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Egypt Journey 2019 – The Activation of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx


The power of the calling comes from the depth…from a different place, from one big knowing. It is not a desire, it is a knowing. It is not a choice, it is a knowing.

In that manner the call to embark on this present journey arrived, the journey to Egypt.

Following a course, in which with the wonderful Master Thoth we read and explored the emerald tablets. These tablets were written tens of thousands years ago by the Master Thoth from Atlantis, which writes and explains about the strength and the usage of the light in our days, about the big awakening and the Ascended Masters, those who had arrived to the planet, the giants (‘Nephilim’), as he calls them in his language. The Lemurians, in our language.

Those enlightened being who connect the planet and the stars to the great infinite knowledge. Those with the tall light bodies that march higher and higher and spread the light, the guardians of the creation flames. We, the Lemurian priests were there with him.

We were there with him during the big fall and the sinking of Lemuria.

We were there with him knowing that Atlantis too was going to sink to the depth of the ocean, and that the continents are about to receive a new field.

The inversion of the poles took place 12,500 years ago. Then, quickly, darkness took place on the planet for 3 days and the poles inverted. The fields were disrupted from the fall and the blast from the Armageddon war (Gog and Magog), the planet consciousness fell so low and was taken away from the center of the universe to a distant dark and silent corner. Indeed a long silence took place.

With the one great Master Thoth, along with the Ascended Masters, we entered the life flower Merkabah and went out to the Great Pyramid which we had built just before using those energy rules. The gravitational forces were cancelled and from its upper edge to its base it was built. It is surrounded by an electro-magnetic field and connected to outside of the planet. And in the days of the inversion, we placed the life flower Merkabah on its upper edge, and with Master Thoth we waited. Many left and entered the planet, so many spaceships with the choice of the souls.

Those who stayed started the new human cycle, from the endless flood many myths spread in all of the countries. The masters were spread to 3 continents: to South America to continue the knowledge via the people from Titicaca Lake, the Inka, and the temple of the rose sisterhood has guarded the feminine energy light. Part of the lady masters stayed there to spread the light, and the inner light cities were created.

They also arrived to above Tibet. The Ascended Masters wisdom temple was built in the Himalaya, were the energy was transformed for balance and it was guarded for many years until the occupation by the yellow ones. They still hold the vibration of the divine cosmic wall temples. Some of those enlightened beings stayed at the mystery school and guarded the masculine energy of the planet from the depth of the mystery school.

They also guarded the ancient records and the planetary knowledge about the composition of the solar system and the Milky Way galaxy and their position in the universe. They taught the knowledge about the rules of the great light and educated and trained those souls who committed to be a part of the great light brotherhood on this planet. 144,000 masters.

Some of them came up to the surface and migrated to The Dead Sea area. They were called the Essenes, and from there the great Messiah was born. Jesus, who spread his teachings to that humanity which has fallen, for remembering and preserving the elements of creation.

Loved ones, in this days you hear the call.

Light messengers who have the memory in their DNA.

You have gathered to activate the fields.

And we climb up the pyramid, into the initiation room. Determinedly we ascend beyond the fears and enter the room where we had initiated those students.

I stand in the center of the circle. The light enters through me, and a space is made for the entrance of the great master Thoth.

He guides the group and we built that same unique ray, out of crystals along with the light of our hearts and our consciousness.

And it is explained to connect the networks: the crystal network that surrounds the planet and the network that is in the depth of the earth, and to support the process of the poles inversion that takes place again in these days, in order to recreate the high vibration in the planet field. This field is getting thicker in the last decade. We connect, and I can see the continents movement along with the poles movement that move 54km towards the east every year. The continents begin their movement and the weather is about to change. With the building of the new networks, the planet s supported and we can prevent any catastrophes. And furthermore, we are asked from our consciousness and the light that comes from our hearts, to move the galactic system in which we live, The Milky Way, towards another galactic system names Andromeda.

The connection between them and between their fields, connects our solar system and Planet Earth to a central position in the infinite layout of the universe. This will enable the support the acceleration of the big transformation process and the entrance of the supernova energies into the planet, and will support the process of the human consciousness rising per the galactic council decisions.

As we, the light messengers have committed back then with the great Thoth.

The light comes out and we can feel the change, breathing and vibrating in the great alignment process of which Thoth has spoken during the enlightenment days in Atlantis.

At the end of the process we breathe the new and are prepared to embark with the new humanity and the planet on our journey.

We breathe, and I can feel that I am led to The Granite Coffin in the King’s Room.

That coffin in which we laid down for the divine initiation, three days and three nights without food, in silence, and bestowed our soul the freedom to pass through the creator initiation portals.

I remember and feel and lie down in the coffin. I breathe and feel my body enters a state of high communication. I can see Adama ad Master Thoth beside me. My head edge is stretched backwards and my chest is elevated and I can feel my breath starting to get out of my chest, and I stop…I can’t leave…the group…

I sit up so quickly and feel my entire physical body again. I see Amos and ask him to stand by me.

And after Amos stands by me, as an anchor, I lie down again and this time I devote myself to the transcendence process. Again I feel my body stretched, my breath gets fast and trembling and the soul is leaving to a travel in time. Thoth leads me. I can see the days of the poles inversion and the great darkness, the lack of knowing and so many spaceships sail across the infinite space. I can feel the fall and the pain the caught so many souls. An ancient pain for the ending of the paradise consciousness on the planet.

I can see the green-blue planet again, from far away, and it is beautiful. I am told that it is the new world, the healthy world that earth is coming to. This is how it will look like and how the light dimension culture will take place.

I can see myself leading Telos Lemuria in Israel and across the planet. I can see those light messengers and joy fills my being…

I hear voices…”Ayelet…the guard…”

I start to return and I know that it is the beginning of the new decade which I enter.

Gratitude in my heart. I breathe deeply and I go out with the guard and the group from The King’s room in The Great Pyramid.

We go down a little and we can see another group coming up, and they talk Hebrew, they are from Israel. We greet them, those who have difficulties going up. One of them is called Isaac and the other one Israel. They are excited and they tell us that the name of their travel company is Adama (cosmic humor…)

And there is a human chain that keeps coming up, from Latin America, USA, Spain, China, from all of the continents they come up to receive the great light and the portal which we have opened. The seeds have been placed. The mission is a success and there is great joy.

We leave the gate of the pyramid and sing: ‘Shalom Aleichem’ (Peace For You) and dance, and the light is great. Halleluiah, it is done, it is done.

Gratitude in my heart, I breathe and contain

I love you and together we will continue to the new Planet Earth.

I am Ohelet

(Initiation inside the Great Pyramid, 19-Oct-2019)

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