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Avatar tools for the new world


Here they come the days of silence after the big and terrible noise, I can rest a bit on the terrace and collect the fragments of the storm, here they come days of silence ..

We are all waiting for the days of silence but still in the eye of the storm.

U.S. Elections World Political Changes, Corona, Economy Collapse , Systems transforming themselves.

We breathe the high light coming from the upper worlds, we hear the rabbinical priests and spiritual teachers from all corners of the spectrum, talking about this period, and from our ability to withstand the storm.

Breathe, see the light ... and on the way we disintegrate, we release the old, we separate from beloved souls, and face extremely serious challenges.

The human soul is so deep, with rare abilities, did you know?

Did you know that you, who connect with your essence, to your soul, can receive the greatest nourishment.

Many times we look for someone outside of us to strengthen, enlighten, tell us, how we should behave at this time.

Beloved brothers and sisters from the journey.

All the power is within us, and again and again we are awakening to this truth.

I wonder between the dimensions , to the beautiful, crystal-clear city of Telos, and move to the Valley of Abundance, where the flowers bloom, rare crystals of light illuminate , and shine safely, under a huge pyramid around the volcanic mountain. Preserved, bright and illuminating.

It illuminates beyond the infinite cosmos, it is the gateway between the worlds, which is why there are so many entrances and exits.

Illuminates the human beings who come with the bodies of light and the fields in need of healing, Illuminates the sons of Telos, who carry the high resonance of light, some of them already coming out above the surface, many of them still, moving within the planet, in the network of cities of light.

I feel the hands of the High Priest Adama, resting on my shoulders.

"Welcome, I am Adama, bless you, children of the high light, you have the ability to carry the insights of light present in the capsules in your own consciousness, you have the ability to go beyond the gates of the world of logic in which you are imprisoned.”

“Sons of the light, see what has already been created, see the great light that breathes along with those souls who choose to move in awake consciousness.

Indeed, the control plan dissolves, more and more brothers and sisters awaken to the ancient knowledge,

resulting from the spirals of consciousness of the DNA, which opens and releases the illuminated pulses for these times.”

“Understand that the new frequency is already present on the planet, it is already resonating in the new generation that is growing, you see them, they go out and talk what is in their hearts, you see them, they explore and live in new worlds, which have not yet been recognized on planet earth.”

“They do not deny other life in distant stars, they do not deny multidimensionality, since they are open and see, they feel and perceive , they are open to ancient knowledge, and their fields are already vibrating in sync with Planet Earth fields.”

“I want to continue, and share with you beloved, quiet days, they are already at the door of the new world.

The days that you are navigating, are the ones you create with understanding the new way of life on Planet Earth, this way, drives you to a new pace, slow the speed of reaction, breathe before thinking saying and doing, we talk about it to many of you, and here are many of you are witnessing the speed of these days of Creation, thinking is created these days with maximum acceleration, the time , which was present on the planet, dissipates.”

“Therefore, be aware, when you hold the consciousness of silence, it is present in your life, you choose whether to take part in the "great noise" or to dedicate yourself to the divine plan intertwined in your life.

You, beloved, choose the rhythm of movement of your life, and who are the ones who will enter into, your fields of light.

These days many see the "Matrix" shattering, we are witnessing it, the Matrix builders are witnessing it.”

“We entered to the stage of activating the avatars in all those souls who are devoted to the new.

Are you ready to move, to the stage where you are the masters, are you ready to go through all the stages of ascension, we often talked about these stages, in our knowledge that we have raised in the books of consciousness above the surface, read the frequency that emanates from them loved ones.”

“In the physical world, many are present in the survival mode consciousness , this consciousness binds you, come out of that consciousness, and become present in the consciousness of the infinite abundance that surrounds you.

I bring to you the rules of the Avatar who was born to keep his light, breathe the new energy into your world. And there were masters on this earth, and we are with you on the journey of enlightenment.”

I'm Adama

From the book:

Telos - From Theory To Practice

In voyage , on the way to Ascension

Author: Ayelet Segal

On an Earthly level you can perform some tasks to help to raise the Vibration:

A. You must make sure to work daily with the flames as the energy of the rays is important for the process of treating your physical, etheric and emotional body. Daily work allows you to be in a balanced position and not fall into the dramatic places you may fall into; Only out of balance will you be able to perform the light work in the best way.

B. You must meet once a week as a group of more than two people, and consciously aim to raise the vibrations in the area, heal the anger and heal the hearts of human beings who are still dormant, and turn to the "higher self" of many light beings. Through intention, the light will be sent to those people whose "higher self" has already been opened, but still have difficulty connecting to the body of light in the third physical dimension. You must send your light so that it reaches everyone who is supposed to wake up.

C. You must look at life from the eyes of a master, who contains love for the world, and act from the heart and not from ego, control or fear. Work and contemplation from the heart are extremely important, so you must connect with your sacred heart every morning.

D. You must maintain a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables, clean water,

Nuts, almonds and animal and plant proteins. Be careful not to eat foods that contain artificial substances and not processed foods or those that contain a lot of salt or a lot of sugar. These substances can cause energy blockages in the etheric body, and you will need a long time to reopen them. It is very important that you keep your body pure and clean.

E. You must be careful not to become addicted to substances that lower your energy frequency, such as alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and sugars. These are addictive and depressing substances, and they will keep you away from the fifth dimension. We have already talked about cigarette addiction in one of our previous books. Be sure to avoid this habit.

F. Connect with nature forces; Go for a walk, work in nature, smell it. The earth opens the dormant chakras, cleanses and purifies. Listen to Mother Earth and her messages, go for a walk and shut up the electronic devices; Avoid prolonged sitting in front of the TV and computer; These electrical devices transmit to you latent frequencies that program you into thoughtlessness and self-destruction; Go out and release the mind.

G. Love yourself, love your body, love what you do and those around you. Connect to the emotion of love several times each day, wake up feeling grateful and close your eyes gratefully.

H. Be sure to review your vision once a week. Take a look at your personal vision and global vision through the Pink flame, and see in great detail how it comes true at all levels; Connect with it from the heart.

I. Remember that you are not alone in the journey. We are with you - the angels and fairies, the unicorns, the friends and the Lemurian societies all over the world; We are all one and our goal is common. Find a group you can join and get full support on your way.

We love you and are proud of you, in the path of the heart and the light.

Adama and the Masters of Telos



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