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Identification of the physical bodies ~ A meeting of twin soul


The crystalline city was glowing more than ever, the frequency has risen in the last year in the depths of the magical mountain, the mountain contained not only the crystalline city but also a huge Pleiadian base which served as a headquarters for many light cultures.

The city expanded on other levels, and members of the cultures and 120 representatives of the planetary cities of light walked within it.

The princess knew all of them, many of whom, came to learn in Telos how to create their parallel character, their avatar in the upper world.

Thus, the princess in the main hall of the bodies creation, conducted learning lessons for those guests who came from other cities of light.

They looked at the crystal screens, and she showed them the connection from the Telosian city of light to the parallel aspect of the human body which acts in sharing and listening, with direct communication.

The connections were made before the soul's arrival to the chosen body, there was a conscious choice about where the soul would come from and where the human body would be located, and the earthly points of the human figure were determined for its arrival on the mountain, and the ways and the people that will be accompanying were determined so they will support the process, the connections and the meeting of souls.

This is how the princess parallel character came to the mountain, it was two years before she woke up almost completely, she came according to the calling of her soul, but did not yet know how to move between dimensions and her hearing was mostly closed, in those days it was the elders that worked to awaken the physical princess body. She did not yet knew her identity, and step by step she was taught to sing to her heart again, step by step she was connected to the souls operating in human bodies, so that she could receive support in the awakening process.

The princess in Telos saw her parallel figure and knew that it was a process ahead of her, most of the time the bodies would reach them at the point they had determined but they were dormant and detached. So was the body of the "princess" embodied above the earth.

Sometimes they would wake up the human body differently.

So it was with the warrior, when he invited the human daughter's body to the mountain, in one day they moved her body to a state of complete wakefulness, and gave her a close support, of an adult human daughter who would accompany her as a leader in her full awakening.

The opening then was necessary so that the daughter of light could contain the frequency and messages of the High Priest Adama, so at once she went through a process of enlightenment.

All her bodies and all her memories were opened, and an instant connection was made with the warrior.

She had to return to Telos every day, for shared learning and conversations, and she did it with endless devotion, came in full burn to learning and growth.

But not all bodies are the same, the princess' body was different. And the pace was different.

However the princess in Telos knew that her choice was perfect, and she nurtured every day the human daughter who represented her and helped her in the serious transformation process she went through.

The princess entered the main hall of the creation of the bodies, and observed as she had done over the last decades in the body of her parallel figure, the one who is above the earth. She was happy to see that her character was beginning to understand the connection between the construction of her physiological body and the expansion and opening of her consciousness.

Indeed many times the people of Telos had difficulty working with the physical bodies when there was a disconnection between the mind and the physiological body. They saw that the world above the earth is full of pollutants which cause disconnection between the mind and the body and its physiological abilities.

During her last visit to Shasta, the princess worked a lot on the physical body of her daughter so that she could produce open communication between them.

Many times the various bodies as the body of emotion was the one that "sabotaged" the rate of human growth of consciousness.

Therefore, the people of Telos often worked in collaboration with the dormant bodies, until there was a significant turn to the work they made together.

Sometimes this process could have been a whole life journey with the human being. Only in special cases would a match have taken place between the corresponding characters.

The human bodies mostly needed process of transformation, learning and remembering their abilities.

The princess, often works alongside the warrior who was tasked with working with his human parallel figure, also had a number of challenges that the warrior had to deal with. But in relation to the rest of the human body the warrior body above the earth was balanced and stable, healthy and strong which was able to cope with energies of different kinds. Therefore the warrior and even the High Priest Adama were able to communicate well, the rapid opening of this body and memory was rare as many times during such an opening the physiological nervous system could burn and therefore such a rapid and total opening process would have been avoided.

The princess continued to work with her figure, she saw that she was reaching the point in time where her human figure was destined to open to the high light and awaken, one

The reason for the awakening was to activate the heart chakra more strongly.

The Princess of Telos was able to unite with her human figure, her counterpart, only when the human figure experienced a pure and clean feeling of love, and was free from all limitations of the human mind and the ego, then the human capacity of consciousness would open at once.

The moment came when the princess knew that her human figure above the earth was facing a wide consciousness opening and awakening, the synchronization of the soul with the time of the planet was one.

