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Updated: Sep 4, 2021


What is the meaning of love between dimensions?

The Universe is multidimensional. Most of us are familiar with the 3rd Dimension, which is the physical world in which we live; and most of us know of no other dimensions of reality. But higher spiritual Dimensions do exist. Becoming familiar with them can enliven, enrich and evolve our life.

I have had the marvelous opportunity to enter the Gates of Enlightenment. When I did this, the gates to various higher Dimensions of Consciousness opened to me. Thus, I acquired the ability to move back and forth between Dimensions – especially between the 3rd Dimension of ordinary reality and the 5th Dimension of elevated consciousness.

The ability to move between Dimensions is a wonderful gift, which has given me the extraordinary opportunity to expand my life beyond its familiar here and now.

Over the years, I have come to understand that there is a bridge that connects all Dimensions of Consciousness. And my embodiment in the 3rd Dimension, into which I was born, is but one choice – one among 12 other existing consciousness dimensional options.

My journey of the exploration of Love opened me up to the incredible multidimensionality of my life.

It is important to note that everything that is written in this book is based entirely on my personal experience. Because my multidimensional behavior gives me an additional ability to see realities, it has deepened my thoughts and feelings, and enabled me to enhance my 3rd Dimension life as well.

Out of my multidimensionality, the significance of the Frequency of Love became clearer to me. I became fully aware that the world of imagination thrives in the 5th Dimension, in which latent spiritual senses can be activated. In this book, the wonders of the 5th Dimensional world are described in explicit detail.

The multidimensional truth that accompanied me during my journey has compelled me to write this book and share it with people who are spiritual seekers, wherever they are on the continuum, going from beginner to master.

In this book, I describe the amazing love story that I experienced in the 5th Dimension. The journey into the Frequency of Love is one of complete devotion, renewed comprehension of my choices, and clarity about the meaning of Love in my life and the world.

I wish you all a wonderful reading of this book, with your heart opened and engaged. This book is from my heart to your heart.

In the car, I sat in silence, with the feeling of the Mountain inside of me. My Heart was open, but the pain of the separation was intense. It had been a quick farewell, and felt like a break that came from the vast source of Light I had just experienced.

We drove south to one of the biggest cities on the Planet, Los Angeles, and to the house of beloved friends Libby and Marvin. Also, my mother was there too. Tomorrow would be the wedding that we would attend. Everyone was in the midst of great preparations and excitement.

I felt the energetic changes, but I could not share in-depth what I had experienced recently. How would they understand the two-way transition between the 3rd and 5th Dimensions? How could I describe the tremendous orgasmic experience I had in all the cells of my body? My new way of breathing? Could I ever explain my life’s new commitment to them?

I felt my heart tighten. I phoned her. When I heard the phone ring at her end, I felt very excited. I would hear her voice soon!


She answered me, and I breathed, sharing with her what I'm experiencing, especially the difficulty of reconnecting to the 3rd Dimension.

She was attentive, advised me from her innate intelligence on how to ground and what to share. I listened to the music of her voice, feeling her Loving Heart. I wanted to tell her all of my feelings, especially how I felt when my heart expanded and moved toward her.

I wanted to ask her whether she was aware of it and whether she felt the same way I do. But I dared not. So I was just listening and listening ...


When I returned to Israel, I plunged in the reality of the 3rd Dimension – the reality of work, family and friends. It was not easy. For several months, I was still floating and enjoyed the energies I had felt on Mount Shasta. Soon after I returned to Israel, I began fulfilling the mission I had committed to when I was on the Mountain.

Master Adama did not give me any rest: In a frantic start, I set up the organization of Telos Lemuria Israel. Other members have contributed to its goals and growth. Together we have worked diligently, with guidance from and the close accompaniment of Master Adama. All along the way, all the predictions I received were fulfilled.

The journey to Telos goes through the path of complete faith. In this way, the connection to the Sacred Heart is necessary. This is the way to cope with challenging situations. Thus, I am aware of how much I had matured through the lessons – learned during my personal spiritual journey, and alongside my journey of building Telos Lemuria Israel.

One day I felt an urge to go to the sea. This is what I wrote on a page in my notebook:

"I sit in front of the sea, which calms and disconnects me from the confusion between reality and imagination, between the 3rd Dimension, which is everyday reality, and the 5th Dimension, which resides in my imagination."

Indeed, my life had changed. My Soul had opened to the secrets of the Universe – to the New Age. I had experienced an inner awakening. I found no words to describe the magnitude of the sublime experience that flowed within me

and made me feel an endless longing for home – where it all began before I chose to be brave and enter the reincarnations of free choice.

Lemuria had been a magical Continent, a paradise of Truth, of joy, and of so much Love. Now there were only clues, sparks of Light trying to enter the blocked human memory. Blocked by choice. The difficulty in playing the game of life was enormous, but escaping into the imagination did not always make things right. But the magic existed as did the good feelings too, so that the actor that I am continued with the course of life.

For me, playing the game of life has been my mission.

How does a messenger enlighten seekers? With a lot of will power and charisma. But the ultimate choice is in their hands, for they possess free will.

There on the Mountain – when everything was open, calm, peaceful and loving – it was clear to me again, for a fraction of a second, why I had come back. I was taken on a beyond- time journey to Telos. On a journey in which I met my spiritual family and connected to my parallel energetic being in the City of Light, Telos. All of this was a profoundly powerful experience. A strong ray of Light illuminated me, and I met the radiant and strong figure of Master Adama.

He presented himself as my father, a beautiful and accepting figure.

I was surrounded by Love from everyone, and I knew that they all were on my side – helping, supporting and communicating.

My life had changed. Beyond all this, I tasted the flavor of Cosmic Love, and my Heart yearns for her ...

I tasted the fullness of the gentle Frequency of Love, and it vibrated throughout my body cells, thus strengthening my connection to her. My entire cellular memory had awakened, my DNA had activated the quantum energy that allows me to regain ancient Lemurian memories, and to answer the big question of Who am I?

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