positive emotional charge and the ability to fulfill myself.

Beloved friends, blessed are you I am Adama.

Today we will talk about the emotional bodies and the ability to create a positive emotional charge that affects your life, Planet Earth is unique in learning about the emotional bodies because the compactness of biology enables the connections between the light fields and the other bodies.

At Telos we teach the basic plan of the flames of creation, and how the flames of creation connect to the world of human emotion.

As many of you know we are in the quantum field, human beings are, creatures that transmit energy at any time you vibrate beloved, receive the frequencies from the infinite quantum field and also give it and pass it on.

In order to reach a state of consciousness of harmony and flow, you loved ones must observe the situations in which you activate the emotional body, how you react in your life to emotional situations in the outside world, people you work with, family circles and everyone you come in contact with, how your loved ones react to situations in the world.

In these experiences, are you aware of the connection between your developed consciousness and the emotions.

The world of emotions has a direct effect on your biological cycles as well as on carrying the resonance of light. When you hold the low frequencies and emotional states from the past, which you have not yet healed, you are still in the days of the past and your frequencies are present in the days of the past

To change our lives and create a flow on you of love, change the energy and heal the emotional bodies.

The thoughts you feel have an energetic resonance, you create energy into the quantum field, with each new thought that contains a positive charge you connect to an abundance of consciousness.

And magnetic to your life are the situations in which you see the abundance in the physical world.

Synchronicity and precision in meeting the right people, your arrival at a workplace that fulfills you, and living in family circles that recharge and support you.

The connection between the emotions affects your thoughts and these magnetize what is similar to your world.

To become one with the raised light consciousness of the fifth dimension, you must be aware of transferring the energy from the transformation you have made from your heart.

As we practice in the precise work with the flames of creation.

In the practice of using the flames of creation, you learn to create your future with new emotions, which will affect the creation in your life.

With the positive charge in your fields you have the ability and readiness for your future creation from the present time, and already to create synchronicities in the physical world.

Beloved, we learned together many times about the process of creation in practice, the vision, the dream, the vision as you feel from your heart.

The creation of the vision will occur when you are connected to the emotional bodies while resonating the positive charge of inspiration, acknowledgment, freedom of consciousness, the combination of the emotions that bring new information to the quantum light field, or then loved ones you will be able to see as human beings, the situations that will open up to you.

Your bodies and reality will begin to expand again through you and you will magnetize the new creation in your life, the way the path that was destined for you.

A good practice would be to join the active quantum field and the crystal field if we work together from Talos.

Beloveds, when you work with the flames of creation and the fifth dimension, we feel the positive charge around the electromagnetic field, you are nourished and feel the unity, we can rebuild your world according to the resonance path of the fifth dimension to create a future present.

Dear children of light, remember that your choice to incarnate also in the fifth dimension is a unique choice that attracts more and more souls to the field of the planet earth,

On the planet the land of significant learning is through the world of emotions, which is very significant and affects your higher being in the corresponding dimensions.

There is a unity of consciousness of all dimensions and these days more and more human beings are awakening to the connection between the uniqueness of man and the consciousness of the cosmos and its flow in the unity of consciousness.

With the connection you are loved, you will meet the brothers and responsibilities that correspond to your frequency in thinking and deed, and abundance will fill your world with everything you want to create.

The circle of creation is endless. And the ability to create the future now is wonderful.

Blessed you are ,

I am Adama

Translated by: Jaqueline R. Goldfedler


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