She received the call to the mountain, the human figure felt the longing, and set out on a journey to Mount Shasta.

Also the warrior figure on in his human body, received the call and set out on a journey overseas. He did not know that he was about to meet with his soul mate.

But the warrior and the princess of Telos knew, they accompanied the two.

The meeting point was scheduled for the summer of 2021

The plan was perfect, the prince and princess aimed for their parallel human consciousness to reach the mountain and the characters change their world in order for the two to arrive with synchronicity. Without knowing each other, they reached each other according to the reading of their soul.

They, chose to stay in hotels close to each other.

And so through the waves of telepathy their characters moved their image to the spring in the park where the meeting point was, their eyes met, the human figure of the warrior went out to fill the spring water and so did the princess figure, in a spontaneous encounter their eyes met, and a spark of memory was created, because they new and they are connected.

A heat wave befell the princess, and chills all over the warrior, they greeted each other in peace, and filled the spring water, but did not yet understand in depth the meaning of the "accidental" encounter . In such a “random” encounter the light fields of the two had already met, and the high conscious memory was opened .

The first meeting was random, now the warrior and the princess had to create a meeting again, and so it was.

They talked and talked and sitting on the bench, they began to tell the story of their lives to each other.

At this parallel moment, the warrior and princess from Telos, began to telepathize with the human figures who represent them, how to move on to a vital portal point which they must visit.

This is how they moved, to the same portal points, together with their characters.

With the opening of the heart chakra, the bodies have already begun to change their configuration, and indeed the meeting of souls, which magnetize each other, has begun the journey of connecting the parallel worlds.

Both in the depths of Telos in the fifth dimension and above the earth in the third dimension and more.

The connection between the bodies is woven with two golden threads, what is the meeting of twin souls?

How do we know that this soul is indeed a twin soul?

The essence of the twin soul is to open the heart, and raise the frequency of love in the physical body and in the body of light and consciousness, from this place the connection to the deity already takes place independently.

Love is a divine love for yourself and everything that happens in your life, it is a love of devotion to the great spirit and the path of the soul.

When we meet with the twin flame we meet with ourselves, the source of the twin soul is the same as your source. Which is split into two, indeed into two bodies and sometimes the encounter with the twin soul takes place in a parallel body which is present in another dimension.

The twin flame that soul, is the one that matches frequency and complements the soul into one, therefore in the encounter of such souls, the soul recognizes, and knows the soul feels its heart in its physical body beats itself, the body responds happily whenever it is near the light field of that soul and body.

Many times twin souls will not live together and be close to each other, but they will meet tasks that come from the spirit world, and they will support each other, in order to drive processes in the physical world.

Many times we feel and know that with the encounter of the twin soul we feel wholeness, peaceful oneness.

The encounter with the twin soul is an encounter of connection to our destiny, to divinity, it is a sign that as we are in a high frequency which gives us the universe the full support to return home.

The union of the soul mate is the highest fulfillment on earth, to be again in the fullness of the light that you are.

The warrior and the princess knew this, they managed to bring the two to a meeting, now the continuation of the relationship depended on the human ego, of the two, and their level of consciousness ..


It was a very hot day, the town was soaked with smoke from the surrounding fires, however the two figures remained in trouble, surprisingly they both sought refuge from the great heat and reached Siskiyou Lake . The lake was shrouded in thick smoke, the mountain was not seen at all, but still a number of city escapes gathered around the lake.

The water cooled the bodies, a number of young people took out drums and began to sing the rain song.

They recognized each other and quickly sat down together, the heart of both of them was beating fast, not from the drums ,but from the uniform frequency which they felt, love.

The princess from Telos and the warrior went out and sat down next to them, they felt how the light bodies of their figure unite and also the physical bodies began to get closer to each other.

The drums gave them the ability to open up to ancient memories that were present in those ancient incarnations, from the same source where they were already together.

She felt his body approaching, and his arm touching hers, slowly she reached into his hand and grabbed him.

Indeed the souls felt the unique encounter, they would no longer be able to leave each other. They knew it.

The people of Telos, enveloped the circle of drummers, and knew that the singing would open the gates of the rains, the drumming and longing of their hearts thickened the clouds that came.

This is how they sang all night, only hearing their singing and the melody of the magical lake waves.

Translated by: Jaqueline Razón


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