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I’m watching those who see what appear above the surface

I’m watching those who see what they want to see

I’m watching those that feel difficulties in their emotional bodies

And those who profound in-depth and surrender to these days.

We all witness the essential change that takes place now days in the planet essence, un the essence of the human society.

We stay at home, going out to the nature, facing the biggest fears, those we were able to repress.

But no more, on these days, in the time when we feel sometimes that we become slumber, those are the days that we are embodying towards our becoming the big light.

These cocoon which convergent, contains in it all the new materials, the new software is being built in it.

I turn to my teacher the high priest Adama.

I’m turning and I’m asking him: what is this new human software?

“beloved daughter, you are the one that bears for me the resonance voice that arrives from the higher illuminated realms , where the sight is enlarging to maximum consciousness of light.

On those days ‘the Larmorian days’ you were walking on the earth embodied in the light bodies and the physical bodies. You were 5 M high; the trees and the nature around reached their peaks and the spaces were open. The soul who knew the space contained the charms of the universe.

The planet contained more continents and its physical size was much bigger than today.

At the times when human conciseness fell and yours ‘mother continent’ sinking occur, at the time when more continents sank in the ocean the spaces on the planet got reduced and accordingly the human conciseness and the human bodies were reduced.

While you walk along the beloved Red Woods, you can feel how the entire field around your body is enlarging, you feel the resonance of your heart, then you realize, there were other days in which you also were gifted with enormous being. These trees are the remains of the mother continent Lemuria, remnants of those times when a giant’s consciences presented on earth.

Indeed, my beloved, your possibility to move now day was established according to your human abilities to sustain yourself on the ground. These abilities were shrunk in the past but now at the end of the age of Pisces, entering the age of Aquarius, you start to feel that we can enlarge again.

The age of Aquarius is bringing new legality. The last age of Aquarius took place before the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis. The age of Aquarius is bringing the voices of truth and integrity. The generations of the Indigo and Cristal children are renewing the ancient memories now days and renewing old learnings which are connected to veganism and vegetarianism. Growth of foods and ways of living with consideration to nature. Development green thinking in the cities and metropolis and the communication systems in our planet. Finding energetic sources without pollution and ecological residencies. This knowledge already exists in the new systems within those children.

Keeping the rights of the individuals and reducing the material world who carries within the momently illusions

These are the present leaders

The widening is starting in your conciseness, it keeps extending with the understanding and the sight that you exist not only in this known, limited, materialistic world but you are also transcendental.

Beloved, while you are expanding you are letting yourselves to move beyond the here and now and allowing yourselves reach the space.

When you read this lines you feel the energetic resonance that wraps you.

When you arrive to Telos the enlighten city, you know you are at home.

The protection, the confidence, the love, the heigh resonance of light gives you the new metaphysical abilities.

What are those abilities?

In the next decade we shall study together about the interdimensional abilities, the telepathic refinement and the ability to heal with the energies you have within your being.

Beloved once, in the next decade you are going to build the infrastructure of your cornerstones in the new bodies, you will heal and allow to your DNA coils to open and give you again the light potentials.

Breathe loved once and learn the new rhythm of the planet.

This is the rhythm that you learn again to be in full listening to your soul.

Well that’s your soul that is calling you. now you are not able to ignore

A new age is opened for the humanity and the planet/ be ready for endless expansion.

Step by step we are learning together’ be aware that it is experiential study, not the way you are used to by memorization.

In order to experience it we invite you to enter the gates of fate and devotion.

To the side of your essence in this voyage.

Brave souls, you won the privilege to come to planet earth now days. So many of you are willing to enter earth this day.

The privilege is not given to everyone.

I invite you for significant study together with the Telos -Lemuria light cell for significant study within your Lemurian hearth.

I congratulate you from my house in Telos

I am Adamah


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