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Initiation of the Lemurian Light Warriors


I was called to the destiny, at that moment when I chose to move towards a planet Earth, the blue planet with the physical aspect, in my infinite consciousness we were flooded with the same tools needed for the warriors of light, for those who are destined for lead.

I went through the same stars as a frequency accumulator, slowly my physical body was first built airy according to the basics of the Pleiadian DNA, then underwent a long training on the MU star the house from which was determined my mission.

The bodies are built, the consciousness expands and so I landed with the mother ship and my father who chose and was chosen to dedicate his essence for the benefit of initiating and leading humanity to its future time. The location for the development of heart light consciousness, was chosen in the same blue star, a star that was known to be present in a solar system around which many cultures are developed, cultures most of which operated in one consciousness, by telepathy, the star from which culture came to Lemuria was a star in another system, system which Moving from the resonance of love.

The choice of the blue star was in order to learn from this experiment and learning, to learn from the choice of the deity to embody itself in pure love unconditionally, in a place where a great accumulation of different cultures awaited.

He was chosen, chosen from the great council in the star the known Adama.

I, as his daughter, was trained while still on our house planet , to know how to bear the consciousness of the heart even in the days when the great darkness will reign on the earth.

I, as a daughter, experienced a challenging confrontation with the transportation and the tools that carry the resonance of light, in the halls of the Warriors of Light I spent hours and days, and indeed together with my training friends we stood in the belief that when we come to the planet we can deal with any distortion of frequency.

We arrived in the giant mother spacecraft well, with representatives of the planet bearing love and compassion, harmony and divine softness.

Slowly approaching the blue star, carrying passion in our hearts and a conscious awakening to the days of heaven.

The journey to Lemuria was as harmonious and loving as it was meant to be, as a warrior of light I kept all the knowledge I had learned and assimilated it within myself.

When we arrived at the star we chose the largest continent, the one that was rich in the abundance of the plant world we investigated , we brought new species to other stars, assimilated the animals at their corresponding frequency, each animal had a defined role, they created one animal chain of consciousness.

Just as we connected the species of varieties of the plant world, which also bound together the chain of light, of the plant world which carried within it vast knowledge of infinite stars, so abundance was revealed in the continent of Lemuria.

We came we established and we created, we lived in harmony and love, the divine fulfillment was at its peak we knew nothing else, we lived the life of heaven.

Until …

Until the forces of darkness arrived, from a universe so far away they reached, they touched many stars on their way, some of them destroyed some of them domesticated and set up bases. They slowly penetrated all the ancient continents in the Blue Star, their intention was to reach and control the culture which carried the highest frequency, the one which was so foreign to them.

Thus they came to the continent of Lemuria, then the priests knew, they waited for the last minute which there was no choice the whole culture had to disappear, in order not to fall into the forces of destruction.

In order to preserve the culture the beloved continent had to become extinct.

It was the culture and heritage of Lemuria that first knew that the planet was about to enter a long period of darkness.

The Council of Lemuria has decided that the culture of ancient Lemuria will be the first to disengage from the same plan of control.

During overnight the depths sank slowly, the cables of enlightenment that prevailed in infinite spaces were disconnected, the consciousness of paradise disappeared, and few were the ones who kept it in the temples of light. Many souls found the ability to return to the planet house some continued to move in great confusion to other continents or different regions of the planet in a blind search for the mother continent.

A group of light warriors was sent at that time, to the Shambhala to ask for the ability to establish a city of light in the only area that was safe and pure - in the Agartha network system, a planetary internal network that contained other cultures that survived the darkness.

And so we were able to preserve the pure memory of unconditional love of culture for Lemuria.

Shambala Authorized .

The line of warriors marched to the chosen mountain - Mount Shasta.

There we built the temples of light, these are the warriors who know how to maintain their light even for thousands of ages. Those who believe and have the power of divinity to walk further and lead and see the vision of the days.

We went out the same warriors, the warriors of light, and I lead with the northern knowledge the same ancient knowledge with which we came from the planet of the house Mo.

Already after the decline of the mainland, we began to prepare, to gather the ancient knowledge and encrypt it in the Akasha tablets, and placing the location for the construction of the central Lemurian city and its connection to the network to the center of Shambala.

We set out on a mission of 25,000 brothers and sisters. A task that to this day has not yet been fully fulfilled.

Throughout the miraculous period, we the warriors of light continued and were trained. Till the day after.

For that day I will feel that humanity has compassion and that this is the time to turn on the full power of light.

I walk like this for years, so many years, in the continents and continents, learning humanity and knowing the power of darkness knowing it how it takes over humanity, how humanity feels confused and loses its heart, shines from my heart and softens, even those who sent the arrows, also these who chose to see the lies.

I saw those souls who hang on and spoke the language of light but on the other hand held on to the darkness.

Walking the earth for hundreds of thousands of years, and in all those journeys the heart shines, I know my mission as a warrior of light, I know the essence of light, and forces of light charge me.

Many incarnations, I shared, sometimes I told them , they not always listened, sometimes I tried and ran into hiding.

Until this Encarnanation of my life, in which I was born a warrior of light, in human circles I could not understand the subject of falsehood, untruth, distortion.

And again they connected me to my family, to the tremendous power of light, to my father, and then I had tears and my heart expanded in one moment, the memories in it, I knew !!!

Because the light is so great, and I met again with my warrior brothers, thousands upon thousands are present and with the many angels of light and these teachers are present.

Attentive to my father the high priest, I see more and more what is happening on our magical planet, the same star we chose to reach from the mother continent of Mo.

From the control center in the crystal city, working in collaboration with the Legion of the Cosmic Light, the same warriors, they are called to activate the heart lights, they are called to a waking memory frequency of the magical continent, they are called to activate the heart of Lemuria among those beings who walk in darkness, their bodies will undergo change and release from the shackles of control.

The messengers of light, who will hear the call will return to study in the halls of light of ancient Lemuria, together with the supreme teachers, the masters of the fraternity of white light, straight with the source energy emanating from the rays of the core of the flames.

Then they are the same apostles will feel the essence of their mission, they will surrender and know that, on earth they are walking, from the choice of their hearts, from being priests to the Lemuria priests of light.

In a central ceremony they swore allegiance, there with the king and queen, there with the brave warrior and with the princess, there with the kingdom of dragons and with these ancient souls who preserve the same information.

At that ceremony, they swore and announced that they would support the mother community of Telos Lemuria, along with millions of brothers and sisters, carry their light and work together on significant days.

In that ceremony, the princess passes between them along with the king and queen, and they give to each and every representative of each messenger, the seal of the kingdom of light mu

Above the third eye a golden light can be seen.

And with this coding there is complete protection for the candidates, for those who commit.

In that ceremony the High Priest Admah was present

In his blue robe he observes and imparts the healing power and galactic communication ability.

He is present, with his blue eyes and sees the brave and the devoted and part of sons of Lemuria community.

Then the golden gates of light open, to the ability to receive the keys of light to the multidimensional worlds, to the ability to move and see, to the ability to activate and create, to the ability to work in the full light service. The light swords are served, and the ancient healing tools, and the wisdom of the heart and the ability of frequent scanning.

And those who have not yet been fed, will continue in training, will continue in learning and will continue on their path towards initiation.

Legion of Light is in action!

I am committed and committed to supporting and illuminating the planet Blue Planet.

I am Oelet.

If you feel this deep calling, and know that you there among the warriors of light

Feel free to contact us and join the Legion of Light that is currently on a mission.

Write to us:


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