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Healing the loving heart


The snowy mountain was shrouded in thick snow, the town people navigated through the winter , they rarely went out and met, the cafes were only slightly open in the morning, when it got dark no one was present outside of their cave.

There were those in their house who had love, then the couples would gather together in front of the burning fireplace, breathe the heat and wrap each other in their bodies, the work was slow and only when the blizzard calmed down would they go out to make their way, the snowman piled up, breathing the smell of snow and pines. Wet and looking at it to the wondrous mountain, it is wrapped in its yoke, but they knew they needed a lot of snow this season, snow that would give the tree roots the necessary nourishment.

She, the one who was the daughter of Telos, knew that it would be her last winter, she knew that her body was tired, she felt the bones hurt and the light slowly went out and her heart longed for home to her lover, she was not afraid she knew and saw around her bed her family in Telos. They were there, and her heart was so calm.

Her earthly children asked to take her to the hospital, but she objected she knew the gate was opening for her and it was just another matter of earthly time for the transition time.

So she stayed in bed, and her family from Telos wrapped her up, she saw them and knew the transition would be easy, but still waited…

In Telos, they knew all the inhabitants of the town, the crystal screens followed those who frequented the fifth dimension, those who carried the light of the purple transformation flame and those who carried the flame of life.

Every town resident had a role and there were those whose time it was to leave, the mountain knew when those particular souls would come to its feet, the mountain knew when its children would return to it.

"Homecoming" was the central code.

Every soul that was invited to the mountain, it was after a clear calling that came from the heart of the soul.

Each soul who was invited to visit on the unique journeys, was the same soul who chose and was chosen to take part in the Lemurian program.

Not everyone was able to go through the ascension journey, the chosen ones entered the high light array, and they were the ones who were added to the light array of the 144,000 leading light messengers.

In the depths of the magical mountain, in the city of light, the candidates for the Ascension of the Priests of Light who carry the light of Lemuria were welcomed.

The warrior would look at the candidates, and together with his earthly figure would accompany those unique souls.

In the doors of light humans moved and connected them to the high doors of the spirit, figures were opened and released old human mechanisms, the control coding was converted and together the doors of the heart were opened to the sublime light. .

The doors of the heart gave the candidates validity to face the new reality of life, with the truth that intensified and experienced the transcendence and expansion of consciousness.

In those days, came the journey of the human daughter of light, who won a new soul contract as a child, made a quantum leap in a dramatic event in which she became present in her earthly image as a 10-year-old girl, she may lose her life in the earthly event but the angels protected her.

Known for her light abilities to heal nature divas and garden fairies, she is known for her healing abilities in magical gardens that heal all wounded souls.

For a long time she fell into a coma in her earthly life, but no more, when she reached the mountain, the trees recognized her and sang her the song of spirit and love, among the trees with steps on the ground she remembered again who she was, and what her bones were, she renewed her soul contract with her image The counterpart from Telos, slowly relieved the pain of her life journey, slowly allowed herself to breathe again.

She studied herself again and remembered how she walked among the trees and in the infinite wondrous nature she knew she was at home and the mountain was familiar to her, the pine leaves she collected and from them she embroidered a beautiful rug, from the giant pine cones she knew how to make mobiles, and from the moss she knew how to make wool.

Her hands were in everything and she did not notice her uniqueness and wonder, she just was being her.

The warrior enveloped her in love and protected her heart, and she wept and wept with pain the one she had chosen to live in captivity for so long, she learned to breathe again and slowly smiled at the fairies of nature.

And they sang for her the time of the trees and the roots.

The warrior took her one evening to the princess' house, he knew that the princess from Telos, would be able to help the wounded heart. A heart longs for love, a hug and warmth. A heart that was alone for many incarnations and felt very cold.

At the princess' house she sat on a soft sofa and breathed slowly, she smiled her shy smile and surrendered to the princess. The princess knew her secret, and approached the beloved daughter of nature, she put her hand on her heart and saw the love of the nature girl for her beloved, she saw how she surrendered to him, she saw how the beloved daughter knew how to flow the streams of light in her body, she saw through her heart the passion that burned in her after many years in which she felt so alone next to her husband.

The princess, sang to her and blessed her, sang and took from her heart her pain, and the daughter of light shed the tears of the diamond, hurt the hole in her heart, which did not fill and felt the pain which would sometimes disappear, only when she was in his arms, there with him.

What to do, she looked into the purple princess' eyes, what should I do?

The princess kissed her on the forehead and said to her,

believe in what your heart shows you,

believe in what your heart whispers to you,

believe with all your heart in your new way, and do not be afraid, do not be afraid, do not stop.

The princess sent to her heart a ray of healing and slowly filled her heart with pure love until her heart calmed down, and the beautiful daughter of nature calmed down.

And she closed her eyes…

Yes there were more, many souls who experienced the experience of longing for love and one cosmic relationship, there were more souls who experienced the longing for cosmic love for the twin soul, there were more souls who had not yet reunited with this twin soul and the longing was great.

The princess called all those souls and healed them night after night.

The princess knew the great happiness in connecting to her soul mate, and wished for all the same moving and fulfilling love, the same love that brings joy and health, the same love that brings wholeness and peace.

The longing for that love, the longing for the lover, was a huge gate of soul awakening and frequency transition to the new, soul longing for the twin soul was embracing and merging frequencies for common creation in all the higher worlds, many souls began to find themselves merging with the new complementary pairing. Only out of complete mating, it was possible to fulfill the creation in divine quality and wholeness. Therefore, more and more souls began their journey in the journey of love.

Love between the dimensions.

She went out, from her house at the foot of the snowy mountain, she began to find her way and the sun dazzled, for a whole week she saw no sunlight, she breathed and knew that this winter she was closing an era, she knew she had to prepare herself for the new age. She saw the squirrel climbing the tree, and her heart was full of serenity, she was waiting for her lover from Telos.

Translated by : Jaqueline Razon

If you would like to feel and visit Betlos in a tangible way, you are welcome to join us on the journey of transcendence

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Feb 03, 2022

I have tears running down my face . Beautiful. Thankyou xx

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